Democratic Strategists Struggle To Appeal To White Male Voters

Editor’s Note: As improbable as it sounds, I want you to think of this article as a kind of Hail Mary pass from the frustrated “alt-right” to the Yang campaign and the Democratic Party in general. This is just some free advice from a peaceful person who is an armchair political quarterback and reads and watches you all on television, not a violent person like that guy in New Zealand.

I read this article, and I just laughed:

“UPPER ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP, Pa. — When he moved to Pennsylvania about five years ago, it was a coin toss which party Brian Heitman would register with.

No longer.

Since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Heitman, who is 42 and white, has become a reliable Democrat. Last week, he voted for the Democratic candidate in a special state Senate election in Pittsburgh’s affluent southern suburbs.

“A decade ago I probably wouldn’t have even noticed this election was happening,” Heitman said, “but I’m making a point in voting in every one I can nowadays.”

The Democrats’ 2020 presidential primary may feature a historically diverse field of women and minorities, but in some ways it is testing how the party appeals to white men such as Heitman. Many Democratic politicians went into the last presidential campaign cycle taking little account of those voters, and banked on a coalition of women and minorities to carry them to victory. Trump’s victory proved that thinking wrong. Many in the party are determined now not to make the mistake again.

That’s left Democrats wondering whether the nominee should be someone who can cut deep into Trump’s base, picking off large numbers of working-class whites, whether it’s enough to win over affluent, college-educated, suburban men and whether party is moving to far left to win them both. …”

I’ve recently had the dawning realization that our political establishment might not really know much about anything. We’ve kind of assumed that the experts and people on television are intelligent and well educated and have better ideas than we do. Maybe that’s not the case.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I have begun to doubt the mainstream punditry:

1.) In 2016, we elected Blompf as president, and to the very end no one in Conservatism, Inc., the mainstream media or the Democratic establishment understood why we had chosen a celebrity television host and obvious moron to be the next president of the United States.

2.) For the last two years, the mainstream media pounded away at the Russia conspiracy hoax, which we rolled our eyes at and found ridiculous. Seriously, the electorate was swayed to vote against Hillary Clinton because of RT, which no one in America watches, and a miniscule number of Facebook ads which hardly anyone saw? Progressives seriously believed this and had absolute faith in the notion that Robert Mueller was going to expose the truth about Russian collusion.

3.) It has occurred to me that the mainstream media also got the “alt-right” or “Far Right” completely wrong during the 2016 election. The vast majority of us are populists and nationalists like Pat Buchanan or Tucker Carlson. We’re somewhere in the middle of the American electorate, not on the fringes. This is why we clash so often with the “True Conservatives” who are to our Right and SJW progressives who are to our Left. It is why we are so utterly disillusioned with mainstream politics.

4.) The mainstream media has assumed that the “Far Right” is to the Right of the conservatives and lolbertarians somewhere out there in the electoral solar system past Pluto in a land inhabited by “extremists.” But actually, we are quite affable in real life and moderate on social and economic issues. It’s just that there is no place for us in mainstream American politics anymore because the system is so intensely polarized. This is why people in this corner of our political universe become so radicalized. It is due to the fact that the SPLC and ADL have essentially demonized populism.

5.) Just a few generations ago, this wasn’t the case. Here in Alabama, I could have happily voted for someone like George Wallace. He loved his Southern heritage. He was also a strong supporter of building infrastructure and investing in education. He built community colleges all over Alabama. There is no place for people like me in either party though because of political correctness. In fact, there is no one who is simply pro-White, pro-South, pro-Christian who isn’t now labeled an “extremist.” How on earth did we get to this point in our national politics? One wonders.

6.) I also read articles like this one. No one is even mentioning Yang in the conversation about how “Democratic strategists” can reach disaffected White males who voted for Trump. Once again, it makes me wonder if our political establishment is just retarded or something. There is something very big that is clearly going on here that isn’t happening with any other candidate.

So, I will try to lay out a few things for whoever is reading this site. There are lots of leftwing journos who read Anglin and the Stormer. Do they read my site too?

