Humane Capitalism Is Southern

Shotgun writes:

“Cantwell did a good job in pushing back against the socialist naivete Wallace was proposing.

Yes, yes…the talking point is that Yang’s economic ideals aren’t “socialist”, rather, they’re “humane capitalism” or some such…but if words have any meaning at all, then Yang’s proposals are socialist. Unfortunately, I don’t think Cantwell pushed back hard enough, especially given his supposed libertarian roots. …”

I encouraged Cantwell to break out of the “capitalism vs. socialism” paradigm and consider other points of view. This should be even easier for you as a Southerner.

After all, Southerners used to be extremely fond of criticizing the North’s system of free-market capitalism precisely because it was inhumane. They contrasted the free-market capitalism of Free Society with the humane capitalism of Slave Society. Back then, blacks were the laborers, Whites were the managers and both derived wealth from the plantation.

“Right now, the official numbers for U.S. welfare expenditures are around 600 billion. There are around 350-million people in the US, and if the state gives each of them 12,000 a year, that’s upwards of 4-trillion dollars! Quite an increase from a mere(!) 600-billion.”


How much government revenue was cut by the Trump tax cuts? The Trump tax cuts will cost the U.S. Treasury trillions of dollars, but the GOP didn’t seem too concerned about that because it was largely their corporate donors and wealthy backers who stood to benefit.

“And how is this to be financed? Through a value added tax…says Yang.”

Why shouldn’t corporations like Amazon or Google pay a VAT? Many people in Silicon Valley think they should pay a VAT. What are they currently paying now in taxes?

“Really? Close to 3.5-trillion dollars through a VAT?

Recall the maxim that whatever pollyanna “good” socialists want to do on the “front-end” (economically), their policies always end up destroying on the “back-end.” While Cantwell highlighted some social implications of UBI (ie: it would encourage people not to work), he failed to hammer-home the “back-end” disaster such an enormous VAT would have.”

Why does capitalism have to start at zero? Why can’t it start at $24,000 a year? If more people cashed out of the labor force to focus on their own lives, it would drive up wages and reduce income inequality. I think people should have more leisure time.

The South was Southern when there was a slower, more relaxed pace of life. Now, we are losing our accents and talking as fast as the Yankees.

“Think the UBI will be a way to forcefully redistribute the wealth of the jewish international business elite? Think again!”

Seeing as how there are so many more White working class people in rural America than Jews and how much relatively better off the Jews are economically, it does seem like rural Whites would disproportionately stand to benefit from UBI. It would inject investment into rural White America.

“They’re not going to cut their corporate pay-checks at the end of the fiscal year. No. They’ll either pass the new expense on to the consumers of their products, or they’ll invest in more automation to get rid of the “workers” (whom the socialists claim to care so much about), or they’ll move their business out of America completely. Then where are the sainted “workers” going to be?”

I don’t really see this happening at the grocery stores in my area.

How many grocery stores would collapse in North Carolina without EBT? Virtually every black person in North Carolina already has an EBT card. They go into the grocery store every month and buy ribs and steaks and pork chops and green beans and chicken wings. Now, has the result of that been the demise of grocery stores in North Carolina? What impact has it had on consumers? Does the spending stimulate the economy? I don’t see the consumers who are getting free food complaining too much about it.

I’m not persuaded by the arguments for student loan debt, our current health care system or our current entitlement system. If it was so great, why are Whites committing suicide in record numbers? Why has their standard of living declined under the glorious free market?

“Socialist policies *always* hurt those they’re ostensibly intended to help. Always. And they do it while robbing individual liberty and the hard-earned resources of the very people socialists supposedly want to help.”

Yeah right.

Do you seriously believe this? Maybe we should go back to the sharecropping system that used to exist in North Carolina, child labor in textile mills around Charlotte, malaria, pellagra, company towns, Tobacco Road and the vast bulk of the population being illiterate.



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  1. There is no standard definition of “socialism,” which is why it is useless to even talk about it (same with “capitalism”). For boomers, “socialism” seems to mean governments spending tax revenue on anything other than military, corporate welfare, or Israel. For libertarians, socialism is defined as “government existing.” For twitter leftists, it means being like Sweden.

  2. “Yang’s proposals are socialist” if there’s anything wrong with that.

    Seriously, I am going to vote for whatever candidate makes it legal to garrote Boomers.

  3. Plenty is a product of values. Values are a product of homogeneity. Bag will not create values. Bag will give people greater means to drug themselves into oblivion and care even less about values than they do now.

    Values first. Then the bag. The reverse will always fail because it’s just not that easy to build white civization.

