The Hoover Transition

As James Edwards likes to tell you, I am an amateur historian.

I’m not simply a “Southern Nationalist” or “Neo-Confederate” or “White Nationalist.” While I love studying the Confederacy and the War Between the States, it was only 4 years of our history as a people. It is not even the period of Southern history that I find the most interesting:

“The campaign of 1928 and its aftermath did usher in a new political epoch, but not a two-party South. It was as if all the peculiar forces of the 1920’s – prohibition, fundamentalism, nativism, religious bigotry and the nascent middle-class Republicanism – had united in one glorious and disastrous finale. All were shaken and discredited by the misfortunes of the administration they helped to install, and their discomfiture cleared the way for a new progressive coalition, the New Deal.”

I get pigeon holed and dismissed by dumb people as a “racist.”

As we saw yesterday though, I can probably run circles around all these “journalists” in history, philosophy, political theory and political science. I’m too intelligent, educated and altruistic to be a “mainstream conservative.” That’s why I never fit in with those people.

The Donald Trump era reminds me of the Herbert Hoover era in some ways. We’re not in the Great Depression yet but the inevitable reckoning is coming. Conservatism appears to be reaching its climax in much the same way as it did when Hoover was president and Wall Street crashed in 1929. There is so much wealth in our society, but it is all being concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite. It is not being distributed down to the Millennials and Zoomers who are being crushed by student loans and gig economy jobs and who have never known financial stability in their lives.

This is perhaps THE MAJOR TREND LINE of our times … White people are DYING in absolute numbers partly because of it. No one cares about the “Green New Deal” and it says a lot about the brain trust of the Democratic Party that something as absurd as that and as unresponsive to political reality is the best that they can do. I’m guessing they are rolling with it because that is what their donors are pushing like on the Republican side. It seems like the legislative agenda of both parties is simply the agenda of the donors. American politics in 2019 could be described as a feud between Sheldon Adelson and Tom Steyer with everyone else getting stirred up and mad and angry for no reason at all.

How long can the present continue? By that I mean the Baby Boomers staying in the workforce past retirement, the underconsumption and impoverishment of the Millennials and Zoomers, the billionaire donors controlling our politics and setting the legislative agenda and the concentration of wealth at the very top of society. What happens when automation kicks into high gear in the 2020s and really starts to accelerate the demise of White working class employment?

Smart and educated people think about these issues, not simply “bigots.” I get highly offended when I am called a “bigot” because as a rational person I enjoy analyzing ideas and looking for better ones. The typical “journalist” is far more bigoted and less friendly than I am.

Note: The excerpt above comes from page 253 of George Brown Tindall’s The Emergence of the New South, 1913-1945.

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  1. HW did your fake history books tell you that Swiss NAZI Templar Hoover crashed the stock market on porpose to create the BIS in Switzerland? It was the biggest theft on the Amerikan people only second to the creation of the Federal Reserve act on Christmas eve 1913. HW if I were you I’d take a look at those fake history books with new eyes. Better yet burn them all. We’ve been lie too about everything, not some things, but everything!

  2. I get pigeon holed and dismissed by dumb people as a “racist.”

    When you insist that blacks had it better under slavery, that’s really not surprising.

    • I dunno, if I was black I’d rather live under a Colonel Sanders-esque caricature than in Detroit, surrounded by uninhibited, gyrating mudpeople.

      • If you were a slave, I’m quite sure you’d find a bit of uninhibited gyration a price well worth paying for your liberty.

        Give it up dude. Pro-white politics is difficult enough without burdening it with the insanity of defending slavery.

        • I’m not defending slavery, lol, I don’t think we should’ve brought them onto this continent in the first place, but I don’t think taking a sympathetic tone towards Antebellum plantation owners makes it any more difficult than it already is. If you support an all white nation, you’re already a social pariah, no matter how much you cuck nothing will change.

          • It’s not merely taking a sympathetic view of the antebellum south. That’s at least somewhat permissible even today. Hunter Wallace (not you) is literally defending the institution of slavery. Indeed, he goes further than defending it: he actively claims it was superior to what superseded it.

            Rejecting the most extreme positions of WN kooks is not the equivalent of cucking. It’s one thing for anti-whites to claim WNs are evil kooks. It’s another thing entirely for normies to come along and see crystal clear evidence that WNs are evil kooks.

          • Is anyone bringing back slavery in the 21st century?

            No, we’re just studying it, and noting the advantages of the system over free-market capitalism. I also study the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages and the British Empire and every other period of Southern history. Who cares?

          • Hunter, let’s assume for a moment the holocaust happened exactly as is claimed.

            Do you really think I would be able dismiss accusations of being “genocidal” by claiming that “No one is bringing back the holocaust in the 21st century. We’re just studying it, and noting the advantages of killing Jews over giving them free rein”?

            I also study the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages and the British Empire and every other period of Southern history. Who cares?

            You’re not being taken to task for studying history, but for the conclusions you draw from it, ie “slavery, when you get down to it, was a pretty good system.”

  3. Trumpo maybe just another clown, but, don’t look for an economic crash anytime soon if he remains in office. Now if the Democrats get in in 2020 you might as well sell everything and expect the worst.

    The young kids in their 20’s and 30’s seem pretty damn frugal to me, almost too tight with a buck. There are kids who don’t owe college debt, and do have money in the bank who need to spend a little.

    A home is a solid investment, so are bank CD’s, federal I Bonds, and other good insured savings vehicles. Then when the opportunity comes you will have cash to invest.

  4. “the brain trust of the Democratic Party”

    Is the same as that of the Republicans.

    It’s composed of folks who were born during or right before WWII, and whose lives are defined by that war, and the Cold War that followed it.

    All of their reasoning, and therefore legislation, is based on the assumption that we’re at war with Germany and Russia, and that we should be suspicious of the rest of Europe, especially France and England. They labour under the delusion that it’s still 1917,42, 45, 60, 81, and that we need aircraft carriers to counter the no longer existent navies of extinct European empires and Japan.

    In short, they’re 20th Century relics who have no awareness of the new century and the new political and economic circumstances that come with it.

    Politics won’t change over to a 21st Century footing until Generation X and the following generation(s) take over. Which will be around 2030.

  5. @Hunter Wallace, you are no mere “amateur historian”. Your work is highly professional, and quite eloquent.

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