Creative Destruction and Andrew Yang

Fulwar Skipworth has written a new article on Identity Dixie.

I’m currently traveling and can only share a few thoughts through my smartphone:

1.) I agree with more of this article than the previous one.

2.) Paleo-Progressivism was very different from the current version which is spearheaded by Jews and identity politics. These people supported eugenic sterilization laws, regulation of industry, wildlife conservation, public education and large scale development projects like the TVA. See Oliver Wendell Holmes in the Buck v. Bell decision or Theodore Roosevelt and the National Parks.

3.) Woodrow Wilson was a proud Southerner and a white supremacist progressive globalist. It sounds strange to modern ears, but such was politics back in those days.

4.) The Jim Crow South was dirt poor and free-market capitalism which was introduced here after the war was economically ruinous.

5.) The Southern economy was only revived by federal spending. It took the income tax, the New Deal and above all else World War 1, World War 2 and Cold War military spending to do it.

6.) In hindsight, it would have been much better to have simply GIVEN the South the money through direct investment rather than making our ancestors EARN it through fighting in a series of dumb wars for Washington from the Great War through Vietnam. Millennials also EARNED their federal dollars courtesy of Conservatism, Inc. in Iraq.

7.) Yang’s idea of just giving people the money is a much better idea for both us and humanity at large because we don’t need another Iraq or Afghanistan or the most catastrophic result of all which would be a world war with Russia and China over something stupid like a clash over Syria or Venezeula.

8.) Homogeneous nations in East Asia are struggling with how to deal with the same problem of an automated economy which will require millions of less workers in the future. These people freaking out about Yang telling them this truth while being Asian are exactly like the person who won’t listen when they are about to be hit by a truck because the person telling them this is non-White.

9.) Conservatism, Inc. will never allow a redistribution of wealth, investment in national infrastructure or equivalent to the GI bill for student loan debt analogous to the New Deal and World War 2 era.

10.) Yang alone has the potential to become a new FDR and rebuild a modern populist-progressive coalition that was split apart over identity politics and political correctness since the 1960s. It’s a long shot, but still an interesting possibility.

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  1. one suspects that Genghiz Yang’s actual solution

    to over-population would a massive White-on-White war,

    and then liquidate most of the Black/Brown orcs

    with a global terror famine. Pretty much what

    the Judeo-globalists and their Chink soulmates have in mind anyway.

    the cells in HW’s brain that went dopey on Drumpf’s

    “I’m going to build a Wall and Mexico’s going to pay for it!”

    are now wheezing with pleasure on Genghiz Yang’s

    “I’m going to give everyone 1,000 Jewbucks per month and nobody’s going to pay for it!”

    • Alt-RIght are reactionaries. Reactionaries never have projects of their own, they just react to whatever their enemies are doing.

      They want to punish the White Boomer retirees by supporting Democrats. They want to give our enemies total control over us, to get back at White Boomers. So the plan is to commit racial suicide by helping to create a one party anti-White state. That will really teach the Boomers a lesson!

      A third position is to create a Pro White third party that grows stronger, as the electorate becomes more racial. So as Conservatism Inc inevitably dies, Whites will get racial representation.

      See the responses under this question MolyJew asked, for a picture of what a White minority can expect from a one party anti-White state. It is not the rosey future the Alt-RIght reactionaries are painting.

      “If you are white, and went to a school where whites were a minority, what was your experience like? We really need to hear your stories. Asking for the future.”

      • I’m a populist, not a conservative.

        I genuinely support Universal Basic Income, Yang’s Legion of Builders, Medicare for All, student loan debt forgiveness, an end to regime change wars, postal banking, democracy dollars, “defense” cuts and a bunch of other things in Yang’s platform. I’m barely aligned with “conservatives” anyway and their total defeat on all social issues, especially immigration, gives me no reason to vote for them

        • “I’m a populist, not a conservative.”

          You change your wordisms every couple of years. You used to have Outlaw Conservatism as part of the title of this blog, but that’s gone. Pro White was up there for a short time, but that’s gone as well.

          “I genuinely support Universal Basic Income,”

          You won’t be getting UBI unless a Pro White party brings it in. The Democrats are not going to give UBI to known “white supremacists”. We’ve been banned from social media, banned from Amazon, banned from banking, banned from Uber. If you think it will stop there you are dreaming. They will make sure the Universal in UBI does not apply to people like you.

