Five Circles Of Life

Here’s some food for thought that is worth sharing with a very different audience. I follow all kinds of interesting people on the internet like this health and fitness YouTuber from Arkansas.

The argument here is that there are five overlapping circles in your life that contribute to your personal happiness and well-being. These are your …

1.) Family/Relationships
2.) Physical Health
3.) Finance/Business/Work
4.) Growth/Personal Development
5.) Spirituality/Religion

I would break this down more, but I am currently on the road traveling to Virginia. I’ve spent much of the last year focused on the physical health (low-carb dieting, intermittent fasting, weight lifting) and spirituality/religion (Lutheranism) circles which has increasingly crept into my writing here as of late.

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  1. Lord knows I’m not going to talk anyone out of their Protestantism and I’m not coming from anything other than a logical standpoint when I say that the Protestant spiritual presumption of God’s meaning ultimately being between you and God is what allowed the destruction of western civilization. When you confine your spiritual happy place to whatever is inside your head at a given moment the territory your head inhabits will have decreasing physical boundaries as people with a “heavier” spiritual view or stronger ethnic presumption inevitably take over.

    That may be fine for a world already inhabited by whites. But for retaking a world reason dictates that a people must give up their spiritual individualism, at least within the public square. The presumption has to be towards sacrifice, and it has to come first. Everything must be laid at the altar of the word, reason, and we must agree to agree to find common cause down to all important things to which reason is subject. All this of course subject to first to the idea that we are Forgiven in Christ and that Christ wants His people to survive.

    Protestantism, with its presumption of individual interpretation of God, is by its very nature destructive to white survival. It is especially incapable of armoring a a people against Jewish subversion, because Jews believe in their entire being that they are God’s chosen and anything other than a complete defensive armor will be taken down by them. Protestantism is not complete because its presumption is individual, and not universal. A people who believe in their universal supremacy will destroy a people who can’t even create a universal edifice of spirituality to counter it.

    If we equate the Yang phenomenon to the Reformation as we are asked, and as is apropos (though we are being asked now to think differently of what we should expect from our government, not God), we can see the effect of the presumption of which I speak. Here we had a people that had gathered around a broad set of ideas, imperfect though they were in this late-stage civilization, it was nonetheless something. When looked at closely it was table scraps, but it was the only scraps we had left, having been so atomized for so long anyway.

    I don’t think the Church needed to be destroyed then, and I definitely don’t think the small raft whites had cobbled together behind Trump needed to be rocked now. And so it has been since the Reformation. But there’s really no where left to go. This presumption of spiritual autonomy is completely destroying us. I don’t know what the last 12 whites will decide to agree on to give them moral authority to act in spiritually meaningful ways to save their people, but I think it will out of necessity be as it was in the beginning: to agree that they are going to agree and continue to do that, no matter how difficult it gets, and change slowly so that its certain that the change will be good and necessary and properly motivated.

    And so a new civilization will be born, and I’m sure it will lead to another Reformation, and another enlightenment and another NWO and another destruction of everything that came before. But I do hope that going forward we can think twice about not about dropping chaos bombs into whatever we glue together here at the end of the line. It’s too late for it, and it’s too late for Protestantism.

    And so now let’s all start talking about how bad the catholics are and enjoy some more dips into the pool of the original culture of critique. But all I’m talking about is the model. The model worked and the model is all that will ever work, which is why it was used. It was the only model that was going to set us free and it’s the only model that will set us free again.

    • Christianity in its entirety is harmful for white survival. It is an alien religion and a lie. It IS jewish subversion. It is worship of the jewish god, the “King of the Jews”, and the jewish people and history by default. The protestants didn’t go far enough.

      • Christianity evolved over centuries to be the Religion of Europeans. We have Catholicism to thank for that. There is nothing Jewish about it at all. It is the antithesis of jewishness. Christ rejected the jews time and time again, and Paul brought the Good Word to Europe. Catholicism is essentially Christ’s message reconciled with Greek (Aryan) thought by Thomad Aquinas.

        I and my brother are pure White, but my brother was born in Malaysia because our father worked there. By your thinking my brother is a Malaysian! Try to get your head around this for the sake of your eternal soul. It is very simple.

        The sign above Christ’s head at the crucifixion actually said “King of the Judeans”, not king of the jews. Judea is a political term of the Romans. A person was, of any race, a citizen of Judea if born there.

        The biblical translation of the term Judahite, Judean and Jew were all confused in the bible. The English word “Jew” never existed anywhere before, I think, the 17th century. So how could Christ have been a jew?

        Christ was a Hebrew Galilean of the tribe of Judah. A jew and a Hebrew are entirely different things. Even the modern day jews say so.


        • Jake writes:

          “Paul brought the Good Word to Europe.”

          I respond:

          St. Paul, the former Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus brought a bit more to Europe – brought the ethno centric Jewish Old Testament to Europe – stuff like the Book of Esther, Jews slaughtering Persians who opposed them on the Jewish holiday of Purim. Martin Luther noted that. Also large parts of Exodus where the Jewish tribal God Jehovah is bring down terrible plagues to kill most of the Egyptian Gentile children – to escape these terrible plagues we’re supposed to paint a sign on our roofs that a Jewish person lives under the roof so the Jewish tribal God Jehovah will know to “Passover” and not kill one of God’s Chosen People.

          I wonder if Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Zucker, Charles Schumer and the worst J Neo Conservatives (David Frum, Max Boot, Paul Wolfowitz, David Podhoretz, Jonah Goldberg) still do this.

          And how exactly is this “The Good Word” for White Europeans who were doing perfectly find with their own White Gods, living in harmony with nature?

          The Positive forms of Christianity reject the genocidal anti Gentile parts of the Old Testament and also reject the intrigues of St. Paul/Rabbi Saul of Tarsus.

          • Holy shit now you’re anti-Europe because it was “poisoned.” This is always where protestants end up. You always side with the jew because to not take that side is to realize the ineffectual nature of your spiritual paradigm and that’s not something you can do and still believe in it.

            Look, for all I know protestants may love God in their heart of hearts of hearts of hearts and be filled with love of God more than I will never know. But the objective truth of matter is that protestants have absolutely no ability to deal with the jewish question in the real world and it’s mostly because it doesn’t really interest them. It’s not at the heart, if you will, of their belief system.

            And because of that it is completely and utterly useless for the times we live in. The model is outdated and ineffectual. Nobody’s happiness or “relationship” with God should ever take precedence over the well-being of our people as a whole. It is all intertwined, one with other. Nobody gets to walk away with their book and just “be” while at the same time claiming some seat of spiritual authority for themselves.

            There is a time and place. It’s not here and it’s not now.

      • No, it’s not. It was an extremely well thought-out evolutionary strategy to set people free from a collapsing, deracinated empire that was completely controlled by jews.

        Their problem back then is exactly as it is today. The truth got so diluted the only way forward was to separate jews from gentiles so they could find solid ground. A rock, as it were. So the the lamb of God went through the streets and did it for them, and then they carried on from there.

        What are we trying to do right now? Separate jews from gentiles so we can carry on again.

        Protestants are incapable of separating jews from gentiles, as far as I can tell, because they can’t even define what is and what is not a protestant, let alone a gentile. It is something claiming a name for itself that has none of the salient features of the original idea.

  2. It is far easier to reform pre-existing Christian churches than it would be to drop all of it and replace it with paganism, or atheism. The white race will not survive without a religious sense for guidance.

  3. Jeff Daugherty on jootube has some great information about Paul/Saul and how they were the same person and how there is no such thing as Abrahamic religion, as its all taken from Vedic Cosmology in Dravidian culture.

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