Kevin McCarthy: It’s a Sad Day For Israel

We’re the Dems now … the real anti-Semites!

“Almost every House Democrat voted Thursday against an anti-BDS measure introduced by Republicans as an add-on to a resolution to end American support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

Democrats slammed Republicans for attempting to add the anti-BDS language, saying that the introduction of unrelated matters into an already-controversial resolution harmed the bipartisan pro-Israel consensus. The House eventually voted to eliminate the BDS language 228-194. Only five Democrats voted to keep it. …”

Lesser of two evils?

America’s problems? Sounds to me more like Israel’s problems there, buddy.


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  1. Democrats are the real anti-Semites but an overwhelming majority of Jews will vote Democrat.

  2. Israel Israel Israel Israel
    I’m so f*cking sick of hearing about those miserable bastards and being asked to bow to them and to send them money.

  3. So, we as white Americans get to choose between two political parties. One is servile to Israel, the other not quite so much. Both are hostile to continued white existence. Wow, what a choice!

  4. I have to agree, it is indeed a sad for the criminal state of Israel.

    Which makes it a very good day for the rest of us.

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