Re: My Letter To “Hate Groups” Everywhere

Dear Mr. Singh,

“I write this with the basic premise that people are good. Nevertheless, there are those who choose to act in ways that are not only beyond reason and decency, they are unthinkable. …”

I never chose to become a “hate group.”

The SPLC has labeled this blog as a “hate group” on their website. The “hate group” consists of me sitting here on my laptop writing on this blog, offering takes on politics and history, and laughing at these people and the scam they are running across town in Montgomery.

What have these people ever done to solve Southern poverty? Nothing, as far as I can tell, they are just cashing in on gullible people like you like the other casinos and bingo halls in the Alabama Black Belt. Everyone in this area would be immensely better off if the SPLC was turned into an ATM and the residents of Central Alabama were allowed to withdraw exactly $1,000 a month from Morris Dees’s piggy bank. The partying would last for years when that money is finally put to better use.

“After the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing over 150,000 instantly, Robert Oppenheimer stated to President Truman: “Mr. President I feel I have blood on my hands.” He was taking moral responsibility for the consequences of his creation. Oppenheimer was a man of conscience, an example of human decency and integrity.”

That’s horrific.

Around 2008, I became interested in a movement known as the Alternative Right. I’m a populist voter who believes in social conservatism and economic fairness. I was also disgusted and alienated from the “conservative movement” by its celebration of the Iraq War. I couldn’t in good conscience vote for a neocon like John McCain who shed the blood of millions in the Middle East.

You’ve probably heard of the “alt-right,” but you have been misinformed about it by the mainstream media. We strongly believe in international peace and prosperity. In this country, no one is more opposed to stupid destructive regime change wars like the ones in Syria or Libya or the one that John Bolton is currently trying to incite in Venezuela right now than people like us.

I don’t want to live through World War III. It is the people in power in Washington, not “hate groups,” who see themselves as embroiled in a renewed Cold War with Russia and China which makes no sense at all to people like us. We didn’t believe any of the mainstream media’s nonsense about how Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump because of a vast Russian conspiracy.

We voted for Donald Trump because he promised to invest in our country and end those destructive conflicts. We came of age during Iraq and that left quite an impression on us.

“Hitler’s hands were drenched in the blood of six million Jews. The Holocaust was the result of his internalized hatred of Jews and his anti-Semitic national policies. Hitler died at the end of the war, an unrepentant mass murderer.”

I would say it is a bit more complicated.

There is a book called The Jewish Century written by a smart person named Yuri Slezkine. When future historians write about the 20th century and its tragedies, a central part of their narrative will be about how people of Jewish ancestry suddenly became immensely wealthy, powerful and influential in both Russia and the nations of the West. Suddenly, Jews had become a market dominant minority.

We both know how it ended in Germany and Europe in 1945. I won’t dwell on the point other than to observe that the same forces which gave rise to Hitler with Jews becoming a market dominant minority and culturally antagonizing the White population over the Holocaust in a neverending culture war that has consumed all of our lives explains much about American politics.

Now, I am a both a good Lutheran and a good Southerner, not a Nazi. We Southerners and Lutherans have a stormy temperament. We’re not accustomed to holding our tongues. Personally, I would rather have another Reformation than another Holocaust. How about you?

“The slaughter of two million people during the India-Pakistan partition, and of nearly a million in the ethnic slaughter in Rwanda, shows mass hatred can engulf people like a highly infectious disease.”

Well, I fully agree with you there.

It was a terrible tragedy. I’ve written at length about the absurdity of post-colonial sub-Saharan Africa from Zamunda to Wakanda. Sub-Saharan Africa was one of the more peaceful parts of the world in the early 20th century. It was making rapid economic progress. Europe and Asia were devastated by war. You know the story of what happened in Idi Amin’s Uganda with the Asian minority, right?

“Like a mutation, mass hatred has returned in a deadly form. Blood is being spilled in God’s house, places of worships — churches, synagogues, mosques — and innocent men, women and children are being killed by individuals driven by hatred and violent extremism peddled by hate groups all over the world.”

I have a different perspective.

