Mother Jones: Here’s Why Andrew Yang’s Alt-Right Supporters Think He Is Their Candidate

I’m disappointed that I wasn’t mentioned in the article.

I would say that I have written far more about this issue than anyone else in the “Alt-Right” or “White Nationalist” discursive sphere. If there is someone else who has given the implications of UBI and Andrew Yang’s candidacy for our movement more thought than we have done on this blog, then I would be happy to stand corrected, but I seriously doubt it:

“Last Month, Andrew Yang’s 2020 Presidential bid careened from out of nearly nowhere onto the 2020 Democratic debate stage in a matter of days.

Until March 4, the hashtag #YangGang had mostly been quietly floating around Twitter, only occasionally garnering a peak of just hundreds of daily mentions. But on that day it spiked into the thousands, according to metrics shared with Mother Jones, and compiled by Zach Verdin, a partner at the pro-democracy independent research collective …

Yang has also attracted a diverse and sometimes chaotic group of internet adherents. Beyond the centrist Democrats and Silicon Valley liberals Yang has wooed through traditional campaigning, he’s garnered support among white nationalists, self-described white identitarians, and white supremacists. The groups either mildly disagree with the others or outright hate them.

“Messy is an understatement,” said Louis, pointing to one 4chan thread where white supremacists and white nationalists viciously debated whether Yang’s politics had the potential to start a “white revolution.” …

First things first:

I’m not on 4chan or Discord.

Andrew Yang never solicited my support.

He came to my attention through Twitter and his appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show. Unfortunately, leftwing journos tend to be really dumb people who are high on their own supply of political correctness. Thus, they are unable to grasp that we pay very close attention to public affairs and are constantly mulling over and turning over ideas from thousands of different sources.

Tucker Carlson never asked me watch his television show. Michael Lind never asked me to read his books. I was never asked to read National Review and The American Conservative and The New York Times and Politico and Axios and dozens of other sources that I do on a daily basis, but I do it anyway because I am a highly intelligent and well educated human being who owns a vast library.

From time to time, I also read Mother Jones, Vox, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Slate, Salon and other leftwing sites as well depending on whether these outlets have anything interesting to say or just catch my attention with clickbait. While I don’t follow their discourse as closely as that of True Conservatism™, which I enjoy watching on Twitter as well, I still pay attention.

Andrew Yang’s idea of Universal Basic Income and his message about the 4th Industrial Revolution is very interesting and landed with us at exactly the right moment. It has only recently caught my attention due to his media appearances. I’ve thought about it in the context of all the other things that I have thought about and written about on this website for years like the economics of plantation slavery and various critiques of free-market capitalism from a wide variety of different sources.

As I told Nicole Einbinder of Business Insider, “I think he has a superior vision for the country, it’s vastly superior to Donald Trump’s vision,” Griffin told INSIDER. “I strongly support universal basic income and think it’s brilliant… I think Yang has solved the white nationalist problem.” I’ve recently been joking about how I should be hired as the new chief of the SPLC to solve America’s “hate” problem as well as the lingering problem of poverty in the Deep South. That’s because I think that I can solve both of those problems simply by bouncing around some ideas with Andrew Yang.

Secure the bag, guys:

What do I mean by solving “the white nationalist problem”?

By the White Nationalist problem, I mean how do we reconcile all of these disaffected people with the “mainstream”? How do we create a White ethnostate without violence or reforming conservatism? How do we end the domination of the aging Jewish oligarchy which has been lording it over the United States, polarizing our politics and poisoning our culture, since the mid-20th century?



In order to create a new social order, we have to first create a new economic order and political order. In a world in which artificial intelligence and the automation of the workforce by a slave caste of robotic workers has ended free-market capitalism, we will restore the dynamics of Slave Society and become a vastly wealthier world than we are today, and in that context we can simply redistribute all the new wealth to the people through Universal Basic Income which can be steadily raised over the course of several generations when it is pegged to scientific and technological progress.

Up with Jefferson Davis!

The triumph of Southern organic society over the Yankee individualistic mindset is at hand.

Yang’s brilliant insight is that having more money and redistributing it more equitably will solve both racial and class conflict in the long run. It will end wage slavery and global poverty in the 21st century. It will effectively end the modern world itself which has been defined by five centuries of the global expansion of free-market capitalism whether it was in the form of chattel slavery or wage slavery. By focusing on the money and how to redistribute it to human beings, we can improve the well-being of everyone and give them the economic independence to do whatever they want to in life.

What will happen when human beings have the wealth to do whatever they want to in life? They will pursue higher order goods. They will become more positive and optimistic about life. They will also seek out homogeneity by focusing on belonging, esteem and self-actualization:

Think about it: what did Southern planters do with their leisure time? They became a country of gentry with courtly manners. They were sociable men who lionized Antiquity and the Middle Ages. This is why they were so vastly superior in eloquence to Southern politicians in our own times. Their culture was based on honor (i.e., esteem) because their basic needs were provided for by slavery.

We used to conceive of ourselves as a “knightly race” of gentlemen. The Southern elite thought of itself as the Chivalry. It was slavery that made it possible.

The post-modern world of the future will “unwind” the modern world.

In order to see this, you have to think about how the rise of free-market capitalism really made and sculpted the modern world. It is what created the racial and cultural demographics of places like, say, the American South, the Caribbean, North America and South America which simply couldn’t have been created in any other way. It is the driving force that is still unsettling nations.