I’m not like Andrew Anglin who just enjoys trolling the media by playing an over-the-top comic book character for lulz. I think very deeply about history and political science:

I’ve fumbled around through all sorts of descriptive labels over the years (populist, nationalist, White Nationalist, Southern Nationalist, alt-right, etc) while my essential political orientation has been fixed since I was around 21 years old. I’ve essentially always been a populist-identitarian who values social cohesion and economic fairness since George W. Bush was president.

This is where I have been on the Political Compass since I was in college at Auburn:

Why was I attracted to White Nationalism? Why was I attracted to Southern Nationalism? Why was I attracted to the alt-right? Why did I vote for Donald Trump?

The answer is that I value my own identity. I’m comfortable with being a White, Anglo-Southern, Lutheran. I resent being told because of the political correctness in our culture that somehow my sense of identity makes me an immoral person. I highly resent the fact that every other group in America other than mine is encouraged to celebrate their identity.

From my perspective in the American electorate, the Democratic Party comes across as a coalition that is led by a hostile Jewish elite that is extremely anti-White, anti-Southern and antagonistic to my Christian values. Similarly, the Republican Party comes across as “cuckservatives” who only care about tax cuts and Israel because people like Charlie Kirk pander so ardently to every other identity group in America but mine. White people and Southerners are held in low esteem in the GOP.

It’s a lot more than that though.

I’m a highly intelligent and educated person who loves to read books and think about problems. Perhaps this is just my fate because I am both a Scorpio and INTP. I really do have the personality type of a Scorpio and an INTP which is an extremely rare combination.

This really perfectly describes my personality type, “INTPs are quiet, thoughtful, analytical individuals who tend to spend long periods of time on their own, working through problems and forming solutions. They are curious about systems and how things work. … They have little patience for social customs that seem illogical or that obstruct the pursuit of ideas and knowledge. … Given their independent nature, INTPs may prefer working alone rather than leading or following in a group. During interactions with others, if INTPs are focused on gathering information, they may seem oblivious, aloof, or even rebellious—when in fact they are concentrating on listening and understanding.” This is why I could never become, say, a Kassy Dillon.

2.) Well now … what does any of that matter? You’re still a RACIST, right?

No, I’ve just thought far more deeply about the issue (like I do everything else) than your typical leftwing journo and have no time whatsoever for political correctness. I have no doubt at all that race exists and dislike the stupid taboo that exists around the subject.

See, I don’t HATE other people for being non-White. My actual emotional reaction to them is a cool sense of indifference. I just identify more with my own ethnic group because that is completely natural and also has deep roots in human biology. We naturally care more about our own kin (think of your own family and extend it outward from there) because they are more genetically similar to us, but most leftwing journos are too dumb to understand this and see nothing but “racism” and “xenophobia” and other dumb made up vices in this natural, healthy human sentiment.

As a highly intelligent, well educated, and altruistic person, I am naturally predisposed to White Nationalism. That’s because I care a great deal about the welfare of my own race and ethnic group. I love to study our history and culture. It’s not because I simply HATE anyone else. I’m also disgusted by mainstream conservatism which appears to me to revolve around money.

joking/not joking the greatest populist in European history unwittingly created his own church over a list of criticisms of the hopelessly corrupt Renaissance Papacy


/progressive robot

No, calm down, allow me to explain, leftwing journo.

I’m a populist-identitarian. I value social cohesion and economic fairness. I’m a social conservative and this explains so many things about me you don’t understand. Political correctness is your confession. Christianity is mine.

I like Andrew Yang because he is Taiwanese. I greatly admire China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other Asian countries which have maintained their traditional cultures. As the son of Taiwanese immigrants, I think Yang might grasp how political correctness has made our culture dysfunctional and held back economic progress. That’s because the same thing happened to China under Mao. The Chinese eventually moved past that episode in their history to become rich.

As a social conservative, I strongly value order and social cohesion. This is why our immigration policy strikes me as an absurd, reckless experiment that is dragging us toward a dystopia. It is why I align with the conservatives on issues like abortion and LGBT rights. It is why I am always so at odds with Jews and other progressives who seem to delight in tearing down our culture. It is why I might have resented the attack on the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville.