I think Andrew Yang is right and the SPLC is wrong. This bloodshed is being caused by a combination of political correctness, multiculturalism and mass immigration. Specifically, it is a product of the “accelerationist” way of thinking, which is to say, White Nationalists who have come to believe that they are so socially and economically marginalized in their societies and have so little hope of reforming their cultures that their only way out is Pittsburgh and New Zealand.

Now, do I want that to happen? Obviously, I don’t want that to happen because there is no inherent contradiction at all between being a White Southerner, a Christian and a human being. When people like me are told they are UNIQUELY supposed to hate and revile their own European ancestors and be disinterested in the welfare of their descendants, it ANGERS them.

Here’s a better solution: let’s just get rid of political correctness and the toxicity it has unleashed in our culture, return to the moral values of Antiquity, Christianity and the Enlightenment and talk like reasonable men are supposed to about our differences.

“Hate will kill us all. Let me give you an example of how hate is being fanned.”

It’s a vicious cycle of hate and the root cause of it is political correctness and mass immigration. I’m not a hateful person. I’m a Happy Warrior. I’m a kind, reasonable person, not a violent extremist. I don’t want to kill anyone and would much rather our political establishment listen to these people and solve the problem and make it go away, but obviously it has no interest in doing so for a variety of reasons. For one, organizations like the SPLC and the ADL are profiting off the violence.

Doubling down on political correctness and censorship is about the worst possible idea imaginable. It is like throwing gasoline on a raging fire until it becomes a bonfire. It would be much easier just to talk to these people and try to understand where they are coming from.

Prohibition was a failed progressive experiment. Political correctness is an even more colossal mistake. If the “progressives” keep this up, Blompf is going to be reelected in 2020!

HINT: These three things are strongly connected:

“A friend of mine brought to my attention an alt-right ad with a bunch of provocative questions to enlist new members. As I read through it I said to myself ‘hmm’ and nodded in agreement with some of the points they raise but not in ways you might think. Here are my answers.”

I haven’t seen this ad.

It is probable, however, that I understand the mindset of whoever created it better than you do.

“Your ad is addressed to ‘white persons’. I am not a white person by race but in my country of birth I would be considered a ‘white person’ by the colour of my skin as well as by being a member of the upper caste with its perks and privileges.”

YES, now we are getting somewhere.

In British colonial societies like the American South, we had a similar racial caste system. Race has traditionally been closely tied to our historical sense of ethnic and cultural identity. Can you just realistically do away with those traditions and endlessly guilt trip and browbeat all the people whose ancestors believed in them? Can you do that without generating resentment?

“No, I am not ‘tired of political correctness.’ Freedom of speech is a laudable goal but it presumes equality of opportunity for all participants. Political correctness is not the permanent solution but it promotes laudable goals for groups that are marginalized on the basis of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

Of course not.

You’re not a European. Thus, you can’t understand why people of European ancestry who are uniquely taught that they can’t have a positive sense of racial, cultural and ethnic identity … because, reasons which no longer even exist … grow resentful over living under a false morality which was concocted in the 20th century and spread through television. You’re right that it isn’t a permanent solution.

Political correctness is going to go one way or the other. It can go peacefully through some kind of cultural reformation that detoxifies these issues, OR, it can go violently like we saw in New Zealand. I’m just saying this because I can look at the trends and see the writing on the wall. The easiest way to stop more New Zealands would be to put us in charge of the SPLC.

“No, diversity and multiculturalism are not ‘limited to only white countries.’ India has been effectively multicultural for millennia and people of different faiths and colour lived together.”

I think you are confusing some issues here.

The reason that political correctness and multiculturalism are so resented is because of what we call THE STANDARD. Let me explain THE STANDARD: everything that is European is BAD, and everything that is non-European is GOOD and is worthy of public celebration.

Now, I don’t even dislike India. There are many “White Nationalists” who are very interested in Asian cultures. I don’t see any reason why we can’t peacefully coexist on this planet. I’ve recently been doing a low-carb Keto diet and this smart person in India has lots of great recipes:

Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

“Multiculturalism is the wave of the future.”