  4. Most of these people who go on and on about the “free market” have never been to the areas we live in.

    There is no way you can live out here and think that “free market” capitalism works for small town America unless you are either a liar, a fool or benefiting from the current system. There is zero investment reaching our communities. Where the hell is the investment for all the tax cuts these people have been given? Not one dime is reaching us. Not a penny. Where the hell is the trickle down effect? Where the hell is it? They think opening up a Dollar General in my community creates wealth? You know why those businesses come here? Because of welfare and government money – that’s why.

    Our communities need investment along with infrastructure and it is not and has never come from the “free market.” They are too busy building up other nations or New York City.

    The only reason the GOP has ever got their neoliberal policies through is on the back of Southern rural people promising them action on social issues and immigration which they never deliver. Nobody out here votes so that Jeff Bezos can get another tax break or have access to hordes of cheap labor.

      • There is zero investment in my community sir. Nothing, An occasional investment is some farming venture means absolutely nothing in the big picture. How much cheap labor do they hire? Don’t even bother answering – I already know the answer.

        That’s like praising Tyson foods opening up a plant and pretending it matters to the locals. The destruction they do to the area in terms of demographic change outweighs any occasional low-wage job they create.

        • Well, they hired me…and not for minimum wage, either.

          Does Tyson Foods have Christmas parties where the owners bring beer and we all sit around in cammo and talk about going hunting on company property?

          I don’t know what you’re looking for and I’m not picking up any sort of coherent economic philosophy from you. All I can say is, I doubt you have a community with *no* investment capital at all, else you’d be in the middle of the woods (and even then, someone probably owns the property).

          …if it’s so important to you, maybe you ought to invest in some young lad’s lemonade stand?

  5. Heh… thanks for the reply, Hunter, I’m honored.

    I’ll let your post stand as the last word (although, I’ll continue pushing these points elsewhere), and only add that I appreciate what you’re trying to do and why you’re trying to do it. I’m often in that situation with my socialist friends. We want the same things – we just have very different ways of trying to get them.

    I’m an ardent disciple of Fitzhugh (and have been for years, before the Alt. Right discovered him through memes), and with him, I agree that slavery, in the end, and as unpopular as this may sound, is likely the only solution to our modern economic woes. I just want it decentralized among a white aristocrat class – while Yang wants us to go from wage-slaves (with corporate owners) to wage-slaves (with state owners).

    I think you’re far more like Henry Hughes than Fitzhugh…Hughes wanted a large, strong, central government. Might we see some commentary on him in future posts at OD?

    • I performed an experiment in economics this evening.

      It is spring weather now in Dixie and the grass has begun to grow back. I’ve been meaning to go outside and cut the yard for the first time this year. Here’s what I did for my own amusement:

      1.) First, I got a pair of scissors and spent about 5 minutes cutting the grass. I didn’t get much work done. It really wasn’t a constructive use of my time so I went back to my shed to find a better option.

      2.) Second, I got out the gasoline powered push lawn mower and cut a good section of grass. It took me much less time than with the pair of scissors. It was getting dark fast though so I needed a better option.

      3.) Third, I got out the riding lawn and went to town on the grass and cut it all down in no time at all. I got far more work done with the riding lawn mower than with the scissors and push lawn mower.

      4.) Finally, lets suppose that I get one of the newfangled automated lawnmowers that will be coming out in the future. In that case, I wouldn’t have to spend my time cutting the grass at all. I would just tell it go and the robot would cut my grass and create value for me in the process and save me a lot of work.

      How is this any different from wealth created by slavery? Also, who is creating the value? Am I creating the value by doing the work or is it the combination of the machine and the energy that is creating the value?

      • …in your experiment, you forgot to add up all the hours it took for you to earn the money you paid to purchase the cutting tools. When *that’s* factored in, you might very well win the race using the scissors. (Factor in the labor required to build each tool as well as the labor you spent to earn the money to pay for them and you’d likely never get your grass cut!)

        That Satanist Henry David Thoreau didn’t have much right about the world, but he had that much right when, in Walden, he challenged a man to a race: the man was on horseback and Thoreau was walking…but he stipulated the man would have to account for all the time it took him to acquire the horse in the first place, where as Thoreau just took off!

        A massive amount of labor underlies any “technology”…another maxim: “inventions never replace labor, they only ever reallocate it.”

        Unfortunately, that labor is “reallocated” out of white communities and into the third-world. Dealing with *that* issue is *THE* central issue any pro-white free-market advocate has to deal with, in my humble opinion.

