Buttigieg: I’m Gay, Vote For Me

I’ve soured on identity politics.

More than anything else, it was scrolling through my Twitter feed and watching Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens pandering to every group but mine all day which got me thinking. These people are appealing to our sense of tribalism, not because they are on our side, but because these grifters are trying to sucker people into supporting the conservative agenda with tribal appeals.

Buttigieg is running on being gay:

Transgender troops?

That’s the burning issue of the day? How many transsexuals are there in the United States? What fraction of them are serving in the US military?

Closer to God?

I’ve seen it all now. Buttigieg may have upstaged Charlie Kirk here.

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  1. I see that the Beto character called Netanyahu a racist. What a ridiculous place this has become.

  2. The left is entirely about racial and sexual identity politics. The right is trying to unite us under the Israeli flag, which is jewish identity politics. The Uniparty is all about appealing to identity groups. BTW, which god is Buttplug talking about, Moloch?

    • It certainly isn’t the true Almighty God that’s for sure. This guy needs to repent of his wickedness.

  3. Transexuals serving in ZOG’s mercenary army is fine with me. Better them than a lot of healthy, normal White Southern boys.

    Pff, Paul Buttplug…amirite?

  4. it bothers hunter that this faggot polls higher than chairman yang and will always be more popular in the democrat party.

    americans are more interested in faggots than they are in stupid bullshit about securing that bag, fam.

  5. God has DAMNED every last sodomite for their ABOMINATIONs. ”Such people deserve to die.” – St. Paul

    Let’s enact THAT Biblical Law- I’m sure our ‘Moslem brothers’ would go along with that ‘ecumenical act of solidarity.’

  6. So if you don’t vote for him, then you are implicitly rejecting all homosexuals the world over them right? That must constitute a massive crime.

    • In God’s eyes, it does! NO sodomite (who is unrepentant, and unwilling to live a life of chastity) should be allowed to live. Public Stoning was the norm – and no one is exempt. Even Oscar Wilde had to serve a jail sentence in the ‘good old ‘lenient’ days.

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