Bibi Netanyahu Reelected Prime Minister of Israel

MIGA 2020:

Our Greatest Ally won tonight.

I don’t know anything about the other guy who ran against Netanyahu. In any case, Israel is poised to become a full blown Jewish ethnostate now and will annex the West Bank.

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  1. The majority of Israelis have yet again endorsed war crimes (the Gaza ghetto/concentration camp, snipers killing kids and nurses and journalists, annexation of East Jerusalem, annexation and settlement of Golan, ethnic cleansing and settlement of the West Bank followed by impending annexation approved by that Trump jerk, attacks on Syria, multiple invasions of Lebanon, constant violation of Lebanese airspace).

    I think another Mid-East war is now certain.

    As always, I hope the bad guys lose.

    • The other candidate was maybe marginally less of a fascist than Bibi so he was bound to lose. The only reason anybody in Israel votes for actual socialist and communist is because there are Arabs who are citizens (but Jews are still Bolsheviks somehow) and the Arab vote was severely suppressed in this election, paving way for a total fascist dictatorship.

      As for a new Mideast war, if that happens Trump will almost surely nuke any Muslim country that participates against Israel.

    • (((They))) are going to launch it as the banking system collapses. It is (((their))) only way out.

  2. USA collusion with Nuttyahoo and the Likud party?

    How about some Wikileaks on this election.

    I guess Putin has his puppet in tel aviv.

    Honk. Honk.

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