MIGA: Trump Designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a “Terrorist Organization”

My head is spinning … Blompf has gone full MIGA:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Monday that he was designating a powerful arm of the Iranian military as a foreign terrorist organization, the first time that the United States has named part of another nation’s government as that type of official threat.

The designation imposes wide-ranging economic and travel sanctions on the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as well as organizations, companies and individuals with ties to it. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards carry out operations across the Middle East, train Arab Shiite militias and oversee businesses in Iran.

Monday’s designation “will significantly expand the scope and scale of our maximum pressure on the Iranian regime,” Mr. Trump said in a statement.

The designation was opposed by some top Trump administration national security officials who said it could incite retaliation by Tehran against American troops and intelligence officers. It takes effect April 15, but was announced Monday in what American officials described as a chaotic and rushed process. …

But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John R. Bolton, the national security adviser, pushed for it, a Trump administration official said. The fighting among the senior administration officials intensified after The New York Times disclosed the pending designation last month.

I’m a peaceful populist.

I don’t have any problem with Iran. I have no idea why Iran’s military is being designated a “terrorist organization.” Is there some wave of Shi’ite terrorists killing Americans that I have missed? It sure seems to me like Blompf wants us to fight all of Israel’s enemies.

I’m wondering … what do the “progressives” think about this? Are they as horrified as we are by Blompf selling our foreign policy to these neocons and their wealthy Jewish donors?


Note: We’re obviously currently getting Israel First. HONK HONK!

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  1. As I have written here on OD several times, I am concerned that Trump will start a big war with Iran and maybe even hit little Lebanon to please Israel, the country he values most, and to use this war to rally support for his re-election.

    Other than that I have written off Trump as just a blowhard and a huge disappointment.

    Re: terror, terrorist, terrorism

    These words are now so overused. It has become fashionable to apply them to people and organizations one dislikes.

    • If that bum stumbles into a second term by default he’ll be free to MIGA with impunity. That’s why his jew masters ought to allow him to make a few token MAGA gestures to mollify his base of flag-waving rubes, hicks, cornpones and yahoos.

      • Here’s a scenario for MIGA Second Term circa maybe 2022 or 2023.

        Kushner negotiates a final peace between Israel and Palestine, but here’s the catch:

        All Palestinians are to be removed and resettled in America and Western Europe within a few years…

        • It”s so frighteningly PERFECT !! It’s gotten to the point where when I hear news of any natural disasters or violent incidents in the turd-World, I think; “oh great. They’ll just ‘have” to come here now”.

    • The neocons have been meming for a war of annihilation against Iran for decades. They have been repeating some form of the slogan “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.” since at least the 1990s.

      If Jews repeat that someone wants to kill them, it means they want to kill that person. With them its all about projection.

  2. If there was any justice in this world the Mossad, Shin Bet, and Sayeret Matkal would be classified as terror organizations and have their members captured and put on trial.

  3. I’m curious, when was the last time Iran or Shite Muslims were implicated in terrorists attacts against the US homeland?

    • not ever. All 19 of the (presumptive) 9/11 ‘jackers were

      Saudi and Egyptian Sunni Muslims; ditto all other Muslim terrorists

      in and outside Sandyland. Israhell, meanwhile, is in open alliance

      with the Sunni’s (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt) against the Shi’a (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon).

      so the World’s most vicious, murderous terrorist organization

      is ‘Murka’s Israhell-puppet ZOG regime and it’s hired killers.

  4. It strange that this heretical branch of Protestantism (Judeo-Christianity AKA Christian Zionism) is willing to engage in nuclear war if they think it will hasten to coming of Jesus Christ. And yet this same government under the influence of Judeo-Christianity condemns Iran for willing to start a nuclear war in order to bring the 12th Iman out of hiding and bring about the end of the world. Birds of a feather….

    • I’ll be glad to see the last of those Rapture Boomers. They can’t be dumped in nursing homes soon enough.

    • White Christian Zionists have as much impact on policy as the MAGA voters, which is nil. Only the donors wants matter. They pretend they care what Christian Zionists think so they get the blame instead of Jews.

      Get it though your skulls: The USA is an olygarchy.

  5. The fact that many so-called “white nationalists” support the neocons and conservative inc. these days, or at least since trumps rise into power, is a testament to how far backwards the movement has went. Trump was a neocon iran-hater from the beginning, but one of his main goals was to deflect the spotlight off the jews and put it onto some jewsa-created muslim threat to justify bombing iran. My theory that i’ve held for quite a while is that the jews and anti-whites have succeeded so much in getting what they wanted in the past 10 to 15 years, that formerly principled white nationalists decided to just throw in the towel and join the tea party tools and the limbaugh crowd. I call that “the crumbs are better than nothing” analogy. Jews are no longer the main enemy but “muslims and leftists” are in their minds. The trump slaves think that war with a true nationalist country like iran benefits america, and that unregulated capitalism, more wage slavery and an increased police state are signs of a stronger america-under a “conservative” president.

    • Drimpf represents America’s last gasp as a world power. Good riddance, I say! The future, it would seem, belongs to Iran, India, a reunified Korea and China.

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