White Jihad: The Derp State Takes Aim

Stratfor is one of the more visible nodes in the byzantine realm of security state institutions, part of the alphabet soup of Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organizations that wield more power than our voters or elected officials could ever hope for. Its “experts” on “intelligence” help guide America’s intelligence community’s internal debate. So, naturally, an article from their VP of Tactical Analysis on how we White Nationalists are pretty much jihadi extremists, is cause for alarm. Having ignominiously concluded their recent snipe hunt for Russian Collusion, they’re now turning their attention toward “domestic terrorists;” (read: all politically frustrated white guys).

In last week’s On Security column about the Christchurch attack in New Zealand, I noted that white supremacists adopted the leaderless resistance model of terrorism before jihadists did.

I call this process “jihadification.” Essentially, United States policies actively create comic book villains by applying consistent hormetic pressure to otherwise benign factions. North Korea has necessarily invested heavily in its military and become the “hermit kingdom” because America’s been sitting at the border for generations, waiting to pounce at the first sign of weakness. Sometimes steady pressure works, as it did in Libya. Gaddafi redirected resources from his military and police state toward economic and social development, agreed to cooperate with and trust NATO forces, and effectively “blinked.” He was sodomized to death by American-backed jihadis while Hillary Clinton and the Stratfor community cackled gleefully. Kim Jong-un, Bashir Assad, and Nicolas Maduro are cognizant of this prospect, and plan accordingly.

A similar process is occurring in America, where our attempt to host a peaceful, permitted event in Charlottesville was met with a deliberate conspiracy to deprive us of both our public protection and our civil liberties. In the aftermath of the event, egregious prosecution of only one side of the entirely avoidable melee violence and overreaching civil lawsuits against the organizations which walked into the trap set by the city council have largely disabled the “above ground” White Nationalist community in the United States. Naturally, underground and radical voices are thriving in the aftermath, as those voices have been proven correct by the State. We will not be permitted the civil liberties guaranteed by Skokie v. NSPA and must necessarily either forfeit or transition to more secretive and secure activist models.

Two people were unfairly and unjustly condemned to death in Charlottesville. Heather Heyer, a leftist protester, died because the police refused to restore order. They leveraged their order to disperse to only disperse the nationalists, encouraging and allowing the leftists to swarm around with rifles blocking traffic and hunting down “Nazis” for hours after they should have been disbanded. Even if one adopts the conspiracy theory that James Fields executed a secret premeditated plot to kill protesters with his car a couple hours after the event, there should have been no large mobs of people for him to run over. James has also been condemned to death, and it’s only a matter of time before the verdict is rendered and this innocent young man is officially condemned to death, strapped to a chair, and poisoned by the very institution truly accountable for the original loss of life.

Both the left and the right who showed up for Charlottesville showed up with the assumption that the State of Virginia would make an attempt to uphold law and order. The recent Netflix: Age of Rage documentary features people from both the left and the right alike bewildered by the government’s decision to not only refuse to intervene in the confrontation, but their multiple decisions to provoke and exacerbate violence where activists on both sides were merely trying to escape the violence. Were the same kettling and escalation tactics leveraged by the state on a college football game, Virginia could have as easily provoked a lethally riotous confrontation between their Cavaliers and Hokies fans. There were enough local, state, and National Guard officers on hand to assign a personal minder to every single nationalist in attendance, guaranteeing an event where both sides could express themselves with neither side risking death or injury.

Mr. Stewart inhabits the bizarro realm where the Heaphy Report never happened, where the organizers of Charlottesville premeditated Tarantino-style gonzo nazi terrorism. I call it the “Maddow Zone,” a left-wing complement to the hothouse conspiracy theory chambers of the talk radio right. I was one of the organizers of Charlottesville, and I know that their claims are false. I have happily participated in the discovery process and am confident that the plain truth will exonerate both myself and my political project. Nothing I say will satisfy these people, as they know with all of their hearts that Donald Trump colluded with Putin, Fields actively plotted vehicular homicide, and I’m a racist bogeyman who helped orchestrate a paramilitary attack on a random college town.

Facts are beside the point for men like Mr. Stewart. He sees himself as engaged in an existential battle against an encroaching evil.

The numerous distinct strains of the white supremacist and white separatist ideology range from Klansmen who consider themselves Christians to pagan Odinists, from National Socialists (aka neo-Nazis) who seek to overturn the current political order to patriotic nationalists who seek to return to some imagined golden age.