IF there were room in our culture for White people to have a positive sense of European identity and to take pride in their own heritage and culture, and to be social conservatives and argue on the basis of their own interests like other groups, THEN perhaps you would be right. As things stand today, however, the whole issue has been made toxic by THE STANDARD.

Once again, if we could only stop our Jewish elites from relitigating World War 2 with Middle America and the rest of Europe, it would solve so many of our problems. It would be Okay To Be White. It would be Okay To Be Southern. It would be Okay To Be Chinese.

I’ve got a lot of hope for Andrew Yang because he is Taiwanese and likely remembers the ordeal that China went through under Mao’s Cultural Revolution before the Chinese realized how retarded that whole episode of their history had been and decided to go get rich.

“You are wrong: diversity does not mean ‘less white people.’ Diversity is natural and accepting diversity means creating room for immigrants, much like your grandparents and great-grandparents, regardless of their creed, colour or ethnicity.”

Do you see how a White person might call bullshit on this? I’m told that I am supposed to celebrate transsexuals in my culture, but my own heritage is shameful.

Now, as a populist with social conservative and authoritarian tendencies, how do I respond to this? Well, I responded to it by voting for Donald Trump, which I now believe was a mistake. How on earth is it that innocuous phrases like “It’s Okay to Be White” or “All Lives Matter” have become toxic? Do the lives of White people in Europe and America have any value at all under political correctness?

“No, white people are not ‘being blamed for all the world’s problems.’ But it would be absurd to deny that nations have exploited nations on the basis of race, religion and ethnicity.”

Have you read The New York Times lately? I can assure you this is how it comes across. In fact, they recently hired a woman who hates White people named Sarah Jeong and refused to see why people like us are so tired of being lectured about “racism” by hypocrites.

I could write volumes about how nations have exploited other nations throughout history. We don’t live in the past, Mr. Sigh. We live in the present. It doesn’t matter where we have been. All that matters for our generation as well as our children is where we are going. I would argue that the place where we are headed now isn’t going to be good for anyone.

“Nobody can say ‘you’re racist for celebrating your heritage.’ But I will say you are racist if you do not allow others to celebrate theirs.”

I went to Charlottesville in August 2017 because some people there wanted to tear down statues of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. When I was growing up, I was taught these men were two of the South’s greatest heroes. Now, I am just labeled a “racist” and an “extremist” for believing those statues should be left alone like the majority of Virginia voters!

I don’t care if you celebrate your heritage. As a social conservative, I wish people were more in tune with their ethnic and cultural roots like they are in Asia and weren’t so deracinated like they are under late capitalism in the United States and other European countries.

“Yes, I am disgusted by the ‘garbage’ on television as well as on — you forgot — social media. Abuse of social media is fanning hate and I am told there are over 100 hate groups in Canada alone.”

It’s true there is a lot of hate on social media.

Do you want it to go away? If you simply dump political correctness, much of that toxicity will be drained out of our culture. Unfortunately, we have lots of unreasonable people in our elites who are aligned with the Far Left who believe in standing like Custer at Little Big Horn over the issue. They’re holding millions of people back from moving on with our lives.

“Unlike you, I do see a future for myself and my family. But I would be lying if I did not say that I am really worried about climate change, about the rising hate and violent extremism, and the spreading of anti-immigrant fear.”

Do you see how rapidly changing demographics in Europe and North America and other traditionally White countries MIGHT BE CAUSING the rising hate and violent extremism especially when it is coupled with political correctness? There is another book called Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities by another smart person named Eric Kaufmann who will spell it all out for you and which arrives at the same solution which is to dismantle political correctness.

“To answer ‘When will immigration stop?’: it will stop when powerful countries stop manufacturing phoney wars and forced migration. It will stop when people are allowed to develop their own means of subsistence and do not rely on handouts.”


BELIEVE ME, we have learned our lesson from the 20th century. The last thing we want is more wars. We also think Yang needs to get in there in 2020 and explain to the Democrats that the robots are taking over and all their stupid nonsense is unnecessary and counterproductive.

“So as you can see we have some common ground. The difference is that while we both are angry about what’s going on in the world, you have chosen to spread hate and violence and I have chosen to channel my anger in constructive ways.”