  6. “Why does capitalism have to start at zero? Why can’t it start at $24,000 a year? If more people cashed out of the labor force to focus on their own lives, it would drive up wages and reduce income inequality.”)-

    This might only be possible in an independent Dixie, or another ZOG free nation. As it is, automation and UBI are nonstarters in USZOG. The oligarchs couldn’t control a society where people got up and went to work in their vegetable gardens, instead of at the local factory.

    Well fed people with access to medical care, advanced technology, and time to devote to being productive for themselves, don’t need parasitic oligarchs getting in the way. Or Jews and their coloured auxiliaries and White stooges, either. Fourth Wave Society can only exist in a homogeneous White nation. Or Japan. But not anywhere else, especially China.

    We may have automated mowers, but they’ll still be painted, assembled and boxed up by Mestizos.

    Star Trek TNG ain’t gonna happen in America®.

  7. As I’ve said before, Whites can take their UBI, and effect social change. Niggas gonna nig, like they always have. (they will get they money, and do drugs, and live lives of profligacy) However, imagine if your salary is tied to you keeping your ‘racist white opinions’ to yourself… then imagine if you have almost your salary given to you for free (well via UBI). Suddenly, the FEAR to SPEAK OUT is largely removed, the threat of being fired is lessened (I did not say eliminated) and you are at least emboldened to talk to your friends about the Jews, etc. Students at colleges already getting their UBI don’t have to listen to (or hold in respect any longer) the useless liberal jackasses that have held sway in the University, since the 1960’s- Students now are working for their intellectual honesty. rather than succumbing to the enforced registration into Antifa, LGBT advocacy, etc. FREEDOM of Association becomes possible, freedom of thought becomes at least MORE possible, and Freedom from Jewish wage slavery is all but assured.

    Shotgun, I used to write favorably on your website back in the day. But if this is your idea of a ‘good time’-
    “Christmas parties where the owners bring beer and we all sit around in cammo and talk about going hunting on company property?” count me out.

    I’d rather hold to a NATIONAL SOCIALISM model, (yes, even a GERMAN version of same) where each man’s worth is also tied to a race’s nobility, its culture, and its history as a Christian nation, rather than a lowest-common denominator gap-tooth hillbilly ‘capitalist’ model, any day.

  8. “We may have automated mowers, but they’ll still be painted, assembled and boxed up by Mestizos.
    Star Trek TNG ain’t gonna happen in America®.”

    Owen, you sure of that? Why, I was just realizing yesterday that much of the ST technology is now at our fingertips, with smart phones, watches, etc. We even went from the diskette model on our laptops, to flash drives- something even Roddenberry couldn’t see in 1967. Moreover, why do you think lawnmowers cannot be assembled by ROBOTS? Or that ANY stupid people even exist in the STNG 24th Century’s society?- Multi-racial casting aside, non-whites (lower IQ races) will eventually have been bred out of the gene pool- forced sterilization, for one, if this AI/Robot model becomes ubuiquitous. WHY? Because they are USELESS- unless you restore chattel slavery. What other reason would there be, to have millions of Africans loose on the planet, for instance? As adornment? Even using them as ‘Marines’ will become redundant, once Robotic soldiers appear. (And don’t think the PTB aren’t considering it!) It may sound cruel, but if YHWH God could command the OT Church to eliminate the Perizzites, Jebusites, Amorites, etc. the precedent is there- Lebesnraum is essentially a biblical construct.

    Have you even READ or listened to Yang’s time frame for the utter replacement of the current ‘slave’ class in Western society? 5-10 years, MAX. WE WON’T NEED BEANERS, JUST LIKE WE DON’T NEED NIGGERS, now! If they made machines to eliminate cotton-picking niggers last century, we can now have robots making sushi, and coffee barista concoctions; if that is the case, they sure as hell don’t need beaners to make enchiladas in a future WHITE SOCIETY!

    Or, look at it this way. STNG may be a secular Jews’ vision of the “City on a Hill” that suffused all of American White Society’s visions in the 18th and 19th century- as the outworking of the ‘City of God’ in Augustine’s thought, or the realization of the prophecies of Revelation – minus the heretical dispensational Rapture BS. In other words, building the Kingdom… for the King’s Kids, ONLY. The Bible is a racist book, of that there is no doubt. But WHICH race is the point of confusion, and the Jews are working hard to keep Whites ignorant of their inheritance, just as they have always done.

    AOC’s usefulness date (therefore) just accelerated by at least one term. Vaya con Dios, honey chile’ – go back to being the skank waitress you always were. But VAYA. So, too, the Jews. They have an expiration date, as well.

    Yang’s proposal may be a far better proposal to avoid bloodshed, war, and genocide, than most at first realize.

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