This is a decidedly eighties synopsis of the movement. It reminds me of the recent film Imperium, which pitched itself as a very gritty and accurate look inside White Nationalism, missing the mark by a couple decades. These people don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, but are in a position to control the conversation about how the state is going to respond to our steady growth.

Despite their differences, most of these strains view their local efforts as belonging to a wider global struggle, making them similar to jihadists.

What ideologues don’t believe their cause is part of some overarching struggle for truth and justice? Is Obama perhaps “similar to jihadists” for believing that advocating for gay rights belongs to a wider global struggle for human rights? The Sunni radicals being referenced (who hardly speak for all jihadis, many of whom are just protecting their homeland) are explicitly fighting to impose Islam on every single country. Perhaps there are some White Nationalists out there who want to make the entire world White. I haven’t met a single one in my rather extensive travels within the movement.

Like jihadists, many white supremacists and nationalists also see themselves as engaged in an existential battle against an encroaching evil.

Seriously, Scott. This is embarrassing, especially for Stratfor. You guys have a long, storied record of hunting for dragons to slay. It’s your profit model.

Jihadism and white supremacism also tend to be dualistic in the sense that a person is either a member of the ideological in-group or is considered an enemy; they recognize no innocent bystanders.

You’re literally just making stuff up. You’ve identified no commonalities between jihadism and nationalism which couldn’t readily be applied to just about any two arbitrary political factions. Environmentalists believe we’re pitted in an existential global struggle to stop corporate pollution, and everybody who’s not with them is part of the problem. Tap their fucking phones.

Most white supremacists/nationalists view themselves as a vanguard seeking to use terrorism to waken the masses who are not racially aware in order to precipitate an apocalyptic final battle […]

Re-read that sentence a couple of times if the gravity of its absurdity didn’t strike you on the first read. According to him, most of us are seeking to use terrorism. This is disqualifyingly irresponsible language for a man in his position. What all American White Nationalists want are dignity, representation, and self-determination for our ethnic identity. A very small fraction are plotting or promoting terrorism to precipitate “Ragnarok.” Per capita, a competent and credible analysis of the statistical data confirms that White Nationalists are, by and large, no more dangerous a political faction than Islamic immigrants, Black Nationalists, incels, or YouTube content creators.

The attackers behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the 1996 Olympic Park bombing, the 2011 Norway attacks and the recent Christchurch mass shootings all articulated this desire to spark a final battle.

Breivik’s attack was almost a decade ago, and neither it nor the Christchurch incidents involved American White Nationalists. The 1996 Olympic Park Bombing was committed by a Catholic anti-abortion radical who was categorically not a White Nationalist. This error will not be corrected by Stratfor.

Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, however, have proved far more successful at attracting people to the jihadist cause than white supremacists and nationalists recently have.

This rhetorical dirtbag is doubling down, now carelessly conflating White Nationalism and “jihad” as if we’re junior partners of Wahhabism now.

Moreover, the pull of Ukraine for white supremacists has been lessened by the fact that, like Nazi Germany, some white supremacists consider Slavic people racially inferior.

[citation needed]

These successors were often at odds with each other as they competed for a relatively small pool of funding and recruits.

Behold the eternal conundrum of the neoliberal writing a hit piece on White Nationalism: Do we wildly exaggerate their power and reach for sensational virality, or do we mock their impotence and irrelevance? Scott’s trying to pull off both at the same time.

When about 1,000 counterdemonstrators met these white supremacists in the absence of an inadequate police presence, the situation descended into violence and the rally was canceled.

What’s “the absence of an inadequate police presence?” Do the paragons of privatized intelligence and national security not have an editor? Are you alarmed that their editorial standards are below that of Hunter Wallace’s personal hobby blog? I am. I want to quibble with how he drifts into declaring that the Charlottesville attendees were all “white supremacists.” Were the several non-white UTR attendees white supremacists? Were the black guys flanking Jason Kessler at UTR2 white supremacists? Am I a white supremacist?

We’re in the Maddow Zone here, where Trump and the GOP are probably “white supremacist,” too.

In a show of power on Aug. 8, 1925, 50,000 robed Klansmen paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, an event Spencer consciously sought to replicate with the Unite the Right march.

