Charlie Kirk: China Is Our Biggest Enemy

I’m guessing the corollary is … ISRAEL IS OUR GREATEST ALLY?

Our greatest enemy?

The Chinese path is peace, prosperity, investment, development and homogeneity. What are Charlie Kirk and these Boomer conservatives offering? Are they lifting millions out of poverty?

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  1. China, if its economy continues to grow, is indeed becoming if not an enemy than at least a geostrategic “peer competitor” who will challenge the US strategic dominance in Pacific. If China, whose economy is presently at half of its potential, continues to rise there may not even be a confrontation at all. US will simply be pushed out from Pacific by China’s sheer size and weight. China is not seeking confrontation now with US because time works slowly in its favor.
    Russia, with a GDP smaller than that of Italy and with a (white-Russian) population who continues to decline, is a nuisance and a historical obsession and hatred of the American-rulers who have long historical ‘traumatic memories’ about the Czar’s Cossacks coming to raid the shtetl.
    US’s policy of antagonizing Russia, instead a of seeking an alliance with Russia against China, is another example of bizarre, self-harming, policy, just as that of total support for Israel.

    Consequently, the US strategy has shifted now toward preventing further growth of China’s economy.
    But, and very much chutzpah-style, instead of revising US’s deals with China (as Trump promised) and China’s access to US markets, this new strategy had Pompeo and Pence touring EU (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Germany) a month or so ago to convince these countries to give up to their lucrative deals with Huawei to develop their infrastructure for the 5G system.
    Perhaps telling for the decline of the American power, Pompeo and Pence got a cold shoulder. The Europeans are not interested in Pacific and the US-China rivalry and, after all, US could do a lot itself to limit the Chinese imports if that’s what it wants.

  2. Our fiat currency only reigns supreme because of reputation, and that is getting further tarnished every day. More countries are going to become part of the Chinese “Silk Road” (Belt and Road Initiative), which is not only trade and infrastructure projects, but a lead-in to accepting the gold-based currency being developed by both China and Russia. We’ve also been losing to China in Pentagon war games, which is a huge, flashing neon sign that says we had better not be starting any trouble with them.

  3. The thing to understand anout the Chinese is that they are the ultimate pragmatists.

    If you are stupid enough to let them buy up all your land, own your comms network, occupy your land, buy all your dwellings, they will do it.

    If you do not let them do that they just shrug their shoulders and go elsewhere.

    There is the story of a man who wanted to put up billboards everywhere saying “All Chinese are bastards”. He approached a Chinese to do the job. All the Chinaman said was ” How many? Where?

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