Do you see now why a person might warm to the abstract idea of a White ethnostate and yet also be fond of Asian nations like Japan or China? It’s because we believe that homogeneous countries like Poland or Japan are less dysfunctional. They are culturally stronger. There is more social cohesion. The rapid loss of social cohesion in the West is driving the rise of White populism.

This is why progressives should support both Trump’s border wall and an immigration moratorium. This country is spiraling out of control. It is rapidly losing social cohesion. It needs to settle down like it did after the 1924 Immigration Act was passed by Congress. Most people are incapable of absorbing so much change in such a short period of time and feel threatened by it.

Have you thought through the consequences of throwing AI and the automation of the workforce into this volatile situation of racial and cultural animosity?

4.) Perhaps you understand us a little better now. If not, then I have only wasted a few hours of my time this morning and angered some of my readers, which is no real loss to me. If you listened though to what I was telling you, it could be of considerable value to you. I’m sure all the currently angry people will forgive me as well if you simply gave them what they really wanted.

Here’s why:

As I explained above, I am a highly intelligent, well-educated person who is motivated by noble sentiments, not the caricature of me you have in your mind. I have a very rare personality type. I have likely thought longer and harder about these issues than you.

I want to show you how to reconstruct the populist-progressive coalition of Franklin Roosevelt in order to solve a number of very important problems in this country that I care about:

Clearly, you people have utterly no idea how to do this. Why not try some outside the box thinking?

You have no idea how to win the Southern states. In the last election, your effort under Hillary Clinton was so pathetic that you lost Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio to Donald Trump, and your response was so pathetic that you spent the next two years blaming the Russia conspiracy hoax for it. It has gotten so bad that until the last election you had less power in this country than at any point since the 1920s because you simply are unable to listen to the other side.

Listen for a minute. I want to help you. You also need our help.

joking/not joking this is how you wipe out Conservatism, Inc. once and for all. You have to bury the hatchet with the populists in the middle of the electorate.

So, where do we start?

I’m not really a good fit in either of the two parties.

From my perspective, the Center Right Republican establishment comes across as being way down there in lolbertarian land. While it might pretend to be socially conservative to White Southern populist voters such as myself, I am smart enough to know that the truth is that it is owned lock, stock and barrel by the likes of big donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers who are socially and economically liberal in the sense of mainstream conservatism as classical liberalism, which is the polar opposite of my politics. Very few people in this country agree with their lolbertarian position on culture and economics though which is why Donald Trump so easily beat all of their puppets in the 2016 election.

Let’s take a look back at the 2016 election:

We started by making a fool out of Jeb!

It was a shattering experience for progressives: nothing less than the triumph of a Russian conspiracy, the alt-right and rise of White Nationalism in American politics. The lulz that we populist and nationalist voters reaped by electing Donald Trump as president … were unforgettable.

We were on cloud nine for months … laughing about all this.

joking/not joking about smashing all those politically correct taboos or so I thought

Sorry about 2016.

This is a much better idea than anything the Democrats have come up with so far …. meet 46, President Andrew Yang who is running on “Humanity First”:

How on earth do you reconcile White populists to the Democratic Party? The alienation and drift of the White populists to the GOP really explains everything, right?

It’s actually quite simple. It is much easier than you think:

1.) First, the two great social conservative issues of our times are political correctness and mass immigration, and it is these two things above all else that Blompf and other mainstream conservatives have exploited to the hilt for the last few decades. It is this loss of social cohesion which is driving the ongoing surge to populism and nationalism.

2.) Second, political correctness is an ethic and political strategy. It is a list of -isms and -phobias that progressives have been browbeating populists with for the past few generations. The solution is simply recognizing that political correctness is a secular confession.

