Southern History Month 2019: The Time John Rankin Gave M. Michael Edelstein a Heart Attack

Should we criticize the Jews?

There is a diversity of opinion on the subject. I’m of view that the 3.0 movement should focus on destroying political correctness which has made our culture stupid and toxic and incapable of rationally debating all kinds of important issues in public affairs like, say, our unwavering support for Israel or the power that our aging Jewish oligarchy wields over our politics in general.

There are many reasons for this some of which are religious, some of which are cultural and others temperamental. Martin Luther certainly never held back from criticizing Jews. Neither did our Southern ancestors who until the Boomer generation never put the Jews up on a pedestal. They criticized everyone in their society whether it was Jews, Catholics, Yankees, blacks or even themselves.

Political correctness is a cultural straightjacket. I think everyone should have the liberty and free speech and cultural room to criticize anyone they want in our society. I don’t mind when people criticize me in the comments. I don’t really care when some people criticize the South either because some of their criticisms are probably valid. The vast majority of the country would rather not walk around on eggshells all the time and cease policing their utterances all because of a small group of miserable, hypersensitive scolds want to work themselves up into a rage about the dumbest things in life.

In 1941, Rep. John Rankin of Mississippi criticized Rep. E. Michael Edelstein of New York over the efforts of his tribe to drag the United States into World War II. Edelstein got so triggered by Rankin that he collapsed and died of a heart attack on the floor of Congress:

“A heated debate on the House floor over charges by Rep. John A. Rankin that the Jews were seeking to drag the United States into war had a tragic climax early this afternoon when Rep. M. Michael Edelstein died of a heart attack a few minutes after giving a fervent reply to the accusation.

The debate began when Rankin (Dem. No.) loudly charged that “Wall Street bankers and international Jews” were dragging the country into war. The speech threw the House into turmoil. Edelstein (Den., N.Y.) who was 55 years old and had been suffering from an ailing heart for some time, managed to get the floor and received unanimous consent to answer Rankin. When Edelstein finished speaking, he was cheered. He left the House Chamber, collapsed in a chair in the Speaker’s lobby and died.

The New York Congressmen’s last words in the House were: “Mr. Speaker–Hitler started out by speaking about ‘Jewish brethren.’ It is becoming the play and work of those people who want to demagogues to speak about their ‘Jewish brethren’ and ‘international bankers’

“The last speaker (Rankin), speaking about international bankers, coupled them with ‘their Jewish brethren.’ The fact of the matter is that the number of Jewish bankers in the United States is infinitesimal. It is also a fact that the meeting which took place yesterday on the steps of the Sub-Treasury was entirely controlled by persons other than Jewish bankers.

“I deplore the idea that any time anything happens, whether it be for a war policy or against a war policy, men in this House and outside this House attempt to use the Jews as their scapegoat. I say it is unfair and I say it is un-American. As a member of this House I deplore the allegations because we are living in a democracy. All men are created equal regardless of race, creed or color. Whether a man be a Jew or a Gentile he may think what he deems fit.”

Edelstein’s speech was in reply to the following statement by Rankin, who obtained permission to “revise and extend” his remarks just after the House had convened:

“Mr. Speaker–Wall Street and a little group of our international Jewish brethren are still attempting to harass the President of the United States into plunging us into the European war, and at the same time Communistic elements throughout the country are fomenting strikes, harassing industry and blowing down the defense program.

“The international bankers are so afraid of this peace movement now going on in England–This peace movement now going on behind the lines might take root and this catastrophe brought to a close before they can get us into it–that on yesterday they held a rally in Wall Street and Wall Street bankers made a plea to that effect.

“If Great Britain gets terms of peace that will leave her empire and navy intact, we ought not to stand in her way. We ought to let the world know now, we ought to let the British people know now that we are not going to plunge into this war and send an army to fight on European soil.”

Rankin refused to release the stenographer’s text of his remarks for use by the press until after he had “revised” it. He did not give any outward evidence of being perturbed by Edelstein’s death.

