Chairman Yang Appears On CNN

We’ve got to enslave the robots and get $1,000 a month:

I’ve been feeling more optimistic about the future.

As I have thought more about this, it has occurred to me that it really all boils down to the money or lack thereof in populist politics. If we had the $1,000 a month in Yang Bucks as well the democracy dollars every cycle, it would finally be curtains for the 20th century MIGA oligarchy.

Finally, we could elect politicians that aren’t utterly subservient to AIPAC and Israel. We can also rid ourselves of MIGA shills like Hannity who endorsed Likud last night:

It all boils down to the shekels.

The whole problem is a tiny elite of elderly wealthy Jewish donors like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban lording it over our culture and politics and pitting all these groups against each other with political correctness over obsolete historical grievances. Solve that problem at the very top of the social and economic pyramid and every other problem can be cracked.

Israel wins every time under the current system. Money really is the root of all evil.

Note: If I have it my way, the 3.0 movement will focus much more on culture and economics than 1.0 and 2.0 which literally talked about nothing but race, Jews and White identity all day and combined it with nihilism, crudity and vulgarity. We need a better vision and paradigm.

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  1. Imagine the UBI and Democracy Dollars.

    At the stroke of a pen, you land a kidney punch to the Jewish biological drive to sow chaos within the American system.

    Bribes to politicians become less noteworthy, corrupt Chamber of Commerce cucks get slapped back to reality, and for once the little guy gets a chance to make something of his/her life.

    • Subtract the shekels from Sheldon Adelson and what is he? Just another elderly person with cancer. The fortune is the source of his power and influence over our politics.

  2. “Terrible Tom” Metzger always stressed the importance of class struggle and economics in his pro-White messages, HW. Unfortunately at that time he was just about the only one who did.

    • “Terrible ” Tommy was/is a sage for the ages. He’s the best White advocate, since Commander Rockwell.

  3. I agree, we need to cut the crudity, give somebody a reason for to believe in the populist movement. Jews are a problem, but our own stupid behavior is worse. A lot of Christians for instance, would pay more attention to our ideas, if we could just quit acting like vulgar sailors at a cheap bar. It drives them away. I don’t like dehumanizing words, k””is, n”gg””, etc, need to go. Just promote a healthy culture.

    • I agree. I never believed that we should use racial slurs in our talk and writings. I sometimes wonder if the whites who claim to be pro-white and use racial slurs are really on our side.

    • “Dehumanizing words.” What drooling leftist-speak. The nigger is a nigger. They’re detestable, low-IQ, violent savages who turn cities into garbage heaps, kill, torture, rob, murder, and rape for fun. They’ve thrown trillions of dollars at these subhumans and they remain what they’ve always been and always will be. Groids. They have no business in this country. We will have NO peace and our cities will be ruined garbage dumps and festering pits of crime until they are EXPELLED.

      You people are turning before our eyes into the self-emasculating “Cuckservativism V.2.0”

      I can’t believe this. You’re literally turning into William F. Buckley before our eyes. “Don’t talk about race realism! Don’t talk about sex realism! Don’t talk about culture or the destruction of nations by migration! Talk about MUH LIBERTARIANISM and MUH ECONOMICS!

      “Forget the knock-down drag-out verbal killshots that wake our people up and make the other side look ridiculous. We need to have PROPRIETY! Neat bow-ties! Be all prim and proper like maiden aunts, and tut-tut while our enemies tear us apart with vicious mockery, because the hearts of men are moved most deeply by pitiful tut-tutting, obeying the Marquess of Queensbury rules while your opponent gleefully curb-stomps you and laughs at your dumbass ‘propriety,’ and economics.”

      This is why Cuckservativsm LOST for 70 years. Because they’re oh-so-polite and oh-so-eager-to-not-be-racist and oh-so-focused on economics, never mind racial invasion, hordes of alien people who hate us and want to DESTROY us and our culture and future and REPLACE us,

      So you’ve decided to straighten your bow-ties, focus on economics, ignore race, and LOSE. There’s literally no difference between you and Paul Ryan or John McCain right now. NONE. You have adopted their positions totally, and you will be just as futile and useless as they are.

      Fools. Blind fools who see the mistakes of the past, block them out, and repeat them.

      What a stupid bunch of losers. Glad I never donated to this site.

      I suggest a new tagline:


      Cucking, Economics, Boomerism, and Bow-Ties

      You need a wake-up call because you’re becoming an exact copy of CUCKSERVATISM, INC. in record time. Unbelievable. I’m barely moderating my language here because you idiots need to be slapped around in the hopes you come to your senses.