          I am reminded of that meme with the little blond White boy, surrounded by lots of black children that said, “At least I have the consitution.”

          “At least I have UBI.”

          • I’ve used “outlaw conservative” and “alt-right” and both terms mean essentially the same exact same thing, which is that I am not and never have been, a mainstream conservative. I’m more of a European-style conservative, a High Tory, but in America the term “conservative” means classical liberal so I don’t bother using it.

            I’ve been pro-White since 2001. I’m still pro-White. The tag line also used to say pro-South and pro-Christian and that hasn’t changed either. I still talk about all these issues and have written virtual long form essays of both Southern and European history over the last two weeks.

          • How the f*** is giving every White person in America over 18 a $1,000 a month an anti-White policy? What kind of conservative and libertarian reasoning is this?

            Even if I didn’t get $1,000 a month, everyone else in my family and community would and it would help improve their lives. How much would student loan debt forgiveness help millions of young White people?

            Why on earth are some people SO DEAF to any pro-White message other than race and Jews which appeals to an extremely small slice of the population?

          • The Democrats are not going to give UBI to known “white supremacists”. We’ve been banned from social media, banned from Amazon, banned from banking, banned from Uber. If you think it will stop there you are dreaming. They will make sure the Universal in UBI does not apply to people like you.

            It would be much harder for the government to discriminate this way than it is for private companies. Just look at the Amren conference.

            Also, old-style WNs and SNs have lost. They have lost totally and utterly. There will be no “taking back America,” there will be no mass racial cleanings, either orderly or disorderly, neither from America as a whole nor from the South specifically.

            Whites struggling for a right to a racial identity and a right to a racial existence is very different from whites struggling to rule over or expel others. Very different. This distinction will become even clearer as time goes by (and clearer much sooner if the classic WN/SN shithead were to just fuck off and die already). Attempts by the government to discriminate against such whites will only help to accelerate the formation of a pro-white bloc.

          • @Trenton

            “They will make sure the Universal in UBI does not apply to people like you.”

            The Democrats and Republicans will never allow UBI to exist, because they and the other oligarchs aren’t going to allow the U.S. to enter the 21st Century.

            There’s no place in the future for 19th and 20th Century political, social and economic relics. The American Oligarchs know this, and fear it.

            They’re just going to keep reinforcing the same old 19th Century work regimen with limited computerisation and rare technical upgrades, to maintain the illusion of modernity.

            The 19th and 20th Centuries were good to these people. They’re firmly rooted there. They’re not going to give that up just to free the proles from wage slavery and the constant threat of starvation and homelessness. Nobody seeks to work themselves out of a job, or make themselves irrelevant and unnecessary.

        • “I genuinely support Universal Basic Income, Yang’s Legion of Builders, Medicare for All, student loan debt forgiveness, an end to regime change wars, postal banking, democracy dollars, “defense” cuts and a bunch of other things in Yang’s platform. I’m barely aligned with “conservatives” anyway and their total defeat on all social issues, especially immigration, gives me no reason to vote for them”

          I agree with you on these Hunter, but it’s hard for me to ignore the multitude of other things he stands for like supporting the Dream Act, pathway to citizenship, carbon taxes, etc.

          The reality is as you well know Hunter is that this nation has wholesale turned against God. I don’t think we can vote our way out of this. Repentance and turning back to the true faith, not that Satanic watered down nonsense coming from a Rome and many Protestant churches today ,is the only way.

          • “I agree with you on these Hunter, but it’s hard for me to ignore the multitude of other things he stands for like supporting the Dream Act, pathway to citizenship, carbon taxes, etc.” – It would be great if those were on the table for consideration, but unfortunately they are not. The immigrants are coming, with whatever results and consequences that entails(most likely a loss of social trust, collapse of infrastructure, and people unwilling to invest in more). The wacko environmental stuff is coming, until they can’t actually enforce it. The upcoming gun ban is coming, you’d better hide those if you want to keep them.

          • If anything is true, Trump has shown us that “positions” on immigration aren’t the best guide to voting. In theory, Trump is “strong on the border.”

    • OT: How did it feel to be singled out by Vox Day as a troublemaker? It must’ve been a red-letter day, being removed from Vox’s reservation. (Get it?)