I’m not a hateful person, sir. I also dislike war and violence.

It’s true that I believe in the existence of racial differences. Virtually every educated person in the world knows the truth about race and how the cat is going to have to be let out of the bag at some point. Some people like myself just have no time for political correctness. No good serious Lutheran has any time for that nonsense. We’re supposed to stand up for what we believe.

Anyway, I just saw this on the internet and thought I would write back. Someone other than our friend Andrew Anglin who comes across as a bit extreme has to do so!

Your most humble and obedient servant,*

Hunter Wallace

*I’ve always loved that Old South anachronism.

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  1. There is absolutely nothing on earth involving people in which we could refuse to participate in the name of maintaining good conscience.

    If Obama had a 100% chance of enabling constitutional gay marriage and a 40% chance of killing people in the Middle East and McCain had a 99% chance of enabling gay marriage and a 100% chance of killing people in the Middle East it would still be one’s obligation to take that 1% chance of saving your people’s cultural integrity even if it means the death of others.

    Firstly because the death that will result if we ever try and burn this extra dose of poz out of our society will be nothing compared to what McCain would have been allowed to get away with in the Middle East. Secondly because that fundamental destruction of our culture makes it even more difficult to get a handle on our government meaning more destruction will take place at home and abroad, and we have even less ability to flex as a people and get a border. Lastly because the people you saved by not voting for McCain weren’t your people, can’t build your culture, and don’t (and shouldn’t) put your cultural destiny above their own.

    Luther had no right to put his civilization’s integrity at stake in the name of his own conscience and neither does anyone else, if they want their civilization to survive. Because if you do, why can’t Trump? Why can’t Morris Dees? Why can’t Joe Biden? Why can’t Chris Hayes? Why can’t John Hagee? Why can’t George Bush? Why can’t Bill Clinton? Who is to judge? If our bottom line is a clean conscience what argument can’t be made?

    There is either objective right and wrong, which can be codified and by which we must measure our decisions, and which we have every duty to seek out and further in whichever way we can and through which we will be judged according to what is best for our own people as God has revealed in the word, reality and through historical precedent, and from which we have no option of turning, or it’s a free for all in which we all decide on our own.

    Where is this progressive ecumenism really going to leave us? Where has it always left us?

  2. poor HW…he is so lost

    in reformist Lotus-Land that

    he may never find his way out. As

    Western Civilizationist Whites, we

    currently live in an economic, cultural, and political Hell

    inflicted on us by Satanic Jews and their hirelings. These

    creatures cannot be reasoned with, and you cannot reform Hell.

    It and they must be destroyed.

    • I look forward to your committing acts of direct action that will bring on the race war, Haxo. Stay strong, keyboard warrior!

      Endless bitching and sarcasm never solves any problems. Do you want a White ethnostate? Tell us how we get there. There’s a political, cultural, and economic process required to make it happen; outline some ideas. HW does that. Can you do the same?

    • @Hunter Wallace, Haxo Angmark, Rich L:

      I don’t think Whites trying to foment CWII is necessary. In fact, it is counterproductive. Taking it to the streets and rumbling with Antifa on behalf of Trump combined with Charlottesville only forced the Trump Administration to actively prosecute the most ardent of his own supporters and gave SJWs who control the internet the excuse to shut down and censor sites. Whether we like or not, we are ALL plugged into a system which is hostile to White Nationalism.

      The problems of a White ethnostate within the greater United States is that, unless is is some miserable backwater hellhole with horrible living conditions where Whites are practically starving to death, we will have Non-Whites agitating to move in. Because Non-Whites as well as we know that it isn’t going to be some Bantustan or Pre-Casino Indian Reservation.

      I don’t want to get into any Theological Debates with CI adherents here, BUT:

      There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever why Whites can’t take a page or two or three or four from the Jews’ playbook and create and maintain their own state within a state. The “Nation of Israel” never had to live in Israel Proper to be the “Nation of Israel.” We saw that in Egypt, in Persia, in Babylon, and in Rome. They managed to do this in the face of “persecution” from Islam and pre-housebroken Christianity.