The House adjourned a few minutes after Edelstein’s death. …”


Now, I don’t wish death on anyone.

I’m bringing this up because I WISH that we had the ability to have an honest discussion on the floor of Congress about American foreign policy and the power and influence of AIPAC and a tiny number of wealthy Jewish donors have over our foreign policy. In fact, I think it is becoming increasingly obvious under Blompf that a reckoning is coming on that antiquated taboo.

There used to be room in the Democratic Party for proud White Southerners like Rep. John Rankin who criticized Jews and who were a counterweight to their suffocating influence:






Note: Those people began to leave the Democratic Party after World War II. Maybe it is time for the descendants of Southern populists like Rankin to come back?

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  1. A fanatical capitalist anti-poor hate site like “Identity Dixie” is soft on Jews? I’m shocked!

    Wake me up when the Southern nationalist movement starts organizing the proletariat, and promoting a radical Third-Worldist Dixie Socialism. Until then I’m done with it.

  2. John Rankin was one of the rare major league Southern politicians of the time, the immediate pre-Pearl Harbor months, who didn’t want American entry into WWII. Unless I’m wrong, and I know that if I am wrong, I’m in the right place to get the correct information.

  3. “When Edelstein finished speaking, he was cheered.”

    Obviously, even our ancestors were greatly fooled by the parasites. There is not a people on the planet more mind-controlled than the parasites. I have a feeling their reign will not go on forever.

  4. “I discovered that the hidden manipulators of the World Order had maintained their power by a very simple technique, which I have likened to a masked ball. The masque enables the Gnostics, the Knowing Ones, to identify their friends and enemies because they alone know who is wearing what costume. It is a masquerade which depends entirely upon disguise, that is, on things which are not what seem. H.T. Martineau wrote in 1833, in “Three Ages”, 1.1 “A troop of gentlemen, whose country could not be divined from their complexions, since each wore a mask.” Persons whose country cannot be divined from their complexions – bandits wore a mask to prevent their victims from identifying them.”
    (c) 1985 The World Order (A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism), Eustace Mullins

  5. They were Bauers before they were Rothschilds.

    “”As he prospered, Mayer Amschel placed a large red shield over his door of the house in the Judengasse, which he shared with the Schiff family. He took the name “Rothschild” from his sign. In 1812, when he died, he left one billion franks to his five sons. The eldest, Anselm, was placed in charge of the Frankfort bank. He had no children, and the bank was later closed. The second son, Salomon, was sent to Vienna, where he soon took over the banking monopoly formerly shared among five Jewish families, Arnstein, Eskeles, Geymüller, Stein and Sina. The third son, Nathan, founded the London branch, after he had profited in some Manchester dealings in textiles and dyestuffs which caused him to be widely feared and hated. Karl, the fourth son, went to Naples, where he became head of the occult group, the Alta Vendita. The youngest son, James, founded the French branch of the House of Rothschild in Paris. Thus strategically located, the five sons began their lucrative operations in government finance. Today, their holdings are concentrated in the Five Arrows Fund of Curacao, and the Five Arrows Corp. Toronto, Canada. The name is taken from the Rothschild sign of an eagle with five arrows clutched in its talons, signifying the five sons. The first precept of success in making government loans lies in “creating a demand”, that is, by taking part in the creation of financial panics, depressions, famines, wars and revolutions. The overwhelming success of the Rothschilds lay in their willingness to do what had to be done. As Frederic Morton writes in the Preface to “The Rothschilds”, “For the last one hundred and fifty years, the history of the House of Rothschild has been to an amazing degree the backstage history of Western Europe…. Because of their success in making loans not to individuals but to nations, they reaped huge profits…. Someone once said that the wealth of Rothschild consists of the bankruptcy of nations.””

    Nothing has changed.

    Read more about the Kings of Jewish Banking from the expert on the parasites himself, the noble Eustace Mulllins.

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