The Upshot: The Democratic Electorate Isn’t Woke Twitter

Good news for Yang:

“Today’s Democratic Party is increasingly perceived as dominated by its “woke” left wing. But the views of Democrats on social media often bear little resemblance to those of the wider Democratic electorate.

The outspoken group of Democratic-leaning voters on social media is outnumbered, roughly 2 to 1, by the more moderate, more diverse and less educated group of Democrats who typically don’t post political content online, according to data from the Hidden Tribes Project. This latter group has the numbers to decide the Democratic presidential nomination in favor of a relatively moderate establishment favorite, as it has often done in the past. …

In reality, the Democratic electorate is both ideologically and demographically diverse. Over all, around half of Democratic-leaning voters consider themselves “moderate” or “conservative,” not liberal. Around 40 percent are not white.

Roughly a quarter of Democrats count as ideologically consistent progressives, who toe the party line or something further to the left on just about every issue. Only a portion of them, perhaps 1 in 10 Democrats over all, might identify as Democratic socialists, based on recent polls. …”

Consider the numbers:

– Only 25% of Democrats are ideological progressives.

– Only 10% of Democrats are Democratic Socialists aka Bern Outs.

– The truly woke SJW crowd is a tiny fraction of the Democratic electorate, but most of the candidates are pandering to the cultural sensibilities of this Jewish and White activist minority.

– 50% of Democratic voters are ideologically “conservative” or “moderate.” By itself, this group easily has the numbers to decide who wins the nomination.


If disaffected White populists who are tired of Blompf and Conservatism, Inc. shift over to the Democrats and push Yang as a moderate centrist candidate, he could have a clear path to the nomination. In the general election, he would be very competitive with Trump for the White populist vote. None of the other Democratic candidates are flipping thousands of Trump voters.

In the real world, it would be a piece of cake to do some door knocking for Yang this summer with a “$1,000 a month” sales pitch. How will normies respond to that?

Note: Unlike the Trump Train which has since broken down, the Yang Train is a futuristic Chinese high speed bullet train. It will zip across the rural South and Midwest!

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  1. Reading between the lines, what’s really going on with this article is that the NYT is trying to tell the Twitterati progressivetards not to be disappointed when elderly black voters hand the Democrat nomination to Joe Biden.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden, who is very uninspiring, wins the Democratic nomination. He would be a perfect puppet for the oligarchy, which funds the Democratic Party. This would certainly keep them in control while toning down those to the extreme Left, like AOC.

  2. Biden Vs Trump 2020.

    Biden ‘s Northern Strategy:

    1. Protect union factory jobs that no longer exist, and/or promise their resurgence.

    2. Subsidies for the cornbelt and ethanol.

    3. Keep the South and West from threatening the Rust Belt and Cornbelts with competitive industries and agriculture.(unspoken, yet tacitly implied. “Foreign competition” will be the term used.)

    It’ll be interesting to see Trump and Biden competing on essentially similar things. The Northeastern Leftist establishment will be bitter and resentful over Bernie Sanders’ loss again, but will vote against the Republicans, anyway.

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