Tulsi Gabbard Qualifies For Democratic Debate

Great news.

We’re going to have another peace candidate in the Democratic debates:

“Rep. Tusli Gabbard (D-Hawaii) announced on Twitter that 65,000 people have donated to her presidential campaign, meaning she is now eligible to participate in the June Democratic primary debates.

Details: Gabbard claims she has not accepted any PAC donations. If more than 20 candidates meet the 65,000 donation qualification, they may have polling qualifications to meet later.”

Tulsi is great on foreign policy.

While I don’t agree with her on lots of subjects, I am looking forward to seeing her voice in the upcoming Democratic debates. Sorry Boomers and neocons, the Cold War ended in 1991!

Note: Tulsi has also been getting some held from disaffected White populists. We strongly believe in putting Humanity First and avoiding destructive regime change wars.

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  1. I donated. I want to see the media try to smear her as an anti-Semite for opposing these insane endless wars. I guess not insane if you are a genocidal Jewish supremacist but that doesn’t represent the electorate I don’t think.

    • “Everybody knows it’s all complete BS, right?” – obviously not, which is why spending 30 minutes every 2 years to force them to move openly and overtly is worthwhile.

  2. It’s probably all bs, but if I bother to vote at all it would be for Gabbard. Not a yangtard.

    I like the foreign policy positions, and her forthrightness, but then again I liked Trump’s in 2016. We see how he turned into a regime-change fan and a raving neocon Zionist.

    I’m sure that there’s nothing else about Gabbard that interests me.

    But she’ll probably be gone before my state’s primary, smeared as an anti-semite for being against war, so I won’t have to bother with participating in their quadrennial farce.

    • Instead wasting your time on going to vote for some sociopathic narcissist (which is what most politicians are) do something useful – like get some Trigger Time @ the gun range or take a nap.

  3. You’re right. I am done voting for any of these scumbags, liars, bribe-takers, warmongers and frauds.

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