Trump Goes It Alone

Yes, I called the game as far back as the Omnibus:

“President Trump and his chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, have realized they’re passing no major legislation through this divided Congress.

Why it matters: No sooner had Trump put out his budget than the conversation among many Capitol Hill Republicans turned to what they expect will eventually happen: No grand spending deal between Democrats and Republicans, and instead perhaps a continuation of 2019 spending levels through 2020.

Reality check: Forget infrastructure. Forget any serious action to rein in the national debt. Forget entitlement reform. Forget fixing the nation’s broken immigration system. …”

In sum, the system is too polarized and dysfunctional to get anything done, so it doesn’t really matter who is going to be the next president. Expect more grandstanding.

Blompf isn’t entirely to blame for this. The GOP Congress refused to work with him to pass his agenda. They preferred to use him to pass what they could of their agenda. Obama also didn’t get much done because when he was president it was the conservatives who blocked his agenda.

MIGA might have some more successes though on the foreign policy front. I wasn’t expecting Israel to get the Golan Heights so soon. Maybe they can get the West Bank too?

Note: Unless we find someone who can rebuild the center of the electorate, the Boomers will simply continue this argument they have been having since the 1980s.


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  1. You said it yourself–

    “In sum, the system is too polarized and dysfunctional to get anything done, so it doesn’t really matter who is going to be the next president. Expect more grandstanding.”

    It doesn’t matter. No reforms, not even of incredibly corrupt federal agencies, no end to Israel wars, no protection from Third World invasion, no infrastructure. Nothing.

    And no $1000/month handout from Yang.

      • I think President Yang would be an Oriental version of Jimmy Carter, i.e., moderately liberal and weak. But not polarizing.

        • nobody is going to “de-polarize”.

          the Jews intend to kill us,

          all of us. And via open borders + white birthrate-killing kosher culture of death,

          they are now doing so at an accelerating rate.


          voting. By doing so you are actively participating in #WhiteGenocide.

  2. “Obama also didn’t get much done because when he was president it was the conservatives who blocked his agenda.”

    you’re just talking nonsense now. and have been for a few months. obama accomplished almost everything he tried. republicans gave him almost everything he asked for, and if they didn’t, he mostly ignored them.

    you’re so angry at trump you don’t even make sense anymore.

    blah blah blah idiotic reply from hunter, totally ignoring the 8 years where obama reigned nearly like a king, moving the country so far left, that it basically didn’t survive his administration.

    the idea that it doesn’t matter who the president is, and that we’re stuck in gridlock, is just hunter being a retard. when the next democrat president comes into office, that president will accomplish a lot, and things will move very quickly to the left yet again.

    hunter, the self proclaimed expert on history, who doesn’t even remember the last 8 years of US history.

    • Here’s what I remember:

      Obama got the stimulus and Obamacare. The Tea Party recaptured the House of Representatives in 2010. After that happened, conservatives blocked his agenda and he mostly played golf and did his “pen and a phone” bit for the next 6 years.

      Trump got the tax cuts for the GOP establishment. The Democrats recaptured the House of Representatives in 2018. Ever since, Trump has failed to move his own agenda and has only succeeded in pushing through things Democrats wanted like criminal justice reform. As with Obama after 2010, you can stick a fork in major legislation passing Congress until 2021 at the earliest.

  3. Yes. It’s why the copes are pathetic. They can cope all the way until 2020. Trump’s domestic agenda is over. Whatever he could have done vanished at the midterm election.

    • I saw a documentary about federal politics about 15 years ago, and they showed that if a President doesn’t get done what he wants to get done in the first 100 days, it won’t get done. Everyone at the top knows this.

  4. We have to save ‘merica from polarisation, otherwise it might fracture and those evil Southern Nationalists dreams might come true!

    We’re all about building the center now, so we can come together and heal. Kumbaya my bros!

  5. We its all said and done America is too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively. There is a law of political scale whereby a nation becomes too big and too diverse to govern itself. That same law applies to institutions and organizations. Bureaucracy and entropy are the inevitable results of living out of scale until the system collapses and out of the shattered parts someday it may be possible to create smaller and more sustainable nations.

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