MIGA: Trump Says Ilhan Omar Is an Anti-Semite

Focused on all the important issues, as always:

Note: The 2020 map is looking great for Chairman Yang. All we got to do is get him on that debate stage and let him stand next to Blompf and it is over. I think Yang can expand the map and take West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas, Mississippi and a bunch of other states.

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  1. “In English, the term ‘anti-Semitism’ must mean opposition to, or antagonism toward Semites, the race now most fully represented by the Arabs and the Arabic-speaking Semites in the Near and Middle East.”

    Revilo P. Oliver.

  2. The defintion of White Nationalist the way they are applying it is very broad these days. It is anyone regardless of race who doesn’t shout that they hate Whites.

    Even Israel FIrst Trump fits their defintion of a WN. They have called him so many times. Good times.

    • Argentina has been jew occupied territy since the Falklands war took down the Generals.

  3. “Our Democracy”– in which most political speech and debate involves charges of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, xenophobia, white nationalism, Islamophobia, and the like. That’s it. Think about it. Boiling it all down to the basics, that’s just about all there is, on just about every topic you can think of. Nothing to be proud of.

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