Richard Spencer wasn’t the organizer of UTR, of course. And I am quite confident that Richard Spencer isn’t eager to duplicate Klan optics.

Not only did white supremacist groups garner significant law enforcement attention many decades before jihadists did, they also were far easier for European and U.S. law enforcement agencies to monitor and infiltrate because there were no ethnic or language barriers to overcome. Western law enforcement agencies and their personnel also better understood the ideology of white supremacy than that of jihadism. (Some would argue they still do.)

White Nationalism has been decidedly overpoliced in the past few decades, to the point that perfectly civil and peaceful pro-White activities are often necessarily conducted with the secrecy and care one might employ to order a brick of heroin off of the dark web or join ISIS. There’s an aggravating inversion in place here, where the security state forces us to behave like criminals and then pivots around and points at that behavior as proof that we’re indeed dangerous criminals.

I recently had to put my phone, bluetooth headset, and smartwatch in the freezer before discussing fundraising strategies for a podcasting project. And the caution was definitely not misplaced. Scott Stewart and most of the rest of this intelligence community quite literally believe that I’m a white supremacist jihadi super-terrorist hellbent on killing every last non-White in the world. That’s what they actually think. I am not exaggerating. These people have lost their damn minds.

Indeed, attention to the white supremacist threat became so heavy that deconfliction became a serious problem for U.S. law enforcement. In some Klan or neo-Nazi meetings — and later in IRC channels, Usenet chat rooms and websites on the internet — there were more undercover law enforcement officers and informants than there were white supremacists. Organizations that monitored white supremacists such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center added to the many eyes on the white supremacist movement.

The terrorist attack in Christchurch is what happens when a large and growing political faction is systematically deprived of any means of peaceful political expression. There will surely be more similar incidents, each of which will provoke outfits like Stratfor to double down even further on promoting the very repression which breeds this sort of response. Quoting John F. Kennedy, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” That is not a threat, but an “analysis,” to borrow their favorite word. I have neither the aptitude nor the appetite for guerrilla warfare or insurgency. I would like to broker amicable and equitable solutions which respect the dignity and welfare of everybody trapped in this multicult cage match.

I don’t know whether civil liberties and some semblance of traditional jurisprudence will prevail or whether the reciprocal dehumanization spiral will carry on unabated and spill over into the bloody conflict Scott Stewart and Brenton Tarrant are banking on. All I know is that my people have a right to dignity, representation, and self-determination, and I will not be intimidated into silence or submission by these half-baked, hysterical busy-bodies, spooks, and neoliberal corporate censors. If that makes me a “White Jihadi” to these self-important clown world imbeciles, then ALLAHU AKBAR!

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  1. White Nationalists aren’t a bunch of dangerous Jihadists at all. Most White Nationalists are a bunch of angry baby boomers who worship capitalism and corporations, hate “poor white trash” who don’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps, are usually sympathetic to Israel to at least certain extent (preferring it to “dirty Muslim Palestinians), think “socialism” is a bad thing, and like to guzzle down Blormpf’s Jewish cum. The vast majority are ZOG’s best friends and ZOG has no reason to feel threatened by them. Nazbols preaching class war, the destruction of capitalism and the destruction of Jewry terrify the system but “White Nationalist” capitalist boomers don’t.

    • The Democrats have been calling Donald Trump a “white supremacist” since day he started running. That means Scott Stewart is coming after him too.

  2. There is a lot important to be seen in the ugly, corrupt criminal prosecution and conviction of James Alex Fields Jr on the false charge of murder in Charlottesville

    His bogus, obviously manipulated / coerced recent ‘confession’ is as absurd as the ‘confessions’ in Joseph Stalin’s 1930s Soviet ‘trials’

    No honourable lawyer came forward to defend Fields against the absurd charges, and Fields was stuck with a court-appointed ‘public defender’ who betrayed him, Denise Lunsford, a former prosecutor in that same county, a member of the local legal mafia with the Virginia judges

    The lack of an honest lawyer stepping in to help Fields, despite the media opportunities the lawyer would have, shows both the failure of the US legal system, and the degraded state of USA euro-heritage identitarians, who can’t even come up with one honest brave lawyer to handle a lightning-rod case

    It was acknowledged legally that Fields is “currently being medicated for bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD” … in other words, drugged up in jail with heavy pharmaceuticals … his ‘confessions’ would be null and void if US courts had honesty

    The USA is a land of rigged tribunals, corrupt prosecutors, dishonest betraying ‘defence lawyers’ pretending to ‘represent’ the victim, and jury members who tend to be chosen for lack of education, and ease of manipulation & intimidation

    And maybe the important take-away from the Fields farce – what most whites do not get, is that similar stitch-ups to the Fields witch-hunt, happen every day to black people in the USA.