Progressives should embrace religious tolerance. Communicate with populists in their own moral language which isn’t political correctness or identity politics. It is Christianity whether in the religious or secularized forms. The populists see political correctness as a very harmful thing so why not end the modern equivalent of Prohibition? Why are you telling them they can’t be, say, proud to be European? This divide didn’t exist until the late 20th century and politically it is actually quite harmful to you and not in your interest to continue going down that road.

joking/not joking political correctness and feminism have poisoned our culture and destroyed the family and divided men and women when they are naturally complementary

3.) Third, mass immigration has become so disruptive to the social fabric that it has driven populist voters to such extremes that they have elected Blompf and the Senate GOP. Why are progressives making such a huge stand on the issue anyway? They care significantly less about immigration than other issues. The truth is that this country honestly needs secure borders and a big time out.

4.) Fourth, if the political correctness were relaxed, the border was fixed and we imposed a moratorium on immigration, then many of our national problems would simply go away. The angry White populists don’t even like conservative and lolbertarian economics. From our perspective, every election is a defeat because we simply get more social liberalism and more economic liberalism, which is to say, that the long term trend is that we have become more libertarian over time.

joking/not joking since when is Protestantism, the cultural tongue of the evangelical American South and large parts of the Lutheran Midwest as well, so opposed to the poor? Have the Koch Brothers and the other conservative and lolbertarian donors really sold people on that idea?

5.) Fifth, the angry White populists would happily abandon Blompf and the GOP in droves, but in order to get to a reconstructed populist-progressive coalition of the sort that existed in the early 20th century, which could easily pass Medicare for All and Universal Basic Income and student loan debt relief and a massive infrastructure plan and all these other things we both like anyway, we’ve got to get beyond this absurd culture war that the Boomers have been having for their entire lives, which has consumed our lives as well. We need someone who can strike a national version of the Missouri Compromise and that person is Andrew Yang and he can do it simply by jettisoning the political correctness and moving to the center on immigration. It would flush out several generations of toxic animosity in our politics and culture.

6.) Sixth, Yang can also reunite White populists with White progressives by pointing out the common interests of both sides in getting rid of Blompf and Conservatism, Inc. He can also give both a common vision of a future in which artificial intelligence and the automation of the workforce has disrupted the lives of all working class and middle class Americans. Once they realize how much wealthier we are all going to be in the future and how eventually wage slavery will end in our lifetimes, they will have a common vision about how the country can start moving forward again.

7.) As for the White Nationalists, they have no viable path to the White ethnostate through violence or voting for the Republican Party. How do you persuade those people?

It’s actually quite simple. The thing that is really driving them is the loss of social cohesion in our society and our diminished economic prospects. By dumping mass immigration and political correctness, you might be able to reason with them and change their minds. What’s more, if everyone is so much wealthier in the future and wage slavery has come to an end and we have redistributed the wealth through, say, some type of debit card, then we can unscramble the ethnic, cultural and racial heterogeneity which has grown so toxic and which was ultimately when you think about it created by 500 years of free-market capitalism whether in the form of wage slavery or chattel slavery.

8.) In a world in which free-market capitalism has ended due to the abundance of wealth which provides for all of our basic needs, human beings will pursue higher order goods when they aren’t being worked into an early grave. Liberated from toiling away as wage slaves, they will just move to live among likeminded people and when they are allowed to do that and become more homogeneous again, in which ever way they resort themselves, then what would be the point of continued conflict?

Now, will any of this ever happen?

I have no idea. It is something that I have been thinking about though. I’ve probably thought a lot harder about this than most “Democratic strategists.”

It’s a catchy tune except for the part about atheism and open borders. Without those two things, the Democrats could bring back FDR’s New Deal coalition. :p

I would like you to try imagining the lulz of election night in 2020 when Blompf and the Republicans are losing states like Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas and West Virginia to Andrew Yang. It’s easy if you try. Everyone could enjoy the same lulz by simply embracing a better vision and strategy. BTW, you might want to consider that everyone else in America who is a populist or nationalist inclined voter is significantly less “racist” than Hunter Wallace, Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin and Greg Johnson.