  2. struggling with how to deal with the same problem of an automated economy which will require millions of less workers in the future.

    The Oligarchs in America® will make sure that this automated economy never comes about and the future never happens. They’re going to keep us stuck in a temporal loop that runs from 1880 to 1985 and back again.

    • All evidence is to the contrary on that, which is why Yang’s campaign is so necessary. How quickly they automate the workforce is an open question, but once it starts it’ll probably snowball. It’s already remade industrial production of automobiles, with most modern auto manufacturing and assembly having incorporated a great deal of robotics, from welding to painting.

      Why this debate is so necessary, as presented by Yang’s UBI proposal, is if in fact automation, robotics, and AI systems will render most work obsolete, then what solution is the ruling class proposing to that? The empty platitudes of job training and entrepreneurship??? Just as Trump has probably inadvertently exposed just how corrupt the political class is, Yang’s campaign has the potential to expose them even further…

      Consider this, while at the highest levels investment in robotics and AI systems is a top priority, are we to believe that the same elites pushing it haven’t considered what will become of most people with such a profound transformation of the economy??? Perhaps they don’t care, but it’s more likely they’ve come up with other solutions to the problem of humanity rendered idle, solutions we may not like at all. Let Yang force the conversation into the mainstream, in the same way Trump introduced immigration into mainstream discourse…

  3. “one suspects that Genghiz Yang’s actual solution to over-population would a massive White-on-White war….”

    That you have the audacity to state this, shows you haven’t even LOOKED at Yang’s many written and spoken utterances! One of the reasons for the Yangbux options was to AVOID a Massive White War- he actually made mention of that, in his analysis of the Iowa trucker scenario. I, for one, would rather AVOID a bloody war, than seek to kill thousands and millions, for what? To be able to say, ‘I was right?’ And only if you happened to live after such a bloody battle, in order to state that?

    Your redneck racism and your ‘white’ pride are neither virtues to be cultivated, nor positions any sane White man would want to hold.

  4. Yang alone has the potential to become a new FDR and rebuild a modern populist-progressive coalition that was split apart over identity politics and political correctness.

    What evidence is there that he is actually anti-PC?

    • Yang has gone out of his way to avoid talking in that lingo. It is a very noticeable difference compared to the other candidates who are casually anti-White whether it is Beto or Biden or Warren

      • I’m sure it’s deliberate, but I don’t think it’ll amount to much. If he doesn’t actually attack PC then he’s not making any promises. If pressure mounts, the expectation should be that he’ll go full PC like the rest of them.

  5. There will continue to be identity politics by nonwhites under Yang. He will just continue the nonwhite immigration into America until whites are a minority.

    Yang wants the following:

    *Puerto Rican statehood

    *More legal immigration, especially high skilled immigrants,

    *The Dream Act for illegal alien children,

    *”Pathway to citizenship for all illegal aliens

    *”Civic engagement” which would immerse our high school children in other (nonwhite) locations in the US to “create a shared culture based on empathy.” (Meaning, we are all the same, there are no differences, so it doesn’t matter that whites are being racially destroyed through immigration.)

    Yang is NOT on our side. He knows that whites are desperate and that we have no leaders to defend us. He makes one statement of concern regarding whites, so whites get behind him. This is a mistake.

    • I keep hearing this.

      This is why I don’t believe it:

      – Over 1/2 of Puerto Ricans already live in the continental United States. The GOP doesn’t oppose Puerto Rican statehood. It was Theodore Roosevelt who acquired it in the first place.

      – The GOP is RAISING high skilled immigration right now. Just the other day in fact and in the last spending bill that Blompf signed which doubled H-2B visas. Legal Immigration has actually increased under Blompf and the GOP.

      – Blompf and the GOP have spent the last two years begging the Democrats to support their effort to pass the DREAM Act. In fact, the GOP has been pushing the DREAM Act since George W. Bush was president.

      – Illegal immigration is HIGHER under Trump than it was under Obama. The border is less secure than it was under Obama. There are actually fewer deportations.

      – The GOP has pushed “comprehensive immigration reform” on half a dozen occasions and continues to being it up.

      The GOP’s rhetoric on immigration is 180 degrees the opposite of the reality of immigration enforcement when the GOP is in power as we can see with the collapse of immigration enforcement and the explosion of catch and release going on right now.

