ABC News: Andrew Yang Disavows White Supremacy

This is hilarious to watch:

I never decided to be any of these things. Most of them at any rate. Look at how deftly Yang swipes aside Stephanopoulos’s retarded assertion that $1,000 a month for everyone who is a US citizen is a bad idea simply because Richard Spencer supports it. 2 + 2 also = 4.

It is the mainstream media, which exists in a bubble world in New York City and Washington, DC., that continues to brand people like me as “white supremacists” and “racists.” I was actually never consulted by the SPLC or the mainstream media about being designated as a “hate group.” They can’t figure out why 70% of the country is tired of their politically correct bullshit either.

This “hate group” consists of me laying in my bed on a Sunday morning, writing on my laptop and watching George Stephanopoulos make a fool out of himself on ABC News like other leftwing journos. These people literally spent two years pushing the Russia conspiracy hoax. They did this because they couldn’t figure out why Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

If you define “racism” as believing in the existence of racial differences and being motivated by altruism and a sense of sympathy and duty to my own people, then I am a “racist.” Alternatively, if you define “racism” as hating other people for being of a different race, then I am not a “racist” at all. The definition of “racism” has been inflated by the media over the past several decades to the point where it has become synonymous with “vaguely ethnocentric White American.”

The term “white supremacy” has similarly been inflated and blown out of all proportion in Clown World. We haven’t actually lived under anything resembling “white supremacy” since the 1960s. Similarly, no one who is a race realist really even believes in “white supremacy” anyway, which is an antiquated term. In fact, far more people believe that White people currently have massive social and economic problems, which is why they are so excited that Andrew Yang is talking about them.

As for the “alt-right” or “Far Right,” the media similarly didn’t even have a clue about where these people were in the electorate. The “Far Right” is largely populist and nationalist. It is located in the center of the American electorate, not on the fringes. This is why Donald Trump won the 2016 election because he appealed to so many people outside of the traditional conservative-libertarian coalition with his “MAGA agenda.” He won people in the middle like … me?

The “alt-right” attracted lots of young White populist and nationalist leaning voters because it was, among other things, stridently against political correctness, neocons and their regime change wars, the free trade orthodoxy in Washington which has gutted our industrial base and the cheap labor “we are a nation of immigrants” orthodoxy in Washington. It was honest about Jewish power. It was honest about race. It offered White people a positive sense of ethnic and cultural identity which is denied to them under the current absurd system of political correctness. It was also for investment in our own country and preserving entitlements and lifting up working class and middle class Americans rather than simply the familiar MIGA agenda and tax cuts for the rich agenda of mainstream conservatism. The “alt-right” was demonized by the mainstream media for voting against Hillary.

Finally, the sentiment that draws lots of White people to White Nationalism ISN’T hating other races. It is a love of your own people, a sense of duty to your own tribe and a feeling of having a higher calling than becoming just another pathetic wage cuck on the conservative plantation. The motivation is an identification with your own tribe, taking its side and wanting to help out your folks.

Does any of that necessarily mean you HATE anyone else? Is there necessarily a contradiction between being, say, a proud White Southerner, a Christian and a human being? Of course not. It was the mainstream media who made up that way of thinking and who have pushed that narrative in order to pit different groups against each other with political correctness for their own benefit. It’s even worse than that because so many people today don’t even remember what morality was anymore.

When Andrew Yang talks about putting a financial floor of $1,000 a month under the White working class and anchoring the Freedom Dividend to technological progress, ending wage slavery and debt peonage of Millennials, wiping out student loan debt, making health care more affordable for White people, investing in our national infrastructure, avoiding destructive regime change wars, dumping the MIGA agenda, cancelling out the oligarchy which controls our politics with democracy dollars, postal banking and all these other great ideas which we have already supported for years now without talking down to us in political correctness, a large percentage of the White Nationalists are on board with that and the media can’t figure out why because it never understood us in the first place.

If the media didn’t understand the “alt-right,” what else has it gotten wrong? I don’t know … maybe the whole Russia thing which it pursued like Ahab going after Moby Dick?

Note: FWIW, the connection between the “alt-right” and Russia was always the realization that the Cold War ended back when most of us were like 11-years-old.

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  1. here’s some news you can use, HW:

    if you in any way oppose the ongoing Jew-genocide of Whites,

    you are a “White Supremacist”

    and will be treated accordingly

    byt the Jews and their Black, Brown, and Yellow orcs.

    in the latter category: Genghiz Yang.

    • Believe me, I know.

      I just felt like driving the knife into the credibility of the media. It is going through a big recession right now after the SPLC came tumbling down off its mountaintop and after the exposure of the Russia hoax.

      • Has, Don’t forget the (((msm))) still has kosher egg on their collective faces for calling the 2016 presidential election incorrect too.

        (((Legacy media))) has about as much credibility as “Flar Earthers.”

        Since their monopoly on disseminating ‘fake news’ has been under siege by alt-journalists from every political spectrum, they’ve been one if not the biggest instigator for online censorship, suppression, and deplatforming.

        Turn the proverbial knife slowly, so it hurts.