    Sure, there is a lot of black crime … but the black guy, or Mexican etc, whom they send to jail for the crime, is often not the guy who did it – which is part of why black crime rates stay high. The Fields farce is the style of how it often goes down against blacks … the victim here is white now, so white folks notice.

    But white folks tend to treat the jailing of black ‘criminals’ as legitimate, even tho whites themselves are often sadistically mauled out of money or property in divorce-rape actions, or business lawsuits by politically-connected parties … yet whites hang back from the ultimate scary but logical conclusion, that the whole US legal system is rigged and corrupt, and has been that way for a long time

    • “No honourable lawyer came forward to defend Fields” – He had another lawyer before Lunsford, one of the 13 people that sued the city to prevent the removal of the statue, but he was forced to step aside due to “conflict of interest”, specifically their interest to railroad Fields.

      Back to the OP:
      “they recognize no innocent bystanders.” – Do Assad and his Alawites, and Maduro and his Venezuelans count as innocent bystanders? I presume that no one here wants any US intervention in either nation.

    • @ brabantian — Saw your same comment on AmRen. And I still think your conflation of innocent White identitarians being railroaded with poc getting framed for the wrong crime ( instead of the one they actually committed) is total bullshit.

  3. The Klan rally in the picture is looking like the last effective effort to save white america. The march apparently did much to pass legislation stopping Jewish and non-white immigration flat. Took 40 years to (((undo))).

  4. Hmmmm, I seem to remember the Republican party operative Douglass Mackey saying the same exact thing. Really makes you think.

  5. Just think of Hezbollah, despite Israel being armed to the teeth with America’s latest weaponry the Jews still FEAR them. Just men with BALLS and a belief in God and righteousness and honor. Simple.
    Bashar al Assad has had the BALLS to tell the TRUTH about the Jews. As did Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Can you mention a single American or European head of state doing the same?

    Allah is the name of God in Arabic. Christian Bibles in that region use ALLAH.

    They believe money is power. BELIEF is power.

    A man is truly religious when he is truly good.

    He and his daughter were blown up in a hotel in Jordan after this comment.

    “The media runs the world. Absolutely. No tanks or planes. The media and the public companies. This is what The Protocols of [the Learned Elders of] Zion [is all about].

    “The Zionists, last century, were persecuted in Europe. So they immigrated to the United States. They had a target. They were united. And they did not permit [statements] critical of Zion. They went all the way to control the world and to control the minds of the people through the media. There’s a lesson to learn from them.

    “They have control of the media here. We know it. They did not do it through tanks or machine guns. They planned of course. They united. Did you see Pat Buchanan’s book [The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization]? He makes sense.”

    Moustapha Akkad, who produced John Carpenter’s “Halloween” movies

  6. How can you be a white supremacist and a white separatist at the same time? Who are you going to be supreme to, if you only want to live around your own kind?

    DUH… Anti-whites like Scott Stewart never make any sense, because they are SILLY!

    No one in white nationalism calls themselves “white supremacists”. Only anti-whites call us “white supremacist” repeatedly, to encourage violence against us. Whenever a person uses that war word against whites, they are outing themselves as anti-white,

    I’m assuming the lilly white author of this article (Scott Stewart) was indoctrinated into anti-whiteness by an organization like the SPLC. An organziation that has discredited themslves as racial supremacist frauds. They would not promote black people who were deserving of promotion. lol

    It is time to remove all white anti-whites from sensitive positions in government. The kind of person who will joyously stab his fellow whites in the back, will betray the United States For Their Principles too!

    White anti-whites are dangerous people. For them political correctness is not like a religion, it is a Religion! When Scott calls whites “Jihadis”, he is projecting his own fanaticism, onto those he hates.

    The planet would be a safer place if a black man had Scott Stewart’s job. Its too white at the top of Stratfor. It needs more diversity! White anti-whites have got to go!

    • “How can you be a white supremacist and a white separatist at the same time? Who are you going to be supreme to, if you only want to live around your own kind?”

