MIGA: Hannity Endorses Netanyahu’s Reelection and Likud

Clown World is now in overdrive.

Hannity endorsed Bibi Netanyahu’s reelection tonight on FOX News. He told his audience to vote for Likud. They’re really going all in on the MIGA agenda.

Note: Check out all of these hilarious memes.

Skip to 8:15.

Have you ever seen such chutzpah and hypocrisy? Israel declared itself a Jewish ethnostate last year and Blompf is attacking its neighbors and letting it annex the Golan Heights and the West Bank. We all know it is because Sheldon Adelson and the RJC paid good money for it too.

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  1. Great memes. We’re laughing at them and it riles them all the more. We’re winning the meme war and that’s what these “white nationalist” hearings in DC today are all about.

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