      I know that many of us have to work and can’t afford private school. We don’t have to completely entrust the education of our children to the Marxist public school system anymore than the Jews entrusted the education of their children to a public school system that used to be controlled by WASPS.

      They supplemented WASP teaching with their own private education in their synagogues and fortified it with their own social networks where they only helped each other and worked as a collective. Until they could remake the education system to their own liking.

      The Asians who got here not knowing English, but were too poor to put their kids in private school found ways to supplement their children’s education with tutoring and prep tests. While you see grants and scholarships set aside especially for Blacks, Latinos and Jews, you don’t see that many for Asians.
      Indeed, one dark-skinned Indian pretended to be a Black to get a scholarship. His sister is a well-known comedian. Asians are constituting a huge threat to Jews in the University or why do they get penalized on SAT tests? Because they are acing them and filling seats that would ordinarily go to Jews.

      I imagine that Asians, for the most part, are keeping their children’s pride in their heritage alive and they, too, network with other Asians. I have been around a number of East Asians. They have a network and they look at helping other Asians first. That’s the way one poorer Asian got his dream car, because he had a network and got one at the right price from a richer Asian who actively sought out and sold it to another Asian rather than any buyer.

      Indians, too, hustle their behinds off. If they find out about a job opening, they make sure to get an Indian in there. They beat the bushes to bring business to their friends and relatives.

      Whites simply don’t do that. Centuries of living in racially homogenous societies have made them habitually hostile to and competitive with other Whites. They are too stupid to realize that the real competition is with Non-Whites and they better hang together or they will hang separately. We are divided, so it is easy to rule us. Even now, the only diversity the British gripe about is the Poles, not any Non-White, Non-Christians. Even now, Whites are engaged in regional battles that should have been resolved, for better or worse, by the War Between The States and Catholics still battle Protestants over Who Let The Jews Out.

      We can raise our children to take pride in their family heritage and culture without marching in White Nationalist rallies. We can raise them to actively seek out Whites and avoid Non-Whites as spouses. We can fill our homes with literature, coffee table books and movies that fill them with racial pride. We can provide oversight and look at what they are being taught. We can supplement their schooling with materials that will make them competitive. We can engage in our OWN “Culture of Critique” and when a “young skull full of mush” blurts out some stupid indoctrination, we can effectively enlighten him or her with some arguments that encourage him or her to think more critically and independently yet act discreetly to preserve and enhance his or her own position. We can establish our own social networks. We can unofficially help and advantage other White people.

      What, you may ask, can we do about Proud Globalist White Race Traitors and other Disingenuous “White Liberals?” We punish them. Much as some of us would like to violently force-feed them their just desserts, this panoptic society we dwell in makes that impossible. Moreover, we don’t even have to get our hands dirty cutting their throats, we can let their little Rainbow Pets be our surrogates.

      All we have to do is sit on our hands and watch them lose control of the Diversity they are foisting on the country. Indeed, I highly recommend helping Non-Whites primary White liberals as a personal point of honor. If WE can be replaced, so can they and better them first than us! Please review this funny, interesting article that Hunter linked:

      Ilhan Omar defeated and replaced that “old Jewish woman,” Phyllis Lorberblatt Kahn who was instrumental in replacing the White Christian constituents she obviously loathed with Somalis. They thanked her by voting in one of their own the moment they reached sufficient numbers. They may be backwards, but they are no fools. They see Jews as White but the most privileged of Whites. Why would they trust Disingenuous White Liberals with their own welfare after witnessing what they did to their former constituents.

      Omar is not the exception to the Multiculturalist Diversity Experiment where Disingenous White Liberals are going to hold court and keep power by controlling the levers of the largesse they milk from Whites to give to Non-Whites. She’s the rule. They have ALL seen White politicians stab White people in the back repeatedly. They are NOT going to trust them for long. They will keep them in power only long enough to replace them.

      Non-Whites may be somewhat backward, but they are not stupid. What they lack in IQ they more than make up for with street smarts. Mexicans will vote in Mexicans, Hindus will vote in Hindus. Somalis will vote in Somalis and Blacks will vote in Blacks. So WE don’t have to do a damned thing, but sit on our hands and allow Non Whites to do what WE can’t; punish those who betrayed us by throwing them out of power. They can and will be taken out without a shot.