      Yang is our enemy? How?

      Are these people in power on “our side”? Give me a break. I’m not voting for the GOP based on immigration because anyone can see how full of shit they are on immigration in light of the last two years and the crisis at the border unfolding right now

      • I agree. The GOP is definitely not on our side. They are absolutely anti-white. I will not be reelecting Trump. But Yang is not going to make any of these issues better, and I will not be voting for him if he should be the nominee.

        Yang believes whites will be shooting at Asians in one generation. He fears that this is the great danger that his children will face in the future. Any nonwhite that feels that way about whites is not on our side either. He is for his people, and will have no concern for whites.

        • If you take immigration off the table, which is what I have done in light of what I have seen over the past two years, it makes sense to look at other issues. That’s why I am voting on infrastructure, UNI, student loans and health care in 2020.

      • It’s legitimate to say that the Gathering Of Pussies started this invasion problem back when Ronnie Raygun declared amnesty back in ’86. They run on immigration issues and nothing has been done for thirty damn years.

  6. The one thing that Yang has accomplished is proving that a lot of alt-right/ WNs are as lacking in brains and as easily bribed by false promises of free stuff as the Bernie supporters. Who in their right mind can look at the mess that the welfare system has made of society and the economy, and advocate welfare for all? ( which is what UBI is). LikeViktor Orbán said, a welfare state is national suicide. All the rest of the “progressive” drivel Yang advocates can only lead to further regression and decline of the white race. Which of course is the intention. If risk of losing a job, which you probably don’t even like, can keep you from being an activist, imagine what risk of losing all that free stuff will do? Not to mention FDR was one of the WORST presidents ever. Debt forgiveness is another stupid thing. All it does is encourage irresponsibility. Why shouldn’t there be any consequences for the stupid decisions that people make- like going to college for dumb stuff like gender studies? At the very least it should be tied to something beneficial for the nation; for example, if you get married and have one kid, you get 25% forgiven, then another 25% for each additional kid. At least Trumps economic policies were practical and actually did good for the country- besides tax cuts, unemployment is at the lowest level in years, and so is welfare. That is both economically and morally healthy for society.

    • Connie,

      1.) First, Yang has nothing to do with the fact that I have studied the history of the Southern economy for years and and have written about it for years on this blog. There are posts about the subject scattered all through in our archives. In a nutshell, free-market capitalism led to destitution in the South from 1865 until 1940 and the Southern economy was only jumpstarted again by federal spending on the New Deal and World War 2 in the 1930s and 1940s.

      2.) Second, Yang’s UBI proposal is similar to the New Deal/World War 2/Cold War military spending which created investment, industrialization and prosperity in the South, but it is even better in the sense that giving people the money by directly depositing it into their accounts is 1,000x better than making them “earn it” fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan.

      3.) Who in their right in can look at the South under free market capitalism, which was the period from 1865 to 1940, and look at the South today and say we are WORSE OFF economically? Do millions of people have pellagra? Do they live without running water, sanitation and electricity? Do they eat nothing but cornpone and fatback? Are people dropping dead from malaria? Can they afford shoes now?

      4.) Economically speaking, the South has unquestionably become a wealthier society SINCE it left behind free market capitalism when FDR was president. In fact, it was Southerners who unanimously voted for FDR four times to end the poverty in this area caused by decades of conservative economics.

      5.) The whole theory of Jeffersonianism was based on the assumption of economic independence in a world a yeoman farmers, not wage slavery for an employer under free-market capitalism. Liberty MEANT independence. The system we have today is the exact opposite of independence because everyone lives in terror of being fired by their employer.

      6.) Well, I disagree. I think student loan debt forgiveness has much more appeal to White Millennials and Zoomers than this conservative and lolbertarian nonsense that you should spend your entire life being a debt slave to a bank.

      7.) One of the primary reasons people are having so many fewer kids today is because 1.) women have gone into the workforce to make up for stagnating male wages since the 1970s and 2.) there is so much debt and children are so much more expensive than working class and middle class couples are practicing family planning. Once again, you would preserve our absurd system which disincentives White couples having children across the board from several different angles, and all for the sake of a conservative and lolbertarian economic ideology which we don’t even actually practice anyway with minorities.