      • All of the politeness and civility we are expected to show the Enemy will neither be appreciated nor reciprocated by them, Detective Ironside. So then, exactly whom are we trying to impress? “Normies”? Giovanni Buonocorsi of Philadelphia? To HELL with them and their bourgeois cowardice! With such allies one need not have enemies.

      • That video on a previous post of sniveling, traitorous White Dem contenders kissing the @ss of the vile, stupid ape Al Sharpton while begging for us all to be screwed over by so-called reparations to a race of ignorant ingrates is proof positive that nothing short of profane, mocking disrespect is suitable discourse with our enemies.

  4. The “Yang Bucks” in no way will reduce Jewish power. Yang will become a puppet of Israel just like Trump became.

    Culture is important but race and culture go together. I mainly focus on race because it is so noticeable today because of the massive nonwhite immigration and because our enemies also constantly see race. Your skin color is your uniform.

    • I agree. I just don’t see how 24,000 per year will break the current power structure in any way. It could help the economy in some ways, and make Joe Blow’s life a little more comfortable, but that is it. Comfort will just pad our ongoing path to destruction. That amount of money is insignificant to the powers that be…they’ll still get theirs. And I don’t believe it will “unscramble” the racial situation like HW keeps saying. If everyone becomes more upwardly mobile because of this, I believe you would have even more browns invading white spaces, and even more trying to get here. But why worry? UBI won’t happen anytime soon.

    • Stefania_Says, “Your skin color is your uniform.” Thank you for stating what is a fact.

      I’ve been saying that for years to both normies and woke Whites. There’s absolutely no need to Larp in any (((Hollywood))) uniform. Your uniform was issued at conception.

      Because Jews are sometimes mistaken for Europeans, I would not be surprised if they start wearing garb to differentiate themselves from us, so their non-white storm troopers don’t accidentally attack them.

      • Yep, most blacks do not, or are unable to distinguish jews from whites. It makes the jewish strategy seem even more insane on their part. Do they really think their pets will spare them in the end?

  5. “…Jews are a problem, but our own stupid behavior is worse…”

    I wish to add a caution. I’ve noticed that a lot of Hasbara talk, not saying the above is, is influenced by or to promote some sort of task we should do. I suspect this is to keep us busy with doing stuff that’s not directly related to attacking the Jews. Like we should be more moral. We should get right with God and become more Christian. We should get some sort of special diet, work out or a whole myriad of things we should do. I’ve even heard the Jews saying we should learn Hebrew so we could counter their reading of the bible. HAHAHA

    This is all bullshit. I’m not saying these are not good things in themselves but the real problem is the Jews. We need to get rid of the Jews and their influence over us. They are the major problem.

    An analogy. If a dog has fleas he doesn’t need to learn to roll over or speak or do tricks or walk a special way, he needs to get rid of the fleas.

    Any thing that detracts from getting rid of the Jews and their influence distracts from the main problem.

    Notice the Jews don’t worry about their crudity or any of these other task. They directly concern themselves with weaseling into power in any organization they can. We should watch what they do as they are masters of this.

    It would seem to be, from their actions, that it would be profitable to attack the Jews constantly from all sides.

    I’ve had arguments with people about this. They say the Nazis, some of which I assume are paid by the Jews, are THE problem. Like Patrick Little, (not saying Little is or is not paid by the Jews. I don’t care). I can see how this would be so on the past with little access to information except the kosher press but the situation has changed. I suspect, and believe, that any attacks on the Jews, even ones they set up themselves, will slowly backfire on them as people look around the web to understand just why the Jews are being attacked. If you do look around to find the answer to this you will soon find answers that are not in the Jews favor at all.

    Democracy bucks would help in this by overriding their money power somewhat.

  6. “If we had the $1,000 a month in Yang Bucks as well the democracy dollars every cycle, it would finally be curtains for the 20th century MIGA oligarchy.”

    Now you’re cookin with Lone Star natural gas, Hunter.

    This is why the oligarchs/Jews/Leftists will oppose implementing the 21st Century in America at every turn.

  7. lessee…

    HW as going to break the JewPower by

    hooking White ‘Murkans on $1,000 free Jewbucks/month.

    which they’d use to buy drugs from Mexico and trash from China.


    that’s sure to work. Just like

    Drumpf’s Wall.


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