      Of course, that won’t dim the Will to Power where White politicians are concerned. Once even the most draconian Proud White Globalist Race Traitors like Eric “Nuke’em” Swallwell finds himself on the outside of the Democrat Party, looking in, with his squat nose pressed to the Glass of Power, they will figure out what time it is. Indeed, it behooves Whites to replace THAT piece of shit with a Non-White.

      Juri is absolutely positively correct when he says that we need to focus on getting rid of White Liberals . The terrible excesses of Political Correctness that we are seeing today was launched in a largely homogenous White country by White liberals who voted in The Civil Rights Act in 1964, The Voting Rights Act of 1965, and The Immigration Act of 1965 before the oldest Baby Boomer could even legally vote. And need I remind you that it was Ronald Reagan who signed the Simpson-Mazzoli Amnesty Act of 1986. Not MY Boomer Generation but that of my parents.

      The best way to get rid of White Liberals non-violently is to let them reap the consequences of bringing in all these Non-Whites. Yeah, these Non-Whites are all hostile enough to Whites to act collectively against us even if it hurts them in the long run. Just like the Asians have voted with Blacks and Latinos when Affirmative Action hurts them at the Universities and select schools every bit if not more than it hurts us? Why not exploit their Anti-White hostility to rid us of OUR White enemies, the Disingenuous White Liberals who brought them in to their own districts?!

      The Rainbow Coalition is much more fragile than anyone would believe. If you think about, it White Nationalism is what unifies them. Once they control their precincts and go to Congress, they will be at each other’s throats! They will be too busy vying for each other for the scraps of the Old Order to bother much with people who the Old Order they perceive as already successfully dispossessed.

      All we need to do is kick back, have a couple of cold brews and some hot, buttered popcorn to watch the multi-cultural fireworks while we work on networking and acquiring skill-sets, financial savvy, etc. Butt-hurt White politicians with their own Will to Power who have been shut out will HAVE to join us … eventually. And it will be sooner than you think if you are successful at overcoming the temptation to engage in fruitless marches and meme wars.

      • This was very thoughtful, and I appreciate your ideas. I share a lot of them. In other OD posts, I’ve commented about developing alternative networks within our diseased multicultural society, as well. That takes not only cooperation, but being close enough to each other to maintain support and not feel isolated. How are we going to do that? We’ll need income streams coming in from somewhere. UBI is often mentioned here as a possibility, but failing that, I wonder if a reciprocal network of small home-based businesses would work. The products needed to get by in an alternative healthy system (homeschooling, gardening, etc.) within the overall dysfunctional system could be sold by different designated people, to keep the capital flowing. Soon, we won’t be able to look to corporations for steady employment at decent wages. Many people are already in that situation. We’re going to have to look to ourselves to solve our problems in the long term, I think.

  3. Mr. no-nothing Singh. There was no holocaust. This is just another reason to hate jews, so therefore, Hitler was not a mass murderer. It’s a jew lie and you’re obviously too stupid to look into it. Jew lies are not about religion. The jews have maligned an entire race of people with macabre tales they know are false. Jews are a race of parasitic haters. All you have to do is investigate on your own to know the truth, but the truth does not interest you or anyone in the criminal US government.

    The lack of equal opportunity for anyone was never the intention, or fault of Whites. NO OTHER RACE (BUT WHITES) HAS BENT OVER FURTHER BACKWARDS (forwards, more like it) to assure that all non-white races receive more than a “fair shake” in being a part of American life, even to the detriment and social well-being of “our own kind” (Whites). So, what are you talking about you fucking dot-head?

    Freedom of speech is a laudable “goal”? This isn’t fucking India. Freedom of speech in America is the law of the land. Ever hear of the First Amendment to the US Constitution? And you and your fellow crooks do nothing to enforce that law. You preach to us, call us haters, and yet you have no clue about anything! It isn’t brown people like you who are being discriminated against. There is no affirmative action for Whites. There are no organizations to fight for White interests, now is there, mr. dot-head? We cannot air our grievances while every nigger, spic, and jew whines incessantly on jewsmedia. What the fuck are you blabbering about?