It just so happens that populism and nationalism overlap with White Nationalism, okay? We need you to unscramble our f***ed culture, political and economic system to quell a vast number of social problems like “hate” and economic problems like chronic poverty which can probably be pragmatically solved as well as satisfying our desire for greater cultural and ethnic homogeneity in our nation when it isn’t lorded over by a hostile Jewish elite anymore.

joking/not joking about a better future

joking/not joking about winning the South. Do you really dislike Johnny Cash for being fascinated by and proud of his Southern roots? Why is Southern music so terrible these days? Is it because we have lost touch with our ethnic and cultural roots … hmm?

joking/not joking nothing but a bunch of bros trying to pick up some chicks? That’s who we are now as a people? Is that progress or cultural decline?

The Democrats could probably use a better narrative than … slavery?

How about the South’s triumph over poverty and sharecropping? Why don’t you ever highlight the things we talk about this on this website that can stir positive memories of “progressivism”? The triumph over pellagra, polio, yellow fever, malaria? The construction of the TVA? The Rural Electrification Administration? How Carter Glass and Henry Steagall shackled Wall Street with the Glass-Steagall Act? The diversification of Southern agriculture? I could continue … but do any of you listen?

joking/not joking about how Jews blew apart the New Deal coalition over the Holocaust

Your obt exasperated servant,

Hunter Wallace

Note: Last time I checked, Dante didn’t see any “racists” in any of the circles of Hell in his Inferno. Some more food for thought for you. He was just another dead White male. Should he even be taught at Harvard or Yale?

Blompf … where is he?

He betrayed his own base!

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    • WOW! I’m glad I stopped reading a couple paragraphs in — my eyes were starting to glaze over. So, I’m finally down here after scrolling. Voting is a waste of time because almost all of the people who vote don’t know the issues. Yeah, sure, they know what they don’t like, but they don’t know the root cause of it all. No matter the issue, the media never discusses the root cause — (((the elephant in the room))), if you please. White Nationalists do. That’s why we’re viewed as being so dangerous and are never permitted to air our grievances.

      Did you ever notice the jewsmedia and all these talking heads wherever they appear on the jewsmedia, never, ever, discuss the elephant in the room? That’s why some WNs are enamored with Tucker Carlson. Once in a while he touches on some topic which may relate to, but not expose, the “herd of elephants in the room” on whatever a particular topic is. The Elephant must never be addressed. People keep bitching, and have been for 40 years on talk radio, but they are never allowed to speak to the source of the problem. Whether it’s niggers, jews, or outright antiWhite legislation. We can never go there, thus, the normie assholes cannot make a correct, informed, decision when they go to the voting booth.

    • No, I was raised as a Methodist.

      I became a fedora tipping Nietzschean atheist, then a maybe Christianity wasn’t so bad realist, then a warming Lutheran and finally and fully a Lutheran which was expedited by my marriage.

      • Upper St.Clair hasn’t been a White working class community since 1960, and surely not since 1965. We moved here for the schools type community now.

  1. Both parties are anti-white but the Democrat party parades it around all the time, mocking and blaming white men for everything wrong in their distorted view of the world. Why would any white man – or white woman – vote Dem since they are the more radical anti-white?

    • Hunter’s “intellect” is still evolving….give it time.
      A good bite on the nose is all it takes to make the dog HATE the squirrel,…
      Right now, the “dog” is trying to convince the farmer that if both him and the squirrel both get UBI, there’s no reason to have to hunt the squirrel anymore!
      But the squirrel will continue to dessimate the farmer’s garden anyway, so the efforts of the dog to avoid his natural role are futile and wasteful..
      Get on with the struggle already…Get Bit.

      • If I am wrong, well, I will have just made a mistake. It’s worth a shot.

        I’ve lost nothing but a few hours of my time. I have plenty of time. I am also trying to use my talents to create a better vision and strategy that moves us forward. The alternatives are violent accelerationism and reforming the GOP.

  2. Anyone that sees our elites as smart isn’t paying attention. The drop in IQ levels in recent years applies to the wealthy, as well. The kakistocracy lives in a blinkered, segregated bubble of groupthink just like the hoi polloi. Our “betters” are as self-destructive and as projecting as any other arrogant pack of fools, which makes them just like the rest of humanity. The difference is, they have the resources to escape the consequences of their decisions in Tasmania and New Zealand. Or so they believe. We will have to band together on our own, make do with far less, and secure our own futures.