When everyone has enough money and has been liberated from toil by a robotic workforce, however, there will be no need for conflict. Everyone will relax and chill out. They will also resort themselves into tribes according to their own preferences. Cosmopolitan people will do their own thing. Similarly, the ethnonationalists will do their own thing as people just move to live among other likeminded people. We will unscramble miserable places with low social capital like Los Angeles, CA.

If I might use a Marxist phrase, the 4th Industrial Revolution will change the “substructure” or the economic foundation of society which will dramatically alter the “superstructure” or the current culture of Clown World that exists on top of the present dying system. The political correctness, for example, is widely resented by the vast bulk of the American population, but it is enforced by a tiny Jewish oligarchy through its disciplinary institutions like the ADL and SPLC.

There is just no way that our current legacy Jewish oligarchy inherited from the 20th century is going to survive this transition. It will lose power to its challengers as assuredly as our Southern ancestors succumbed in their time to the rise of industrial capitalism. It is an exciting possibility to think about and you can’t even see it unless you are so immersed in studying history that you are capable of seeing how dramatically a new economic paradigm will alter everything.

Now, of course, the “woke” set of leftwing journos will whine and cry and pout and stamp their feet as more and more people figure this out, but let’s not lose sight of the fact that virtually no one else in the electorate likes them or even really listens to them in the Democratic Party. At the end of the day, they’re not going to stop anyone from voting their own self interest.

Note: If you haven’t been a historicist for 15 years who constantly thinks about and sees every issue through the prism of history, you’re probably not going to understand any of this. I would love to meet the leftwing journo who knows more about these issues than I do.

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  1. “How do we end the domination of the aging Jewish oligarchy which has been lording it over the United States, polarizing our politics and poisoning our culture, since the mid-20th century?”

    – I’ll say it now, HW.

    Noting that you (or I) are intelligent, is a non sequitur with the Leftoid/Liberal, precisely because WE CANNOT BE AS INTELLIGENT AS THEY: for, if we were, we would HAVE EQUAL LEGITIMACY – of life, opinion, and place in society. That can never be, you see.

    And that (as Jew Alinsky noted in his book, “Rules for [Goyische] Radicals”) is why it is not allowed.

    However, the second point (see quote above) is why the first cannot be countenanced. The Left is the ‘shabbas goyim’ of the Deicides, and they follow their Master’s orders like good slaves. They are the first line of defense in keeping the STUPID WHITE MASSES from knowing the Truth – “It’s the Jews, Stupid!”

    We dare raise the real spectre of Jewish influence, AIPAC control, and the very real Oligarchy of the murderous, blasphemous, godless (while ‘religious’) Ethnic Supremacist Tribe known as the Jews. and THAT…. and THAT ALONE, renders the ‘alt-right’ as ‘beyond the pale’ as we can get.

    So, just note (((they))) will NEVER give us credence. We WILL have to engage in war with (((them))) because they NEVER play ‘fair.’ That is a WHITE construct which they loathe and abominate, as much as they loathe and abominate our King – Jesus Christ.

  2. I’ll know that HW has hit the big time when he appears in a Ken Burns documentary as an historical expert, like Shelby Foote and Peter Coyote.

  3. Much of humanities struggle through the centuries has been to lessen the amount of sheer effort it takes to live. When people had enough leisure, people built civilizations filled with great art and architecture and literature. Greece, Rome, China, etc. but it took slavery to do it. We have the knowledge and technology to create much labor saving, but stupidly still work 40 60 weeks. An Ancient Greek would think we are totally nuts. And he would be right.

  4. So this is the future of America.

    70 percent of its citizens living government welfare check to welfare check in an imploding economy going through rapid hyper inflation, while massive multinational corporations funnel trillions of dollars out of the nation into offshore bank accounts as their armies of robots toil away 24/7.

    The biggest most blatant flaw of the Yang Plan is this. “How do you get companies that already don’t pay taxes to pay even more in taxes?”

    • Genghiz Yang’s UBI, if it actually happened, will

      like the niggers’ (((gibs-me-dats))), be debt-financed.

      price inflation will then eat it up w/in one year,

      which is precisely what just happened when beta tested in Finland.

  5. HW you’re not really a true historian seeking truth reading rubbish by trained jesuit authors. You’re kidding us, right? Lol…

  6. I don’t care if he’s Taiwanese. He is still Chinese, just more of a renegade variety than the mainland drones. Orientals are a totally different breed. And, there are billions of them and they understand that race is EVERYTHING.

  7. “Andrew Yang’s idea of Universal Basic Income and his message about the 4th Industrial Revolution is very interesting and landed with us at exactly the right moment. ”

    It also grates on the old order with its talk of smoke stacks, steampunk work regimes, 19th Century labour politics, and it’s irrelevant arguments about how best to fight the Cold War.

    Even in the pre 1989 80’s, I could feel the Cold War dying out and the World outside of the U.S. moving on to a post Soviet, NATO future.

    I can feel a similar shift on the horizon, now. The old order is closing ranks to fight the future.

    We’ll begin to see open opposition to the new economy and society by the old order. They’ll stop talking about political correctness right quick, and start talking about the threat of Automation to human rights, the environment, and Niggers in Africa.

    As an aside, I’m surprised that Futurama didn’t do an episode where 31st Century Yankees invade the South to free the robots. No doubt, we’ll see episodes in popular programs, along these lines.

    Robots will do the jobs Americans don’t want to do, and for which, Mestizos are no longer necessary.

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