Alessandra Mussolini Shows Hollywood Her Middle Finger

I’ve always admired a spirited, good looking gal that takes it to our enemies. One such gal is Alessandra Mussolini the grand daughter of Italian nationalist leader Benito Mussolini – Il Duce. Alessandra has been very active in Italian nationalist politics since the late 1980s and she hasn’t been shy about using her great beauty to advance her/our cause. She once posed for the Italian addition of Playboy Magazine in a sexy but not slutty or porn way.

This week she’s engaged in a personal feud with typical idiot, Lib Leftist has been actor Jim Carrey. Carrey has been featuring photos & his drawings of Mussolini’s dead body being hung up for show by the worst Communists in 1945. Jim Carrey has openly compared President Trump and Trump supporters to Mussolini type fascists who deserve to be murdered – their mutilated dead bodies held up for display.


Check out the life of Alessandra Mussolini – I love her and her politics and like another great beauty Brigitte Bardot she has all the right enemies.

So, today I/we are saluting the beautiful and spirited Miss Alessandra Mussolini. We give the middle finger salute to Jim Carrey and all the other talentless, has been Hollywood Lib Leftist actors, directors, producers, agents. F**** you Jim Carrey.


  1. worrying about Jim Carry’s “politics” is like worrying about Matt Damon’s “politics” or any other (((Hollywood))) bimbo’s “politics”:

    the actors/actresses push the satanic values of their Jew paymasters

    or they don’t get paid.

  2. I believe that Alessandra’s aunt is Sophia Loren.

    Too bad more ethnic Italians were more like Alessandra, and less like the coumo family, alyssa milano, madonna, et all.

    • Hey man most of us Italians and Croatians are not liberal Zionist puppets. You are speaking of American Italians. Italians in Italy are a completely different story. I still have family over in Italy as well as Croatia and they are all woke on the JQ, race realism, the corruption of capitalism and the United States.

      • The Balkans in general are like that. The Northern Med is full of people who speak their minds and don’t care.

      • Croat0517, That’s very good to hear. No aspersions were meant towards the great Italian people.

        My lineage includes Italian and Croatian amongst other European ethnicities.

        • Very cool! Yeah definitely if you ever travel to Italy or Croatia nearly all are very aware of the destruction and war being waged against people of European descent around the globe.

  3. Sicilian here. Grew up in a mostly Sicilian neighborhood. They ain’t coming in our neighborhood.

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