    Slightly off-topic, I admire Curtis LeMay a great deal as one of history’s great tacticians, but his purposeful sabotage of the Wallace campaign on behalf of Nixon was a shameful act. Wallace was seen as peeling off votes from Humphrey, the dem’s candidate in 1968. LeMay was chosen as Wallace’s running mate, and proceeded to say outrageous things he knew would marginalize Wallace’s support and perception as a serious Presidential candidate. LeMay hated the dems, and wanted them out of the white house.

  3. The worst George Wallace moment was when he was governor, overseeing an episode of death penalty by electrocution, which became a torture session of fire and sparks and smoke shooting out of the black man’s brain, the man still alive. A call was placed to Governor Wallace asking what to do, Wallace said to keep jolting him with more volts until he finally was killed.

    Most of the world has abandoned the death penalty, it is now just Muslim countries, and empire fantasy nations – USA, China, India, Japan, Belarus. The USA didn’t do it between 1967-77, when more compassionate judges blocked it, till it was revived in Gerald Ford’s last days in office.

    Executions are a horror that traumatises children who hear about it happening in the name of their society. Governor Gavin Newsom of California, foolish about other things, was brave and foresighted to reprieve all those hundreds on California’s death row.


    The SJW political correctness hysteria is madness that will run its course, likely getting even worse before it reverses … and only then, probably after major economic dislocation forces people to become more normal again

    Hunter, it is understandable digging into your heritage and finding good there … Martin Luther tapped into his people’s hidden pagan reserves to find that sense of spiritual assurance he craved … but he couldn’t achieve escape velocity from the ‘eternal hell’ terrorism which judaic creators inserted into both Christianity and Islam, and his bible-cult enabled Jewish power to increase across the Western world … ultimately, we must find alternative spiritual roots, because the cult of the abrahamic books keeps ‘eternal hell’ and many other evil ideas alive … What kind of religion has child genital mutiliation as a core theme in its ‘holy book’?

    • “Executions are a horror that traumatises children who hear about it happening in the name of their society. Governor Gavin Newsom of California, foolish about other things, was brave and foresighted to reprieve all those hundreds on California’s death row.”

      I was never “traumatized” by hearing about some execution. I am angered and saddened by many of the monstrous crimes I see and read about that happen in this world. Some animals just need to be put down.

      • “Executions are a horror that traumatises children who hear about it happening in the name of their society. Governor Gavin Newsom of California, foolish about other things, was brave and foresighted to reprieve all those hundreds on California’s death row.”

        The only thing traumatizing about the death penalty is the distance between verdict and execution. Some crimes are worthy of nothing less.

    • Execution is the only 100% sure way to incapacitate a violent offender. Thus I think it is immoral NOT to support the death penalty.

      Look at any death penalty abolitionist and you will see a naive person who have never actually been around violent criminals and has never been a victim (or had a loved one be a victim) of violent crime.

  4. HW,

    I’ve been reading your recent Southern populism series closely and with great interest, and I have two prime reactions:

    (1) One of the object lessons of the Yellow Vest Movement in Paris and intermittently in other cities here on The Continent is one that it seems like I and only I have learned. Then again, that’s been one of my life’s secret ingredients, to use margins and differentials, and to resolve apparent paradoxes and contradictions, to get to the moral of a story or the lesson of a thing first and before everyone else.

    The lesson is that the WN movement and/or the Alt-Right need to do a mild reboot around economic and other kinds of populism. Certainly don’t flip on race, and also don’t ignore it. What I’m saying is that our sector needs to lead with economic populism as the keynote issue.

    The YVM has shown me that economic populism sells way better than racial nationalism. Of course, somewhat compounding that is the continent that I’m on — European nationalists have the luxury of not having to talk about race, because it’s implicit in the very natural calling of ethnic nationalism.

    (2) One of the vexing historical questions I’ve had in my mind about post-WWII American rightist political history is why the northern isolationists and the southern segregationists didn’t team up, because they would have seemed like natural allies, both in terms of of their overall manifesto, and the fact that they had a common enemy in the northeastern Republocratic establishment. To ask my question another way: Why didn’t the John Birch Society and the Citizens Councils wonder twin activate in circa 1960?

