Trump: Border Security Has Collapsed

I’m on the road to Ole Virginny.

There won’t be many posts here today. Take a look at Blompf whining some more on Twitter:

No ambition, negative energy:

Ambition, positive energy:

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  1. I wonder if Vox Day is still telling his minions to “trust the plan”. What a clown show.

    Trump completely failed.

    • after his recent savage, uprovoked attack on Haxo,

      (an innocent seeker of Truth and Penitence

      wandering a wasteland of lies and nonsense),

      and imposition of “hard moderation”

      VD’s posse is growing restive. The thread on today’s Bolton piece

      rumbles with discontent re the “God Emperor”.

      OTOH (unlike HW) VD has yet to embrace Genghiz Yang.

  2. I am convinced that Trump never intended to secure the border. He is a multi-billionaire. How many billionaires are nationalist? I think all of them are globalists, including Trump. He ran on a nationalist platform because he felt that was the only way he could get elected.

    He betrayed his base, and he should not be reelected. America is gone and has been for quite some time.

    • I am related to a retired rich White business person boomer. If I tell him his generation screwed over all his White descendents, with their support for mass non-white immigration for cheap labor, his standard response is the sociopathic “I don’t care.”

      Yet he gets very triggered when I tell him, I don’t care about giving socialism to Israel and fighting trillion dollar wars for them. He loves to watch the History Channel about the evil Nazis and the poor Jews. He gets really choked up. Sob!

      The only thing that makes him care about our future instead of Israel’s, is when I tell him the MAGA kids are furious over Trump’s lies on immigration, and are now supporting $1000 for every American. “Muh investments! How will i go on expensive overseas tours twice a year, if the Commies take over? This will affect ME!!!”

      I suspect the Alt-Right higher ups also have some wealthy Boomer relatives.

  3. I’ve been secretly surveying the contractors in NE Kentucky. Mexicans are flooding the area, they are working on the school here with our tax dollars. The contractors are hiring them, even putting them in their garages/etc to house them. It’s California+ all over again.

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