    Yeah, we look at multicultural India, and we see the third world shitting in their streets, no different now than 100 years ago, and now with the third world coming to America, we see the same scum shitting on our streets. Multiculturalism never worked anywhere, but I’m pretty sure anything could be an improvement in India. America didn’t need “improvement”. Go back you empowered brown piece of shit. How dare you preach to us?

  4. Hunter, taken at face value, I agree completely with the overarching point that holding whites to be uniquely evil, subjecting whites to the idiocy of mass immigration and mass diversity, lying about racial reality, denying whites the right to a positive racial identity, and ordering whites to submit to racial extinction on the pain of loss of employment and standing in society is all extraordinarily unfair.



    It’s extremely disingenuous – and obviously so – to attempt to disregard the decades-long (date its inception when you will) history of white nationalism, which has been anything but congenial and conciliatory towards other races.

    If you’re now willing to extend an olive branch to other races (driven by desperation rather than sincere principles is the obvious guess), that’s all well and good. But you will fool virtually no intelligent political observer by pretending that white nationalism has not sought the immediate or eventual removal of non-whites from white-controlled territory.

    If removal is the goal, then from a non-white perspective, what in the world could there be to negotiate about? Which non-white in his right mind would consider cooperating with white nationalists? To do so would be to spell his doom.

    If the political objective has now transitioned from removal and hostility towards white racial identity and preservation within a multiracial context, then it’s my belief the cause would gain far more credibility and sympathy by acknowledging white nationalism’s historical antagonism towards non-whites rather downplaying it or effectively denying it.

    Seriously, who do you imagine you’re fooling?

    • Hasn’t white nationalism been a reaction against anti-white racism, for the most part? Most other races tend to gather into mainly homogenous groups, whether into neighborhoods or voting blocs. You seem to ignore that, as well as the hostility shown towards whites by other racial groups. I agree that “identity and preservation within a multiracial context” is preferable to bloody civil war. But to not acknowledge the fact that whites have been attacked on multiple levels, and that anger is going to be a natural consequence of those attacks, is to engage in the same anti-white rhetoric that brought about the anger in the first place.

    • @Silver:

      Where White opposition to Non-White immigration hasn’t been effectively muzzled by any White being punished with unemployment and social ostracism it has been violently suppressed, i.e. The Charlottesville Social Justice Farce.

      If The Magic Soil Theory was viable, any White Opposition to Multiculturalism could easily be disproved by well-mannered, well-behaved Neighbors of Color NOT urinating, defecating and trashing our streets, NOT assaulting Young White Men and NOT raping White women and little White children. We would have one big Rainbow Multicultural Version of the Eisenhower Era just with all these diverse shops and restaurants, but still not have to lock up our vehicles and bar our windows and be afraid to leave our homes.

      White people create the White societies whose amenities to which Non-White people wish to immigrate. Once White people are gone, Non-White people will be urinating and defecating and frolicking in the trash while surrounded by White-constructed buildings gone to rack and ruin. It’s happening now before our eyes: Gary, Camden, Detroit, etc. ad nausea, ad infinitium.

      Again, disingenuous People of Color need to ask themselves how they benefit US not how we benefit THEM. Because they have demonstrated ad infinitum that WE DON’T NEED THEM, THEY NEED US.

      There is no benefit to the average White of having Non-Whites around. Of course, we want them to go back to where they came from. They’d feel the same way if our positions were reversed. Of course, we want them to go back to where they came from.

  5. This essay is in the vein of the honorable, respectful, peaceful campaign for Partition.

    We tried “evil be my good” for 3 years and lost; now let’s just be good and win.

    I think we are getting there.

    PS no robots

  6. .
    I think some white nationalists could be friendly toward non-anglos but are we going to reciprocate? Whites have been groveling to blacks for decades and blacks still hate whites at a fever pitch and commit lots of crime against whites. Nothing placates them for long.

    My observation and experience is that latins do not have the same antagonism toward anglos as some others. Yet, I cannot think of very many Mexican latins who like you.