      8.) Trump’s economic policies have been great for Wall Street investors. GDP is up. Of course, none of that matters at all to the vast majority of White people if the economy is growing, but a tiny wealthy elite reaps 99% of the benefits of it.

      9.) What does “unemployment” even mean? Yeah, people are employed working shitty part time jobs with no benefits and making barely minimum wage working for companies like Uber and Amazon now. Economically speaking, they are worse off than their parents and grandparents under conservatism. Also, what does it say about conservatism that it is opposed to the well-being of people? In my view, it says it looks at a bunch of bad numbers and concludes the economy is doing great while ignoring all the other signs of massive distress like a raging suicide and opioid epidemic, divorce, plummeting rates of family formation, etc.

      10.) Trump’s economy is so great for White America that White people are actually dying out now in absolute numbers because their life expectancy is decreasing. How in the world can anyone look at that statistic and believe all this conservative bullshit about how everything is going fine in the American economy?

  7. Of course free stuff and irresponsibility appeals to Millenials and Zoomers- they never grew up and don’t want to be adults. As far as industrialization that brought the South out of poverty, isn’t it all run by those capitalists you hate? Why bring more jobs to bring more wage slavery? Yes the system we have today, which was started by those progressive liberal presidents you like so much, is the exact opposite of independence. But it’s nothing like free enterprise. And being a slave to the government is no better than being a wage slave. In fact, if UBI was ever implemented I’d probably give up my LS membership, because there would be no hope of anybody wanting to secede and give up those golden chains. As far as not having kids, how would debt forgiveness as a reward for more children, not be an incentive?

    • Re: Connie

      1.) Dumb Millennials and Zoomers EXPECT to have the same standard of living as their parents and grandparents. Why do they resent conservatism? They should be working harder for Uber and Amazon for less than minimum wage while these companies pay virtually noting in corporate taxes.

      2.) No, it was specifically federal spending through the New Deal and military spending during World War 2 and the Cold War which revived the Southern economy. It would have been much better to have simply given Southerners the money without, you know, the whole mess of World War 2 which cost tens of millions of lives.

      3.) Since the 1970s, we have been chipping away at the system created by those “progressive liberal presidents,” and reverting back to the conservatism that mired us in a Third World level of poverty from 1865 until 1940 and brought on the Great Depression. It is the reason why the typical Southern sharecropper was making 65 cents a day in the 1940s.

      4.) Wage slavery and being the lackey of an employer is the exact opposite of independence. Jefferson would have been the first to tell you that.

      5.) Look at what “free enterprise” created in the South from 1865 to 1940 … people who couldn’t even afford shoes for their children, who worked in textile mills and coal mines 12 hours a day, who were so poor that they couldn’t even afford vegetables in their diets, who lived in shacks without running water, sanitation and electricity in the 1930s.

      6.) If it were not for the government, we couldn’t hold conferences or even send letters to each other. We would be cut off from communication entirely under “free enterprise.”

      7.) Why exactly do we want to secede from the Union? What is the goal? You make it sound like you want to go back to the way it was here before 1929 when our people here were poorer than Venezuela is today.

      8.) Abolishing student loan debt and implementing UBI will relieve an enormous amount of stress on White working class and White middle class families. It will undoubtedly spur the birth rate. Look at what free market capitalism has wrought in that area. Women have entered the workforce en masse and unsurprisingly the birth rate has collapsed.

      • It won’t relieve an enormous amount of stress, because it’ll just make taxes and costs skyrocket. “Free enterprise” didn’t cause those problems in the South, illegal federal occupation did. And progressivism has been steadily increasing since FDR. But it’s unsustainable, so that’s why it doesn’t work long term. Wage slavery might not be independence, but there’s no true independence on this earth. Even an independent farmer or sole proprietor is a “slave” to his business or farm.
        Of course we want to secede to be independent and free of the unholy trinity of big banks, big business, and big government that has a stranglehold on us. Giving them more of a stranglehold by being more dependent on them is stupid.
        Money isn’t the be-all, end-all of everything (that’s the main failing of capitalism.) The long-term stability and good of the nation, as well as freedom, are much more important things. And you certainly don’t get any of that by expanding the welfare state. Welfare is national suicide, both economically, morally, and physically (by necessitating more non-white immigration.)

        • Once again, I can give you tons of historical examples that show otherwise.

