Ivanka Trump… If the Shoe Fits

Don’t like to toot my own horn.

But I have to say: I told you so

I made President Trump’s beautiful, blond shiksa daughter Ivanka Kushner the White traitor of the year award. She’s been brought straight out of central casting to bring her evil husband Jared Kushner into President Trump’s inner circle to basically f*** everything we’ve hoped, prayed or worked for since 2016.

I’ve definitely had my personal issues with Ann Coulter, but she nails it here.

Note: I have to recommend the excellent Murdoch Murdoch animated videos political commentary on all this.


  1. Fun Fact about Javaka: Their jew york city address is 666 Park Avenue.

    666? That number rings a bell.

    Kushner is a child of Satan, so it makes complete sense.

  2. All non-Christian women are “shiksas.” Don’t let the Jews use their definitions against Whites; use their own scurrilous terms against them, themselves. See how THEY like being called ‘unclean whores.’
    Just sayin’…..

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