    Even before your Southern populist series, I knew one of the big hangups to explain why that never happened was race: The northern isolationists were scared of the race question, while it was pretty much the sine qua non for southern segregationists.

    But now, thanks to you, I think I’ve discovered the more critical reason why such an alliance never popped off: Economics. Northern isolationists were generally some form of libertarian-ish on economics, while southern segregationists were New Deal redistributionists. While both sides had perfectly good justifications for that, what it also meant is that it precluded any grand north-south alliance against the post-WWII coastal elites.

    • You’re the only one who looks to “economic and other kinds of populism” as a solution? You must have missed quite a few of the posts and commentary here.

      Also, Hunter: You’re not showing the Band doing “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down?” WTF?

  5. If your critics don’t “get you” by now they’re either being dishonest or they’re simply incapable of understanding that you possess a very rare personality type, HW.

    • I think of him as KC from KC & the Sunshine Band. He’s going to lead us into the funky promised land.

  6. Yang does not care about white people. By condemning white nationalists and any white who is concerned about his own people, he shows that he believes in political correctness.

    • He cares about white people in that he’s scared shitless of us. He said all whites will turn into mass shooters, if the establishment doesn’t give us $1000 a month. LOL

  7. the article is about pennsylvania.

    currently, both sanders and biden beat trump by 10 points in polling in pennsylvania.

    democrats are having zero problem appealing to european voters. they will win pennsylvania with a standard issue, destroy america platform.

    so waddaya waddaya, hunter?

  8. “I’ve recently had the dawning realization that our political establishment might not really know much about anything.”

    They’re stuck in the 19th and 20th Centuries. They’re still fighting the WSI, WWI, WWII, the Cold War, and the socioeconomic wars from the 1860’s to the 1960’s.

    What do they know about the 21st Century?

  9. The kind of “socialism” being promoted by Yang and the kind of “machine slave society” as described by HW are exactly the kind of ideas that bear discussion…one day. I can’t help but feel that this is a cart before the horse situation. Partition, however we achieve that, must be what we are moving toward. I do not want to taxed to subsidize the births of more out-groups, nor do I want to be taxed to give them $1,000 in UBI, nor do I want to live with too many of them in my body politic. These may be pie in the sky goals, but isn’t a one-day free and sovereign South is what we want, rather than just being another persecuted minority in a non-majority future America? All the institutions we are counting on – from basic law and order to property rights to some kind of freedom of expression – will not be made available to white people in the USA once white people are a small minority. It’s going to be like South Africa + Brazil around here inside of a century if we don’t start making moves – literally. Maybe I’m too pessimistic, but I doubt it.

  10. The sixteen Northern States, plus Mexifornia hold all the Electoral Votes.

    With that in mind, Biden will get the nomination. He’ll campaign hard from Western New York and Pennsylvania, out to Minnesota and Iowa.

    He’ll run on protecting no longer existent union factory jobs, agricultural subsidies for the Yankee corn belt and keeping the South and West under tight political control. Which is the unspoken plank in any party’s platform that expects to win in the North. Which amounts to winning the Presidency.

    The Northeast corridor will resentfully vote to get the Republicans out, in spite of the fact that they have nothing really in common with factory hands in upstate NY, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Or Indiana corn farmers. And in spite of Bernie Sanders being screwed out of the nomination again.

    Trump got five Yankee states to switch sides and vote with the South and Interior West, to put him in office running on the first two planks. Out west of Boston, New York and Philadelphia, Union steel mill and auto plant jobs, which no longer exist, and corn/ethanol subsidies are what win.

    What people in Virginia, Texas or Idaho think, doesn’t really matter. They don’t have any meaningful vote, anyway.

    Win the North and Mexifornia, and you win the Presidency. The other thirty three states are just icing on the cake.

    Biden vs Trump in 2020. Assuming the Dems and their Jewish masters don’t go nuts and overplay their hand.

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