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    • Spahn – I didn’t know things would be this bad. I knew Trump was a jerk, but I thought he would be a lot better than Clinton when I went along with the entire God Emperor thing. I….don’t even think Hilary would be this blatant in her behavior,

        • Some not all. There is a very long thread starting in 2016 in the politics section at Stormfront, detailing Trump’s extensive Jewish mob connections.

          When I saw the WN/Alt-Right shilling hard for Trump, while ignoring a solid Pro White candidate, while having the chutzpah to warn the public about Jews, I experienced cognitive dissonance so strong, it gave me a pounding headache. They made the SJW look sane.

          If you have to beg a movement to campaign for their own candidate, and even then they won’t do it, then the movement does not exist. It is a sham.

          I am convinced that Mossad campaigns for Trump heavily in WN and Alt-RIght forums. For example there is a fellow calling himself WhiteRights at Stormfront. He is their Bill Mitchell. Teams of them usually with White in their fake names, would gang up on people who warned about Trump. WhiteRights seems to be one of only a few left, but rhey will return in numbers again closer to the next election.

        • “We”…”none of us”

          horseshit. Numerous hardRight/WN’s like myself warned

          you alt-Lite/alt-Right Drumpftards about this Jew-owned con-artist from the get-go.

          you didn’t listen. Now you’ve fallen for another distractive

          con-artist: Genghiz Yang.


      • @Denise
        You shilled for Trump so shamelessly on this blog, it was embarrassing. It was like he was the one true love of your life. True information meant nothing to you.

        This is how Americans are with their Presidental candidates. They believe whatever they want to believe about them. They worship them like they are famous Hollywood actors. They become wise only after they are elected, when reality doesn’t match their fiction.

  1. Unlike the complete, utter, fucktarded bullshit about Yellow Vests chanting “We want Trump”, this is actually true and not fake news

  2. We should have went with our gut. If adversity breeds men, desperation breeds fools.

    He owes them. For everything.

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