Populism Has Been Around For Generations

Colin Liddell has written another stinging article on the alt-right.

As I have explained, I am on the road so this will be a very brief response. I can only type this out through my smartphone.

1.) Voted for Gore in 2000. I disliked George W. Bush before he was president.

2.) Discovered Pat Buchanan in 2001.

3.) Voted for Kerry in 2004 out of sheer hatred of George W. Bush over Iraq.

4.) Supported Ron Paul in the Republican primary in 2008 because of his America First foreign policy.

5.) Voted Constitution Party in 2008. Refused to support neocon John McCain over Obama.

6.) Supported Ron Paul again in 2012.

7.) Urged Northern readers to vote for Mitt Romney as a shit test in 2012. Voted for Constitution Party in 2012.

8.) Voted for Trump in 2016 in the primary and general election over the MAGA agenda.

9.) Voting for Yang in 2020 over UBI, student loans, health care, infrastructure, postal banking, democracy dollars and other good economic policies.

Now, if I had been older in the 1990s, I would have gladly voted for Pat Buchanan in 1992 and 1996 because I am simply a populist and nationalist voter. I would have voted for George Wallace in all his presidential campaigns and as governor of Alabama. My in-laws fell in love working on the Wallace campaigns. George Wallace himself was from where I am from in Alabama.

Alabama and the Deep South has a long history of being a hotbed of populism: Theodore “The Man” Bilbo of Mississippi, Huey “The Kingfish” Long of Louisiana, George Wallace of Alabama, Tom Watson of Georgia, etc. We organized this rally in support of the Tom Watson statue in 2013:

There have always been Southerners who have combined a sense of economic fairness with social conservatism and fiery rhetoric. This political orientation has been called different things at different times throughout history. The “alt-right” label is merely an ephemeral manifestation among Millennials of this enduring populist political tendency. This was especially true after the 1890s and during the first half of the 20th century when it was out in the open and not submerged underneath mainstream conservatism in the GOP as it has been since the Reagan days.

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  1. Most of the “nationalist” parties in Europe he mentions are garbage. While there are genuine ethno-nationalists in some of those parties, they are entryists, or parasites as he calls them. The only good nationalist party that has nationwide electoral success in Europe is Kotleba’s party in Slovakia. They don’t get much attention on the western alt-right, just like Belarus. Maybe some other ones in Eastern Europe I don’t know about. Jobbik seemed to be good, then they cucked. Same with Golden Dawn.

  2. Genghiz Yang is no more a populist than dRUmpF was.

    the only substantial dif between these 2 scam artists is:

    dRuMpF fooled enough idiots to get a major pty nom,

    and win the EC.

    while Genghiz Yang won’t even get a nom. Maybe

    HW can write him in tho. Such


      • I saw a comment elsehwere, where they said they think the Alt-RIght memesters (formerly INSISTENTLY Pro Trump, now INSISTENTLY Pro Yang) have ADHD. I saw someone else say YangGang is proof that Alt-RIght does not have its own project.

        It is true Alt-Right will always be reacting to the next news headline, and the next politician that rises up. This might be a form of entertainment if you are a news/political Junkie, but tailgaiting the establishment’s moves just makes it easy for them to control you.

        I am now assuming that most of the big memesters on Twitter are scamsters for hire. Politicians are paying the ones at the top to convince the ones further down their influence pyramid to Work For FREE. I don’t blame them for treating the entire political process cynically, because if by now you aren’t getting paid for every hour you work for Democrats or Republicans, you are indeed a *Slow Learner*.

        Getting paid up front is the only way we will ever get anything out of working for these people, so I am not going to work for Yang on the basis of promises he makes about a mythical $1000, and I will not work for Trump on the basis of promises he makes about mythical walls, or reducing immigration.

        Now if Democrats or Republicans want me to work for them they must PAY ME NOW! My rates are $30 dollars an hour. I’m a cheap whore.

        • @jaded frog

          Sure, but what is your solution? Most here understand that the political process will not ever work in our favor. I’ve voted third party, not voted at all, voted for Ron Paul, etc..

          Nothing in the political universe is achieved without money, and it’s the jews who have it.

          What do you want to do? Put some ideas on the table if you have any.

          I think it feels nice to eliminate at least one failed solution(republican cucks). But I don’t think anyone here sees a panacea.

          • “Sure, but what is your solution? ”

            Push the system to breaking point with memes that get Whites thinking about their survival. If they aren’t emotionally invested in their future, they aren’t going to get off the couch.

            “Nothing in the political universe is achieved without money, and it’s the jews who have it. ”

            BS excuses spun by people who don’t understand practical politics. The ones who know what they’re doing take political scalps, with no money, and effective meme warfare campaigns.

