Every Democrat But Andrew Yang Is Courting Black Voters With Nonsense

This is hilarious to watch.

I sympathize with Andrew Yang who is trying to navigate this minefield of identity politics, tribalism, political correctness and racial resentment to win the Democratic nomination:

How do you go about telling them?

Bro, you’re not a slave anymore. You’re not a sharecropper. You’re not living under “white supremacy” either. None of this has anything to do with your poverty issue. Also, Kamala and Booker and BETO aren’t going to solve your problems. They don’t know shit about anything.

See, the way that chattel slavery worked is that the planter class invested their money in land and slaves, and when slavery was abolished in 1865 all these blacks ceased to be their property. These people who had previously been a capital investment legally became human beings. It would be the equivalent of abolishing the ownership of modern agricultural equipment and declaring that every tractor or mechanical cotton picker is legally a human being with natural rights.

The wealth went up in a puff of smoke.

In the United States, the planters held on to their land to some extent and blended with the merchant class. The majority of them went bankrupt. The White yeomanry lost its land. Blacks were “freed” from slavery and told by Yankees to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” under the happy new system of Free Society under which their value as free laborers plummeted without the old gang system on plantations that benefited from economies of scale. It is the reason why something like 1 out of every 5 former slaves DIED in the aftermath of abolition on the side of the road.

After 1865, everyone in the South took a massive haircut and plunged into poverty including our elites. The Southern economy didn’t recover to its 1865 level until the 1920s and the Great Depression lasted here from roughly 1865 until 1940 when FDR was president and we entered World War 2. It was federal military spending which revived the moribund Southern economy.

The people who are wealthy in the South today have generally made their money SINCE the abolition of slavery in the new free market industrialized economy. This idea that everyone held onto their land and that blacks are poor because they didn’t get their 40 acres and a mule in 1865 is laughable. The land has changed hands countless times. They’re poor BECAUSE, unlike East Asians, their intelligence, education and skills are so UTTERLY MISMATCHED with free market capitalism.

Look, blacks seized control of ALL THE LAND in Haiti after Jean-Jacques Dessalines exterminated the Whites there. Whites were banned from owning land in Haiti until President Wilson intervened in 1915 and occupied Haiti. In Haiti as in Dixie, the abolition of slavery was followed by the fragmentation of the land into these miserable, tiny plots which were worked by peons who exhausted the soil. Both Haiti and Dixie suffered from massive soil erosion and deforestation in the 20th century.

PC has made us stupid:

Suppose that blacks were ACTUALLY GRANTED reparations for slavery in some one time cash payment. The money would flow out of their hands as fast as the gold and silver of Mexico and Peru passed through the hands of the Spanish and into the pockets of the Dutch and the English who were superior capitalists. Yang can’t explain this to them because obviously the truth about their predicament is so highly taboo and incendiary. They have never been very talented in the art of government.

UBI is the only way that blacks WILL EVER eliminate the racial gap in income. The automation of the economy and AI will drive virtually everyone out of the workforce in the 21st century. Once that happens, we will no longer have a free market capitalist society and its antiquated system of wage slavery. Instead, we will have restored the dynamics of slave society by creating a new race of slaves – robotic workers – and we will simply redistribute the wealth to human beings in much the same way that the profits of slavery were redistributed from black workers to their White masters, or shall we say, managers.

The future belongs to technocratic managers.

This story will have a happy ending for the blacks though. They don’t really care so much about slavery as their current predicament. The whole “reparations for slavery” issue is simply resentment over what happened in the modern world. The post-modern world of artificial intelligence and an automated workforce will create enough wealth and expertise to solve these lingering issues.

Note: I’m telling you they are incapable of self-government! Just sift through our vast archives on what went wrong with Free Society in the Caribbean.

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  1. American blacks have it so much better than any other black population in the world, and they don’t even understand why. The Haitians killed all of their oppressors. Shouldn’t they have a veritable Wakanda by now?

  2. Anything that raises the temperature in the political debate works in our favor.

    Out biggest problem is the apathy and disinterest of our own tribe. The more chipouts the better.

  3. Put it this way. Far simpler: I’d rather meet Andrew Yang in a dark alley, than that turtlenecked big-lipped animal that was ‘interviewing’ him. I’d rather vote for ANY OTHER ETHNICITY next time around, than another Obongo. Now, if he happens to be educated, literate, intelligent, and has a plan to fix this nation….. well, then.

  4. A surging Third World population of unskilled illiterates, coupled with the elimination of countless millions of jobs due to technological progress…..

    Chairman Yang will have to implement a new Great Leap Forward. And it won’t be pleasant.

  5. “The automation of the economy and AI will drive virtually everyone out of the workforce in the 21st century. ”

    As I’ve pointed out here, recently, the oligarchs and the Left will never allow the 21st Century to happen in the former United States. Not politically, not technologically, not economically, not ever, as long as they can stop, or defer it until some unspecfied date that will never arrive.a

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