Trump Threatens To Close Mexican Border

UPDATE: A day later, his GOP handlers have talked him out of it.

The president is having a tantrum:

The Twitter feed has become tiresome and grating and full of bluster. I wish he would just do it and calmly explain his reasoning from the Oval Office.

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    • What would signing an order to close the border do?

      Without a wall they cross illegally every day. If they are caught, Trump busses them all over the country and releases them into the community. Trump is a inept clown and they know it.

  1. Yeah, he’ll close it off to Europeans. Shit Hole inhabitants will continue to get first class treatment.

  2. “border…or large sections of border”

    like maybe 20 feet. The surest way to predict dRUmpF’s behavior:

    exact opposite of whatever he says;

    except re Israhell

  3. Trump has made countless threats and rarely, if ever, follows through.

    Trump has made countless promises and rarely follows through, unless they’re made to Israel.

    What will be the accomplishments on which he’ll campaign next year? Moving the embassy to Jerusalem and endorsing sovereignty by conquest there and in Golan? Letting tens of thousands of negro criminals out of jail?
    An increase in legal immigration and record levels of illegal immigration? Promoting more regime change assaults abroad? Staying in Syria to please Israel?

    A collossal disappointment and betrayal.

    • I saw two good comments on Twitter:

      Twitter Tump is not President Trump.

      I wish President Trump wasn’t a Never Trumper.

  4. zio-cuck drumpf hasn’t even used an executive order to end “anchor babies ” from becoming automatic American citizens. Something he could do with a f-ing pen.

    The demoncrats and RETARDicans know that he’ll cave on all his huffing and puffing.

    For a pathological narcissist, you’d think rabbi trump would like to hear the cheers of his dwindling base just once.

  5. Here in Florida where I live I for one no longer support Trump. I won’t be voting for him in 2020. It doesn’t matter if I no longer support Trump. That’s because felons can now vote in Florida. Florida felons will be voting in the 2020 presidential election and as per The Son-In-Law the majority of felons are registering as Republicans, as per Kushner.

    It’s hard to believe that the majority of felons are registering as Republicans, but that’s what Kushner says and he has more information available to him than I do. So it doesn’t matter if Trump loses his White supporters in Florida, he’s got Florida’s felons supporting him.The majority of felons are NOT White.

    I didn’t think Trump would succeed in winning all of his campaign pledges, because of all the opposition to his campaign platform. I voted for him because I thought he was a fighter and I thought he would fight hard to try to get his campaign promises fulfilled and realized. I thought he would at least fight for what he said he believed in and what he said he wanted. I thought he was a fighter. I thought he was tough. I was really fooled. He doesn’t fight, he just caves in all the time. He can twitter all he wants, he’s tough when he twitters, but his “tough” twittering doesn’t cover-up his constant capitulations and his caving-in all the time.

    Trump misrepresented himself during the presidential campaign, to put it mildly. He turned out to be some sort of controlled opposition candidate/president.

  6. The Third Reich went out with a roar, like a slain lion; The Jewnited States will die like some faggot with A.I.D.S.

  7. I conclude that pathological narcissism is his most prominent personality trait. That’s why he never stopped campaigning. He must really get off on all that approval from all those adoring sheeple.
    Democracy is the swamp and the scum floats on top.

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