Sloppy Steve Has Been LARPing as a MIGA Vanguardist

There is no one in American politics whose star has faded faster than Sloppy Steve Bannon:

“In this light, floppy-fringed Bannon is a more interesting figure than our Yeti-pubed president. Trump is intuitive, attuned to the moods of cable news and the reactions of the hypostatized construction worker in his head. Bannon has thought it through. Before 2016, he grasped what his era was about, and why it had to end. He also understood the dialectical inversion that the Tea Party represented, and how to turn the enemy’s weapon, identity politics, back on its owners.

Since then, Bannon has traveled around the US and Europe inciting revolution, like Lenin in Zurich before the Russian Revolution, or Trotsky, who was in New York City when the revolution began. Klayman’s film follows Bannon in his first year out of the Trump circle as he tries to remain, as he puts it in impeccably Marxist terms, in the ‘vanguard’. Like the train that carried Lenin to the Finland Station, Bannon runs on two tracks with a timetable in mind. At home, he campaigns for ‘economic nationalism’ and ‘populism’ before the 2018 midterms. In Europe, he talks about ‘identity’ and ‘culture’ as he tries to gather Europe’s nationalist parties into a single force, which he calls The Movement, before the May 2019 European elections. …”


“He knows that too. Of the active political figures of our time, Bannon is perhaps the most historically literate.”

My sides.

Is it really that bad in conservatism?

I’m confident that Bannon’s day in the sun is over.

He’s not even liked in Europe and was told to go away. Now, Steve Bannon is seen as just another Boomer conservative who along with Trump conned everyone in 2016 into supporting the ultra-Zionist MIGA agenda. He represents the last gasp of conservatism, not anything new.

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  1. Likening that besotted slob to real revolutionaries like Ulyanov and Bronstein is a bit of a reach. If America’s political system collapses will the Germans send him back to us in a sealed train?

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