Clown World: AirBnb Will Not Remove Listings From The West Bank

So, let me get this straight.

AirBnb has boldly banned people from using its service who might attend the upcoming American Renaissance conference in Tennessee where they will listen to some speeches, have a banquet, get their picture taken with Jared Taylor and go home. In contrast, AirBnb has backed down under pressure from the Jewish lobby from removing its listings in Jewish settlements in the West Bank, which Bibi Netanyahu has announced will soon be annexed to Israel:

“Five months after Airbnb announced the company would be removing their listings from the West Bank, the team has decided not to move forward with the original policy following backlash in Israel and the U.S.

Details: The decision is part of a lawsuit the company settled with hosts and potential hosts. However, Airbnb will not accept any of the profits from the West Bank listings, instead donating the money to humanitarian nonprofits. The company said it will do the same for listings with Abkhazia in South Ossetia, another disputed region. …”

What level of political correctness is this?

I’m trying to wrap my mind around how Israel declaring itself a Jewish ethnostate, launching multiple attacks on Syria and annexing lebensraum in the West Bank and Golan Heights is GOOD, but White Nationalists merely attending a conference and harming no one is EVIL. If you notice what is going on and draw attention to the double standard, you’re also an “anti-Semite” now.

Honk Honkler is a man of peace. Bibi Netanyahu is the expansionist.

Note: Seriously, it is the world that has lost its mind. We saw that clearly at the shitshow yesterday in Washington. We’re the normal people.

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  1. Chutzpah and hypocrisy. Jew double standards.
    Call us all shocked.
    Regardless, I feel nothing and think even less for and about American Renaissance. Fuck Jared Taylor.
    Try leaving even a hint, never mind an akshuall mention, of hebes and the hebe problem and see how long the comment stays on their Disqus board.

    Is JT just playing 9D chess with the shekel flow?

  2. AirBnb is child’s play. I hereby call on the CEOs of Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Publix, et al. to stop selling groceries to racists. No food for Brad! #HonkHonk

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