CNN Tells First Honest News Story of 2019 – Islamic Brunei Will Stone Gays to Death

Justice Department blocks South Carolina Voter ID law

Things are getting predictably weird and hostile in my former City of Chicago. Yesterday I was twenty feat away from the (not) so Reverend Jessie Jack As* Jackson and arguably the worst anti White, Black Liberation Theology, CINO (Catholic in Name Only) Father Pfleger/Father faker. they held a press conference to defend the actions of BlackLiesMatter Cook County Chicago District Attorney Kim Foxx in her handling of the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax (all charges against Jussie were dropped). Chicago Fraternal order of Police and outraged citizens were holding a street rally demanding that DA Kim Foxx needs to go, Feds need to indict her.

Here’s Jessie and Father Faker hating on White people, hating on the Chicago police and blaming the CPD for Black and Latino Gang members shooting 3,000 plus people with just under 600 murders last year.


I kept a somewhat low profile, mixed with the pro Police protesters and led some chants “Get a Job Jessie, Get a Job” – just noting the fact that Jet Stream Jessie Jackas* Jackson has never held an honest job his entire life!

In other weird news. CNN actually produced an honest news story! CNN honestly reported that the Islamic nation of Brunei has implemented laws stoning Gay people to death!


In the F#*$&@, mixed up world of American/Western PC Liberal Leftism – Gay People, LGBT and all Muslims are on the same side, resisting the oppressions of evil White racist MAGA trump supporters who supposedly lie in wait on Chicago streets when the temperature is – 15 F looking to bleach Black people White then lynch them for being Black, Gay, Muslim or disabled.

‘Why do White Racist MAGA trump supporters do these terrible crimes!

Because they’re EVIL, RACISTS, HATERS and the Social Justice Warriors, SPLC, BlackLiesMatter, Antifa, CAIR, NAACP, ADL, social media $ billionaires must be fully empowered to end all hate crimes, hate speech, thought crimes etc”

But in the real world, in places like the Islamic kingdom of Brunei and in parallel Muslim communities in England, Sweden and Michigan – the Muslims take a rather different view of homosexuality…

They look to impose Islamic Sharia law which includes stoning Gay people to death, making women cover up in black tent burkas, banning women from driving or getting involved in politics (might have some merit there)!

I don’t support stoning Gay people to death. That seems a bit much. Still, I would prefer if the worst homosexual/LGBT perverts would keep their perversions to themselves and not force these “alternative lifestyles” on the public, including our children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Here are some excerpts from the CNN report on Brunei and the Gays – you might want to save it because it might be another full year before Jeff Zucker’s CNN tells another true story.

“A new law which comes into effect from next week will punish homosexual sex and adultery with death in the small southeast Asian kingdom of Brunei.

Beginning on April 3, any individuals found guilty of the offenses will be stoned to death, according to a new penal code. The punishment will be “witnessed by a group of Muslims. The country’s strict new laws were announced in 2014, and have been rolled out gradually. The latest phase of implementation, including the brutal new provisions, was quietly announced on the Brunei attorney general’s website on December 29, 2018.

Human rights groups were quick to express horror at the penal code, which will also order amputation as a punishment for theft.”

CNN Sat March 30, 2019

Here’s another group that was heavily in to stoning people.

Monty Python the Stoning Scene Link


  1. @Jack Ryan

    Are you gay? You endorse homosexual stuff all the time and keep trying to move us from a Hardline stance on the issue. You do this on the political cesspool and on this site! Man up cowboy!

    The good news is if you accept Christ you can choose to become Anti-homosexual!

    • No he is merely pointing out that two of our mortal enemies have irreconcile differences that could be exploited to help stop us from being annihilated.

    • Brah, this isn’t exactly Greg Johnsonism.

      I don’t think we necessarily need a secret anti-homosexual police to hunt down fags and set them up for execution. If they were simply locked up in mental wards or imprisoned if they reveal themselves in public to be homosexual, that would be just fine.

  2. Corporate responsibility for a culture’s most heinous sins, is a mark of those sins having a VERY DIFFICULT time re-appearing, if the cost is sufficiently high enough. In this instance, Brunei is acting far more ‘christianly’ than ANY so-called ‘Christian’ group, church, or nation. The Bible calls this crime ‘abomination’ and St. Paul’s statement that ‘such people are deserving of death’ makes the point even clearer.

  3. Pfleger needs to be defrocked and given a one way ticket to Africa. He can go live on an entire continent dedicated to the negro.

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