      Exactly! This is what we need to emphasize in our comments whenever the anti-whites slur us with the false term “white supremacist.”

      I’ve been online in this movement for many years and I can honestly say that I’ve never read any statements by legitimate pro-whites claiming to be a supremacist. It is a slur word like the term racist.

    • White separatists are White Supremacists, because if Whites, who are the most creative and productive people on earth, are put in a position to have nothing to do with POC (People/Parasites of Color) they will be withholding from them all the great things of White Civilization.

      Whites will go back to living in First World (or better) conditions and the the Rainbow Humanity will sink back into developing nation status.

      That’s what’s driving this attempt to conflate White Separatism with White Supremacism. Eventually, every White (even Albert Schweitzer) gets a bellyful of dealing with POC and wants to get and stay the hell away from them.

      If you think what dire states Africa has always been, just imagine what Africa would have been if not for White do-gooders like Schweitzer sticking their pointy pink snouts into these places. Black Africans wouldn’t be on line to double in size to the point where they are half of the world’s population by the end of this century if not for Whites and their innovations.

      They can’t live without Whites which is why they won’t allow Whites to live without them.

      The Chinese had it oh so right with my paraphrased adage that you have a lifelong responsibility for any life you save. (So don’t do it!)

  7. “White anti-whites are dangerous people. For them political correctness is not like a religion, it is a Religion! ”

    Scott Stewart calls for anti-White Jihad on White Nationalists! Shai Hulud!

    “Spy on on them! Set them up! Send drones after them! Jail them all for Thought Crimes. Chase them down with Diversity!”

  8. Whites are reinventing ourselves in the terms (ground) chosen by our enemies to defeat us as a race in our nations and our European civilisation.

  9. They know that we are mostly peaceful and they don’t care. All of the non-Whites working for these agencies are easily fooled into believing whoever the media tells them is dangerous. The proof of this claim is their very employment, only an undiscerning dipshit would work for such a place, and believe it to be a force for good.

    The marvels of intellect are the White men that work for these agencies, who now are hunting White men. This isn’t what the consititution had in mind when they mentioned defending the state against “domestic enemies” but like I say, these are undiscerning fools gladly working for the very enemy they swore said oath to combat. Most of these dipshits are the same jock douchbags we see on SWAT raids joking about busting into a house (after they shoot the family dog of course.) They prevent justice and never serve it, and now they hunt their own neighbors, like cops do everyday.

    You can’t save a people too fucking stupid to understand they are being used. To be clear, this is a message for the state, specifically the White triators in the state who hunt Americans and let MS-13 and ISIS in through the front door, and then defend them when they cause actual acts of terror. To be even more clear, an act of terror is not walking to a fucking park to give speeches, it’s the shit antifa, blm, isis and ms-13 do, not that you alphabet niggers can tell the difference.

  10. Good to see you writing some long form again. I always enjoy reading my views expressed more eloquently than I can express them myself.

  11. >>Breivik’s attack was almost a decade ago, and neither it nor the Christchurch incidents involved American White Nationalists. The 1996 Olympic Park Bombing was committed by a Catholic anti-abortion radical who was categorically not a White Nationalist. This error will not be corrected by Stratfor.

    I was shocked when I first read Eric Rudolph’s autobiography. I was expecting this deranged Hell and Brimstone tirade in the vein of your crazier Loompanics writers. Instead, I got a fairly sober account of someone who’s views were indistinguishable from that of millions of other socially-conservative American Catholics, his willingness to kill for those views being the only thing that distinguished him. He was painfully “square,” as I saw it at the time.

    Anyway… even McVeigh wasn’t really a white nationalist. He seems to have been a typical libertarian whose decision to kill Americans was at least partially coloured by the civilian deaths that he witnessed as a soldier in the First Gulf War.

    People keep thinking that the US military is some kind of unstoppable juggernaut that would be absolutely unbeatable if it ever got unleashed upon us. Europeans in particular seem to think that they’ll just end up like the Serbs if they ever get too antsy. And it’s true that it did end badly for the Serbs, but…

    …the Lebanese only had to blow up a few hundred Jarheads before Reagan got the message and GTFO. The Somalis shot up a couple score of Army Rangers before Clinton did likewise. Sometimes I really do wonder if these CorpGov mercenaries are really as strong, smart or brave as we like to give them credit for.

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