  2. He does disavow White Nationalism, actually: “I denounce and disavow hatred, bigotry, racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and the alt-right in all its many forms. Full stop. For anyone with this agenda, we do not want your support. We do not want your votes. You are not welcome in this campaign.

    As one of the first Asian American candidates for President in our history and the son of immigrants, I see racism and white nationalism as a threat to the core ideals of what it means to be an American. I have two young children who will grow up in this country. I know what that means.”

    • Doesn’t matter.

      No one thought he was running as a White Nationalist anyway. There is a lot of overlap between populism and White Nationalism. While Yang obviously isn’t going to create a White ethnostate, he can create a better economy.

      • “Creating a better economy” is pretty much what got us into this mess. “Creating a better economy” would be nice in a white ethno-state, but in our multi-racial hell it doesn’t stop the rolling snowball of white genocide in any way.

      • Even if we should get the $1,000 per month, there will be a price we have to pay for this. We pro-whites will be censored more. Yang will be disavowing us more than Trump does, and he won’t wait for the media to ask.

        Anyway, I feel it would be a betrayal of my people to vote for a Chinese man. I am looking for a way for our people to get power, and giving it to a Chinese man is not the way.

    • Consider for just a moment that he is a serious candidate for president, running in a country which is clearly and obviously controlled by the state of Israel. He is obviously required to say things which he doesn’t truly believe to stand a chance of getting elected – and it’s obvious that he knows that Whites are not the reason his kids feel unsafe at school.

  3. Yang’s use of the Alaskan oil revenue sharing as an example of why UBI will work is not a good comparison. UBI is utopian in expectation. All society will end up with is more overpriced holiday inflatables in front of their trailers.

    I’m glad to hear he made the threshold for the debate. He might bring attention to the real problem we all will be facing and maybe solutions will start being proposed from the republicans also.

  4. “I denounce and disavow hatred- Oh, ok. You denounce Hispanics, Niggers, and Jews- three of the most hateful, racist, and bigoted groups out there…. amiright?

    bigotry- oh, you mean the Racial supremacist ideology of the Talmudics, who have said that non-Yids don’t even have human souls? Oh, ok…. amiright?

    racism…. Ah, good. I was a bit upset when you said to a room full of Asians, that ‘it’s our turn now- let’s make the White House the GOLD House! (Racial allusion) Glad to hear you are disavowing your own racism….

    white nationalism – Really? REALLY? You have been given the largesse of the greatest Anglo nation of teh 20th Century, and you find our desire to live in our own land, and restore our own decency, somehow less than human? WHAT KIND OF H8r are you? Bigot! Caucaphobe!

    anti-Semitism – Oh, thanks be to YHWH. As Shem was one of the sons of NOAH, and NOAH’s three children are all of Adamic stock, (“Fair, ruddy, able to blush” – definition of ‘Aw-dam’ in Hebrew) you mean you are against ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-CHRISTIAN EUROPEAN bigotry, amiright? If not, what WAX NOSE (!) are YOU using using with this loaded, pejorative term of Talmudic hokery- or are you THAT IGNORANT that you don’t know that ‘Anti-semitism? It’s a TRICK. WE use it all the time.”

    and the alt-right in all its many forms. Full stop. Everyone who used that term, has now disavowed it. Again, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY? Are you using the JEWS’ SCRIPT, because you are too much a fool to do your own research?

    For anyone with this agenda, we do not want your support. We do not want your votes. You are not welcome in this campaign.


    • “white nationalism – Really? REALLY? You have been given the largesse of the greatest Anglo nation of teh 20th Century, and you find our desire to live in our own land, and restore our own decency, somehow less than human? WHAT KIND OF H8r are you? Bigot! Caucaphobe!”

      Yang is alerting us whites to the fact that he wants us blended out of existence just like any anti-white does. Preventing whites for fighting for their own interests, massive immigration, and forced assimilation will eventually do this.

      The $1,000 UBI will not stop this process.

  5. chairman yang denounces his biggest supporter, hunter wallace.

    what a surprise. what a shock. nobody could have ever seen this coming from 18 trillion miles away.

  6. Calling someone a White supremacist for being ‘vaguely ethnocentric’ is like calling a married woman a man hater for not sleeping with other men.

  7. Two thoughts:

    1. The God of This World (that is, Satan) and his earthly minions and their greedy gentile servitors denigrate the populist center and call it the “far right” as a pejorative because they all know that only the third position, whether that is Peru, South Korea, Argentina, Singapore, Yugoslavia, or that one bad mustache man’s slick-dressed regime in Germany in the ’30s and early ’40s actually has the power, econominally speaking, to enthrone and uphold the basically conservative/traditionalist social views of most people everywhere, regardless their geographical situation, race, color or creed.

    2. Even here in the South, you find too many preachers that also, at least publically or from the pulpit, agree with the going theme of the day that, yes, it is impossible to be simultaneously a proud white Southerner and a good Christian. And even if you and your friends or some of the gentlemen of the congregation think one can be both, good luck finding a warm reception for the idea at a 90+ percent white church or even in your own home, because it just isn’t so.

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