          Look at Ireland where under the “free enterprise” system a quarter of the population died during the Great Famine of the 1840s and much of the rest immigrated to the United States. See also India which was devastated by famines and deindustrialized under British colonialism. China was carved up like a steak by the Western powers during its “Century of Humiliation.”

          From the 17th century forward, the roll out of the “free enterprise” system in England created a tiny oligarchy and a massive urban proletariat. The same thing happened in the United States which is why we had the Progressive Era and the Great Depression and the New Deal. Virtually all Western countries now have some type of mixed economic system.

  8. Another thing about UBI- the ones it would help the most are the companies and banks. The companies would be able to get extra profits by raising the prices for everything, and the banks would love to give out mortgages for that extra thousand a month. In fact, not only would the cost of living increase, but real estate would skyrocket, since everybody would have an extra thousand bucks to spend on more expensive mortgages. (Actually, the real reason for “wage stagnation” isn’t that wages don’t increase, because they do. But the cost of living increases, not only because increased wages mean higher costs which are translated to higher prices, but mostly because the Jews don’t want anyone to get ahead, so they make sure that the more money you make, the more you spend.) Which means that in exchange for government slavery, you really won’t even be further ahead economically! BTW, I wish we had a better forum for arguing. This blog setup is hard to navigate.

    • Re: Connie

      1.) According to lolbertarian theory, UBI will cause the prices of everything to skyrocket, but trillions of dollars squandered on foreign wars in the Middle East and tax cuts for multinational corporations and wealthy people WILL HAVE NO SUCH EFFECT. Virtually every black person in America already has an EBT card and just walks out of the grocery store with free food every month right now. We produce so much food in this country that we simply dump it on the market to get rid of the excess.

      2.) How are the banks doing right now as a result of the Trump tax cuts?

      3.) BTW, it was the Federal Housing Administration which got all those broke ass sharecroppers into their middle class homes in the 1940s and 1950s. It wasn’t the magic of free enterprise.

      4.) The real reason for wage stagnation is conservative economics: tax cuts, deregulation, social safety net cuts. The “free market” system (a strange term given how many billions of dollars are spent annually on lobbying the federal government for favorable treatment) naturally concentrates wealth in the hands of a bloated oligarchy.

      5.) East Asians have a much better version of capitalism than we do. Go over there and look at their infrastructure and compare it to ours. They are the ones building the automobile plants here, not the other way around. Kinda funny when this is cited as a triumph of “free enterprise” that a country like South Korea which was one of the poorest places in the world in 1950 is creating so many jobs here in the United States through foreign investment.

      • 1. No one is saying that the current system is good, or sustainable. It isn’t. But feel-good progressivism isn’t going to change that. We need to break the unholy trinity of big banks, big government and big business all in bed together. Which is never going to happen without breaking up the country, and may not happen even then, since it is a global problem.
        2. The government is never going to do anything to hurt the banks, since they’re in bed together. So you can be sure that UBI won’t hurt them either.
        3. So the Federal government may have done some good things for the South, but it did a lot of bad things too, and we still want to secede.
        4. All those things puts more money into workers’ pockets, so how is that wage stagnation? It only causes wage stagnation because prices increase when companies know we have more spending money. And yes, “free market” is a strange term to use for the current system, which is anything BUT a free market. What we need is tighter regulation on big banks and big business, with tax cuts and deregulation on SMEs and sole proprietors. That would level the playing field. But that will never happen. So instead they throw a few shekels at the middle class to keep them quiet.
        5. East Asian success is a direct result of that “free market capitalism” that you hate so much. And you actually proved my point. They didn’t get to that place with UBI, but with jobs.

  9. Anyway, progressives were responsible for the most destructive wars in history, not only material destruction, but societal. The petty neocon wars can’t even remotely compare.

    • The most destructive war in our history was the War Between the States which was explicitly waged against us in the name of Abraham Lincoln’s free men, free labor, free soil and free enterprise system.

      • Abraham Lincoln did not believe in a free market. He believed in a banking and big business oligarchy that was anything but free, with the tariffs and everything.

        • The banking and big business oligarchy and a vast, impoverished working class is the inevitable result of the “free market” system. A tariff is merely a way of funding the government. Lincoln’s America was a laissez-faire system which continued to evolve through the Gilded Age until the trusts became so powerful and wealth became so concentrated that the backlash began against it.

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