Bernie Sanders Slams Open Borders

Yang offers $1,000 a month.

How is Bernie Sanders going to compete with that? Things might be getting interesting:

Now you are talking, Bernie.

I’m interested in seeing now what Yang proposes. Does he move to the middle of the electorate on immigration? This could be quite a horse race.

What are you doing about this, Bernie?

Note: I’m really just amusing myself here as a spectator. We will see.

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  1. The Dems are going to take down Bernie like they did to Biden. Race replacement is their main goal and they are close to achieving it.

    • 100%…The talmudic supremacist who rule the world don’t care that minorities can’t grasp the concept that racial jews are NOT Europeans.
      He is “white” to the majority of their ‘useful idiot’ voters!

      • Exactly so, iRate — it amazes me how many on the woke Right don’t realize that to colored people Jews are just rich & powerful White people. A friend of mine works with a Black guy who frequently wonders why ALL White people aren’t rich.

  2. All we can do right now, basically, is amuse ourselves as spectators.

    Probably our fate for the rest of our lives, actually. This system looks to be too damn airtight, powerful, and all-pervasive for anything to ever change.

  3. Yes instead he plans to replace all those future illegal voters with felons to take care of things until the children of illegals come of age.

    What is unquestioned is that the white vote will be diluted somehow.

  4. Sanders is probably lying as much as Trump was. It’s probably a ploy to get support. As the bureaucracy is mainly left, though, if he would really want to close the border after being elected he wouldn’t get much opposition from the entrenched state apparatchiks. The system is locked into place, all right, but it’s bloated and corrupt. That provides opportunities to carve out our own alternatives under the radar. Resources are needed for that. Maybe Bernie can appropriate the UBI for his campaign, too. If a Jewish socialist gives us closed borders and UBI, is the apocalypse far behind?

  5. They all lie to get elected. The sooner you figure that out…well, you’re really not better off either way.

  6. Who cares what these clowns say? They’re all just sock puppets of the same one (money) party. These snippets of “based” rallying cries are all just bite-sized pieces of emotional pornography intended to manipulate us. But as Trump so aptly demonstrated, talk is cheap and money walks. F’k ’em all. These parasitic finance fag criminals ALL need to be [you know what].

  7. Nobody wants to die for the USSA LGBT imperium in the frozen steppes of the Ukraine or Iran. As our feckless elites will find out if/when they blunder into such a conflict. Then we’d see how “damn airtight, powerful, and all-pervasive” our creaking system really is.

  8. Bernie knows Trump is losing the populist vote so he’s angling for it. He’ll come through exactly the same way Trump did. I don’t pay attention to any of these scammers in the Two Clown Party system.

  9. Bernie Sanders has always opposed immigration, he has been consistent on this issue. He is an old school Marxist (the old-Left not the new ‘multi-cultural-Left’). Marx opposed immigration, he called the immigrants “the reserve army of capital” and gave the example of the English industrialists of the 19th century who used the Irish immigration to keep down the wages of the English working class and to diminish their collective power to negotiate better working conditions. ….

    • he has also been identical on foreign policy as the neocons have been for 20 yrs as well…proving that its a one party shekel system.
      This tells my mind that this jew will probably win the election if trump loses.

    • The French Communist Party was anti-immigration in the 70s and 80s, when it was based and pro-Soviet.

  10. It’s pretty easy to understand that you can’t have a large welfare state while also having open borders. You also cannot have high wages and worker benefits with open borders either. Believing otherwise is insane.

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