Neocon Elliot Abrams Gloats Over Destroying Venezuela’s Economy


Hunter Wallace and Occidental Dissent are “fringe” and “racists” and “extremists.”

Blompf, Pence, Elliot Abrams, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Charlie Kirk and Marco Rubio are “mainstream” and “humanitarians.”

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    • Socialism in a white country can work I agree. I think it’s pretty clear when you look at the income gap in this country and the fact that for the lower classes, wages have been stagnant, while those at the very top have seen their incomes skyrocket.

      I worry about my white brothers and sisters who struggle each day to make ends meet. It’s demoralizing as a people and when the new white nation is born, we need to reform the economic system so that it puts people first.

      • Yeah… I’m a “socialist” in terms of “not wanting to send my tax money to bankroll Israel and fill my country with random brown people when it could be used to keep my children from growing up sick and illiterate and to make me less of a wage-slave to every blood-sucking corporation on the planet.” Come the revolution, I’ll definitely be chatting with Tyson corporate officers about their kneecaps and their refugee resettlement policies at least as often as I do it to IRS auditors.

        In that sense, I suppose I’m still more of an anarchist.

        I suspect that a white ethnostate could probably do what the Marxists claim they want to do: destroy capitalism and let the state wither away until it’s just a mailman and two part-time deputies who spend all their time directing traffic and delivering official documents, not too different from most of the South had before the War of Northern Agression, and what my particular area had in living memory.

  1. Everyone seems to forget that sanctions are an act of war. Putin must be a very patient man. God help us when he’s finally had enough.

  2. Elliot Abrams, bornJanuary 24, 1948, is a relic and museum piece. He and his generation of politicians with their antiquated and irrelevant politics can only produce WWII-Cold War policies.

    They need to go.

  3. John Bolton. Born: November 20, 1948.

    His politics and policies are from 1948, too.

    All of these antiques need to go. We’re wallowing around in the mid 20th Century while the rest of the World has moved on.

    Even Putin has told Trump that 1980’s foreign policy is irrelevant in the 21st Century.

    • Eliot Abrams is a Jew whose wife literally grew up on a Zionist kibbutz and whose children and grandchildren almost all live inside Eruvs (even though I don’t think most of them are Haredi). He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      John Bolton might be a mischling, his wife and daughter both have pretty bad cases of Jewface (even if it’s admittedly kind of cute on the latter). He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      Even if he is 100% Goy, he’s just the Anglo to what Covington and Saker call the “Anglo-Zionist New World Order.” People like that imagine a future of unbridled consumer capitalism, where various shades of coffee-coloured peons spend their days toiling away in the dark satanic mills (or dark satanic cubicles, which is about as bad) while they laze around in a Garden of Eden reading their bank statements, hooked up to an opiod drip and copulating like dogs with anything that moves. They envy their fellow white caudillos down south of the border; if you don’t mind being a trashy vampire, life is generally pretty good for rich white people in majority-brown nations.

      Poor white people in majority-brown nations? Well, y’all can fuck right off, and you better not complain too loudly when the one child you could afford to have presents you with a doped-up mulatto grandbaby. Didn’t you listen to Joel Olsteen? You could have been more prosperous if you had put more faith into Jesus and the free market.

  4. These people are so evil. What’s worse is they are using our name to commit these heinous acts for the Jews.

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