MAGA: Border Crossings Hit Decade High In March

Please clap.

“Border patrol encountered 103,492 migrants attempting to cross the border illegally last month — the highest number for March in over a decade, according to newly released data from the Department of Homeland Security. …”

What does it matter though?

We’ve spent at least $700 billion a year on a useless military, attempted to foment a coup in Venezuela, added Montenegro to NATO, spent the political capital of the 2016 election on a massive corporate tax cut, deregulated banks, passed criminal justice reform, restarted the Cold War with Russia, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and have allowed it to annex the Golan Heights.

Note: What happened to The Mother of All Caravans? Is it still on the way?

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  1. Soros, the Kochs, the US CofC, the Dem party, and the usual suspects are getting their way on the border, but even more so than usual. On taxes, $6 billion less is going out in refunds. That would be fine if taxes to be paid were also down a similar amount, but only 17% of taxpayers expect to pay less. Manufacturing is coming back to the states, but mainly in automated form. In the last jobs report, White dudes only got 60,000 of them, even though we’re still the majority. We’re losing war games to China in our own computer models, and Russia is joining up with them for military and trade partnerships. Both the Russkies and Chinks are moving towards gold-based currencies and escaping the influence of our quickly-devaluing petrodollar, and taking Brazil, India, and soon many others (like Italy) with them. Whenever I read Trumptards saying “Tired of winning yet?”, I want to stage an intervention and knock the crack pipe out of their hands. We’re a bloated empire in decline, the Western Romans part II. Time to get ready to set up our own cooperative networks within a failing system. If we can get guaranteed fiat currency payments like a UBI to help out, great. If not, we still need to plan for the future, in any case.

  2. Q, Drumpf, and “Bill Mitchell”, whoever-the-f**k-that is…

    three emanations of the same Zionist turd. And

    Drumpf isn’t “weak” on the border: he’s

    taken it down altogether.

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