Beta O’Dork Parody Account

This was a great article on Yang vs. Beto in charisma.

Note: Just scroll through @BetoFakeBlog’s Twitter timeline. My sides.

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  1. Boy is this is what Trump calls winning I sure hate to say what losing would look like. Raise Hell Coulter. You go girl!

  2. Perhaps the powers behind the scenes are trying to throw the election to the Republicans. The Democrats have frightful candidates. They have the numbers but are going for the jugular an election cycle too soon. I rejoice at the demise of the Republicans. They are worms. But the Dems are insane as well.

    All the democrats have to do to win is cut back on the anti-white hatred, support the working class of America, and at least to pretend to be against illegal immigration. How hard is that?

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