            BTW I saw an interesting development with that mass shooting in New Zealand. The Turkish President is actually showing the mass shooting video, as part of his election campaign to rile up his base. Yet in New Zealand if you show the video to anyone, you get 14 years jail!

            Jihad counter attack on New Zealand/Australia when? In before #NotAllMuslims

          • An example of scalp taking:

            The SPLC is being sued. Its long time leaders are jumping ship, Now a US Senator called for them to be invesigated for tax fraud!


            Someone with no money repeated that SPLC tax fraud meme over and over, and a politician finally got a clue and ran with it. If they get busted for tax fraud they are done. So who did that? Who? We’ll never know!

        • @jaded frog

          “BS excuses spun by people who don’t understand practical politics. The ones who know what they’re doing take political scalps, with no money, and effective meme warfare campaigns.”


          I think we are on the same team, so I will try not to insult.

          All republicans are labelled “white supremacists” so Cotton has a vested interest in attacking the Dem supporting SPLC. Cotton is totally pro Israel and will always seek to destroy white nationalism.

          I screamed and shouted about Trump’s jew Goldman Sachs cabinet, as the 2008 bank bailouts were my red pill. Banks=money. It’s 1+1 math. If someone like you would have listened to my logic about Trump, which was/is based on Wall St., rather than euphoria, the alt right wouldn’t have wasted so much time and energy supporting an ESTABLISHMENT figure like Trump.

          Only a rookie or jew wouldn’t see the connection.

      • How long have we been waiting for Civil War II/American Revolution II, HW? Since MLK and RFK were shot.

  3. Populism is just another -ism Hunter. There are thousands of -isms that have been around for generations. Some -isms have been around for thousands of years!

  4. You are my guy, Hunter!

    That’s almost exactly what I did. I had not heard of the Constitution Party until 2014.
    Looking at your choices, one can see that you were trying to follow the moral path.

    Why do we get punished for doing what is right?!

    • I’m all for supporting third party candidates. The problem is, most other people can’t be bothered to even look into the possibility. It will take exceptional circumstances to get anyone from a third party to be taken seriously, and practically a miracle to get them elected. The two-headed Uniparty monster jealously guards its territory. And like Cthulhu, the (((beast))) tends to swim left, no matter which empty suit is elected.

      • Third parties never have to take power to have an affect on policy. they just have to take a few percent away from the mainline parties, to hurt their chances of victory, since the margins for victory are so very close now. What the mainline parties do to win disaffected third party voters back, is to adopt or pretend to adopt the values of the third party.

        So if you vote for a mainline party your vote is a total waste. Not voting or voting third party, is the only way to make your voice heard.

      • @Rich L

        I agree about third parties, but I am not against endorsing them. I don’t think we have much to look forward to with political solutions.

        As of right now, I am still supporting Yang.

  5. Boy, this Colin Liddell is a H8r, isn’t he?

    Does he like even himself? I sincerely doubt it. OR is he merely a Leftist.

  6. Livin’ the Alt-Right dream!


    Andrew Yang
    ?Verified account @AndrewYang

    Officiated a family wedding this weekend – love you cousin may you laugh like this always ???”

    Tank Groyl Twig Right (Gesserit)
    ? @hhtwiggy
    4h4 hours ago
    Replying to @AndrewYang

    Great, a new generation of misplaced hapa kids. Hope they have a daughter so she can become a porn star or trophy wife rather than Elliot Rodger. Disgusting.
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  7. I’m a populist. I supported Ron Paul in ’08 right up until I saw he wasn’t going to win and then I voted for McCain. Every time I see Kagan and Sotomayor I know I had nothing to do with it. That makes me very happy.

    My protestant friends still echo the “voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil” mantra. But sacrificing your country for the sake of your purity is not populist. Sacrificing your people’s civilizational Church for the sake of your purity was not populist either.

    I just wonder when it will stop when the foundation of your spiritual framework is this impossibility of making the world match your perception of internal purity. It will never happen. You might get it for a week or a month but you’ll eventually just have to pull another Luther because the world will never match your expectations.

    I like Trump. I see him as the best we could do for the times we are in. I like him better than any previous president we have had. I even still think we can get to him. Pulling a Luther right now is not populist. Pulling a Luther is never populist. Pulling a Luther is nothing more than giving a giant middle finger to populism for eternity because at its heart is the presumption that if the populace isn’t 100% pure, it needs to be torn down and started afresh with new beliefs, new ways, new desires, new forms of worship. Change, change, change, change. All it takes is for the enemy to change just a little bit less and they win. And so they win, again and again and again.

    I’m also 100% wignat as I support all forms of generally right wing fascism. I have no problem with Stalhelms and black uniforms. If it’s generally in the direction I want to go, it gets my vote. That’s how I maintain my spiritual purity in the face of an imperfect world.

    Enjoy your Kagans and Sotomayors, “populists.”

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