Tucker Carlson: Maybe Trump Doesn’t Want To Be Reelected

President Tucker Carlson, when?

I’m glad that I am not the only one who sees this.

Note: Tucker/Yang 2020?

All the people making the Yang memes would happily switch over to Tucker 2020. Give us a better alternative more in line with our social conservative values and … wow, wouldn’t that be one helluva ride? Just launch the Populist Party and go for it.

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  1. I imagine Tucker would at least have better sense in his staffing than blomf had. It would be wall to wall nationalists, populists, and faileocons. Probably some crypto-WNs.

    Funding would be the problem. He would need a lot of grassroots donors because “fuck the rich, fuck SJWs, and fuck immigrants” is kryptonite to big donors.

  2. I have no idea why racial nationalist love this shill, Fox employs him for a reason, and it’s not because he is an undercover white nationalist. Tucker will give you 90% of the truth but ultimately he is loyal to his Zionist paymasters. In fact I would say Tucker’s civic-nationalism is more at odds with white nationalism/separatism than SJWs. At least the SJW agree with us that race matters.

  3. All well and good but I am red pilled in the literal sense of the word as I see only red state secession-including red regions and red counties held hostage in blue states-and their reformation into a Heartland Republic as the ONLY alternative. Why do you think blue staters want to do away with the electoral college? That way majority non-white blue cities can determine the political future of the United States for all time. We have a much more just reason for pulling out than the south did because we fight for the preservation of our people-not for an economic system that erodes free white labor- and a far grater tyranny in the United States than our forefathers faced in the British Empire! Elections or presidents will not save us. Presidents come and go but the malevolent reign of the Deep States continues unabated.

    • It’s a nice dream, but how would you keep the “blue people” out of the red zones once the blue areas are total hellholes? The same old problem re-asserts itself….parasites want to move to the safer, cleaner, more productive white areas.

  4. I have suspected for a while that Drimp was only interested in serving one term just to prove he could do it. Then he would spend the rest of his golden years playing golf with his favorite fellow celebrities (Alice Cooper and Kid Rock?) while grooming Baron to eventually succeed him.

  5. Just a reminder that your favorite TV commentator, “gonzo” journalist, movie actor or recording artist wouldn’t necessarily make a good president. Ideally, it should be someone like Herbert Hoover, General Grant or Dick Nixon, a man who is capping off his long, distinguished political or military career. Flashy young celebrities and ruthlessly ambitious schemers need not apply.

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