God Emperor Donald Trump Has Been Playing 4D Chess All Along

The headlines are deceiving us.

There is a hidden strategic purpose underlying all of these seemingly random events:

Hmm, I don’t know.

Maybe Bill Mitchell is right.

There are currently something like 4,000 illegal aliens being apprehended at the border every day now. There is a caravan of 20,000 illegal aliens on the way here from Central America. We’re expecting to absorb over 1.5 million illegal aliens in 2019. President Trump has also been saying that we need to raise legal immigration to fill the jobs in all the factories that are opening here.

Perhaps we have been looking at this the wrong way? In order to win the 2020 election, Trump has only seemingly presided over the total collapse of immigration enforcement. He is thinking bigger than we are about expanding the map. If the GOP were to sneak up from behind the Left and take California from the Democrats by allying the fears of Hispanics that the GOP is racist and winning them over with the record low Hispanic unemployment rate, would they ever recover?

Trump has to make the Democrats look unreasonable on immigration for this strategy to work. He has to make them look like the real racists and the real anti-Semites.

As things stand today, Trump has been portrayed by the media as a heartless Nazi who wants to separate children from their parents. The Democrats have succeeded in making the Republicans look like racists. If it were not for this misconception, Trump could have at least won Nevada and Colorado in 2016. He came very close to winning Nevada, but there was too much Hispanic resistance in Clark County. Now that the economy is roaring, Trump only has to get past the lies and misconceptions.

Trust the plan, silly frogs.

Isn’t a little chaos at the border worth four more years of the Trump administration? By relaxing immigration enforcement and embracing the Hispanic-Americans coming here in such of the American Dream of economic opportunity, Trump shores up his vulnerable position in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Arizona. Flipping Hispanics to the GOP is the key to opening up Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey and yes, the big enchilada, California itself.

There is nothing to worry about because once the Democrats are exposed and Republicans have retaken the House and expanded their Senate majority, we will finally have the votes to build the wall and enforce our immigration laws. This is the ONLY WAY to get to 60 votes in the Senate.

Some of you have foolishly turned on the president for his support for criminal justice reform. This is because you don’t understand Trump’s strategic purpose. He will need the black vote in order to shore up his position in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina and to win Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia and New Jersey in 2020. This is why Kanye West has become one of his closest advisers. The optics of letting criminals out of prison and having Kanye and Candace Owens taking the conservative message into black communities will help Trump take the black vote from the Democrats.

I don’t even think that is the biggest thing you are getting wrong right now about the president. Jexodus is the ultimate 4D chess move. President Trump has cancelled the Iran Deal, maintained a troop presence in Syria, imposed crippling sanctions on Iran, cut off aid to the Palestinians, moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, defunded the UN for criticizing Israel, signed a bill giving Israel $38 billion dollars over the next ten years, turned a blind eye to Israel declaring itself an ethnostate, blessed its annexation of the Golan Heights, declared fighting ant-Semitism a U.S. national security interest, called for Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign and attacked the dictator Bashar al-Assad twice … in order to steal the Jewish vote from the Democrats! He is trying to turn the media itself against the Democrats!

Trump’s position with Jewish voters will be so strong that Israel will be able to annex the West Bank after the 2020 election is over. What are the Democrats going to do when legions of blacks, Hispanics and Jews vote Republican in the 2020 election? What are you going to do for failing to trust the president? Will you be willing to swallow your pride and admit that Trump was right all along?

You’re all going to look very silly for supporting that Asian communist when this is over. Now that Mueller’s work is done and the Russia conspiracy has been exposed, it’s not too late to get back on the Trump Train and save yourself from your coming humiliation.

Checkmate, Democrats.

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  1. Trumpenbergtain is also cutting Medicaid, MEDICARE (old people vote! They may be deluded Boomers, but they VOTE!), and Social Security. The money MUST go to ISRAEL. Idiot Goy. Our very bestest pal ever ever ever EVER!

    • Caitlyn Johnstone’s @ Zerohedge was better. She actually had me hooked for a paragraph or so. HW,

      …not so much. Than again,

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