    It is obvious that the other races have declared war against whites in America. And it does not matter if you are a white nationalist or a white liberal.

    What really shocks me is that even now the vast majority of whites do not realize how hated you are. I tried to tell one anglo girl friend but her blank expression cut me short.

    If merely being conciliatory toward non whites would work then it would already have succeeded since that has been the official policy for a long time.

    Christina Romans

    • I agree with you Christina. I mind my own business and would rather live my life peacefully. However, I understand completely that whites are mostly hated by non-whites, and that the future will bring nothing but oppression, at best, if things continue to go as they are going. Of course I have a problem with a bunch of immigrants (like Mr. Singh) that nobody asked for, coming to my country, demonizing me, telling me how things work, and will work, and all the while planning my demise. Mr. Singh and everyone like him can go to hell.

  7. “I OPPOSE THE WARS TOO!” – he is dissembling throughout the entire piece, but this was the part where my bullshit detector gave up the ghost.. The bankers wars, bad as they are for America, are not the reason people not from those warzones are coming here. We aren’t being flooded by Iraqis. No forced migrations are taking place. People are coming here for free shit, including him.

  8. Another Maharishi who’s full of hot air. Why are you attempting to dialogue with that street-shitter, HW? He’s just an Establishment mouthpiece and a greasy, low IQ Dravidian incapable of having an original thought.

      • These anti-Whites are only reading our websites in order to find more ways to attack us, like this evidently pro-White ad Singh mentions, but does not address what it says specifically, even to say he agrees but in ways we wouldn’t know. What? Yeah, we know, Singh sees it in some anti-White, jew programmed, context. Obviously, the ad was aimed at Whites. Mr. Singh. Like the jews you serve, YOU AIN’T WHITE!

        No one is even permitted to discuss White grievances in the jewsmedia or even acknowledge they exist. Whites are demonized repeatedly, period. Nothing else. We may not debate the decades of anti-White hatred that has created White push back. But why not? After all, it is not Whites who are invading nonwhite countries and demanding our needs be met and our ‘feelings’ not to be hurt, as we malign and murder the majority group.

  9. I don’t care if Mr. Singh agrees or disagrees with us much less to what degrees he agrees or disagrees with us. The vast majority of Hindus I have met have been nice people. I used to find their accents charming when they were rare to my ears. Even today, the sight of Indians does not fill me with visceral hatred. It’s nothing personal

    However, aside from interesting cuisine, if you like Indian food, which I don’t, there is absolutely no material benefit to White people to having Indians around.

    We had White European American engineers and computer programmers and doctors taking care of our computers and other issues just fine before Corporate Assholes of America, Inc. decided to replace them with cheap Indian scab labor. We have college STEM graduates who are reduced to Starbucks Baristas while they try to angle for and/or juggle unpaid internships at places where they forlornly hope to get hired because Mr. Singh has been imported to the United States Workforce courtesy of Corporate Assholes of America Inc.

    Who were our roofers and gardeners and nannies and maids and construction workers before Corporate Assholes of America Inc. decided we couldn’t or, better yet, shouldn’t live without a mucho cheaper Mexican? Three guesses and the first two don’t count. But if you go to lily White areas in New England you will see that they are all White.

    Now, if having Asian engineers and Latin American construction is so damned beneficial because they cost so much less, why is the host of The Root pissing and moaning about Flint, Michigan? The Asian geniuses we are importing should have already solved that problem and Latino Construction should have finished the new infrastructure by now UNDER BUDGET. It was highly unusual for people to urinate and defecate and dump trash all over our streets before diversity enrichment.

    I am not inclined to listen to lectures from Indian Scab Labor who is too fucking stupid, arrogant and full of himself to recognize himself as Scab Labor when he and his ilk come from a country where they haven’t even mastered the art of indoor plumbing and rotting animal and human corpses clog their drinking water. You want to enrich me, Mr. Singh? Go back to India and make the conditions so great there that people want to live there not here. Otherwise sit down and shut up.

  10. Wait, wait… hold up there.

    Since when has India been an example of a multicultural society free of racism? Isn’t their entire way of life based on the idea that the browner the Indian is, the lower the caste they are?

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