MIGA: President Trump Addresses Republican Jewish Coalition

First, a special message from Yang 2020:

Guys, just look at this MIGA shit show:

Nothing about the poison of anti-White hatred?

It never hurts to suck up to the boss, Charlie.

The Boss:

Have you ever seen a better image of what is wrong with the GOP?

Sheldon Adelson, who is so old now and ate up by cancer that he can’t even walk, staggers in stage left surrounded by other Jewish donors wearing Blompf 2020 yarmulkes. He receives a standing ovation from the crowd for buying all the policies from the 2016 and 2018 elections.

Ilhan Omar is telling the truth about AIPAC!

Golden Boy Jared… just wow, everything he touches turns to gold like peace in the Middle East or Blompf’s base after his comments about raising legal immigration:

BING … and just like that, the MIGA agenda took another step forward. Amazing, isn’t it, how much harder it is to do anything whatever your own supporters wanted?

HURR DURR … AOC is a scary socialist!

SPOILER: Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson gave the RNC a bunch of money. Is it “hate” or righteous indignation to notice CORRUPTION?

This is why it was necessary to recognize Israel’s control over the Golan Heights, give them $38 billion dollars in foreign aid, give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Adelson’s wife, declare “fighting anti-Semitism” a US national security interest, condemn “anti-Semitism” like 20 times so far this year alone, tear up the Iran nuclear deal, cut off aid to the Palestinians, push the anti-BDS bill through the Senate, turn a blind eye to Israel declaring itself a Jewish ethnostate, condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar for making a fair point about the overwhelming, suffocating influence of AIPAC over our foreign policy, etc.

I could go on, and on, and on … BUT MIGA isn’t what we voted for in 2016. We’re so mad about this and fed up with Blompf that we have defected to the Democrats. At least to Andrew Yang until we see who wins the Democratic nomination. We shall see what happens.

Is it “hateful” to point this out? No, I would say the situation with Jewish power, wealth and influence has finally spun UTTERLY OUT OF CONTROL UNDER BLOMPF. The whole world sees and agrees that Blompf is utterly under the thumb of Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson now.

We will all breathe a sigh of relief when Adelson and his fellow donors finally croak and the world can move on into the future from the dead weight of the 20th century.

Note: To absolutely no one’s surprise, Netanyahu wants to gobble up the West Bank now and no one can talk about it because of these stupid, obsolete 20th century taboos.

1932: FDR

2020: Yang

The president of MIGA speaks:

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  1. great memes, but

    a Prez Genghiz Yang would kowtow

    to Zion same as all the others.

    STOP VOTING. Every time you vote,

    you validate the (((system))) that is destroying us.

  2. Trump has to go to bow and scrape and to get instructions from his puppet-masters.

    I just hope he doesn’t start another war for them before his term ends.

  3. Jewish donor money is magic. It is is why you can give land away that doesn’t belong to you, and it’s why you can’t build a wall on land that belongs to you.

  4. “Guys, Trump is totally a cuck for kissing up to Jews!

    Now please join me in begging a gook to hand me a welfare check.

    Cause that’s totally not cucked at all.”

    • *Grunts*

      Chinaman bad
      Blompf good
      Orange Man share our identity
      Orange Man share our values
      Sympathy for the working class and young people is bad
      EARN THAT MONEY fighting in Iraq

      • Boomers get free and excessive health care and also free money from Social Security that is funded pay as you go by taxpayers as far as I can tell. Not welfare though right?

    • AntiDem: Why not get a monthly welfare check from Uncle Shmuli like the coloreds do? Us white folks have been paying into the system since we started working without deriving any benefits from it. Besides, providing a guaranteed basic income for all working age adults is probably going to become inevitable anyway.

  5. While this is going on I see news footage of 4 American helicopter crew men killed by soldiers in Niger. What the Hell is the United States doing in Niger anyway? Is Trump even in control of his presidency or is it like the old Star Trek episode Patterns of Force whereby a decrepit Fuhrer is propped on a planet that has adopted National Socialism as a governing entity but it is all an illusion because the real powers that be merely uses the Fuhrer for a prop and rule in spite of him and do what they want.

  6. I like the way you ended your commentary, HW. Hopefully when Adelson and his ilk finally croak and are burning in the fires of Gehenna the malevolent power of Zionism dies with them.

  7. I’m wondering if Trump’s jew masters will permit him to make a few token gestures in order to please his diminished base of MAGA supporters in time for the 2020 election? e.g., building a few miles of the promised Wall, deporting a few thousand wetbacks, prosecuting a few low-level Deep State officials, etc. None of those token gestures would have any effect on me, however. I’m through with that bum.

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