Andrew Yang Appears On Fox & Friends

Good morning, everyone!

The MIGAites are running scared:

Check this out:

By the time Jason Kessler holds Unite the Right 3 in Charlottesville, the blacks will be there with tiki torches chanting YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US!

Skip to 13:48.

Watch our horse Yang shut down Stuart Varney:

Yes, Stuart, you came to the United States in like the 1980s, and you still can’t grasp the concept that harnessing technology and energy is creating wealth, not human beings, because you read a book by Adam Smith which was written in the late 18th century. How does your paradigm still make any sense when we will grow wealthier while 40 percent of the workforce will be cut over the next 15 years?

BTW, if scientific and technological progress is ultimately what is generating all this wealth, why is it so immoral to redistribute it more equitably? Hmm …

Note: The LeBron James of the future have been cancelled.

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    • Sheeeiiittt all the Japanese need to do is give the robot muhh dikking white womenz powers and they can call it the turbo ultra mega negro 2.0

    • I agree. Nonetheless, it is refreshing to see somebody give it back to a “free markets and capitalism at all costs” shill like Stuart Varney. Just wish it were a white man.

  1. Boring. Who cares? We want to get discussion about white identity going, not talk about automation.

    Yang is the dumbest troll meme yet. It’s already dead in the water. No one the grass roots alt-right cares about Yang or wants to push Yang memes. It’s another terrible idea from the people who thought holocaust jokes and forced, insincere “Amnat” posturing were good things to lead with.

    • I’m interested in white identity, but I am also interested in lots of other things, specifically how automation will transform the US economy over the next 15 years. If it is true that 40% of the workforce will be idled over the next 15 years as the application of deep learning powered AI ricochets through the economy, well, then I would imagine that would have a significant impact on the system. It is hard to see how destablizing the White working class to that degree while simultaneously intensifying the political correctness is going to work.

      As for Yang, he is nothing but the messenger. He is simply telling you what is about to happen. He is the only person on the national stage who is even talking about it. Obviously, that’s because our elites want to keep this as quiet as possible. I think it is retarded as hell that some people are so blinded by their “muh White identity” obsession that they can’t grasp the implications of what he is saying.

      It doesn’t matter whether he is Asian. The only thing that really matters is if he is right. If Yang is right, then all these visions of a RAHOWA future and endless waves of immigration are entirely wrong.

      • Yang is at best a “protest” candidate, HW. By voting for him you are attempting to send a message to the crooks in DC that you’re unhappy with the status quo. But this has been tried a number of times before, with zero results. Remember Ross Perot, Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan? But you are smart to realize that the issue of white identity is also inextricably tied to economics and now technology as well.

  2. “Yes, Stuart, you came to the United States in like the 1980s, and you still can’t grasp the concept that harnessing technology and energy is creating wealth, not human beings, because you read a book by Adam Smith which was written in the late 18th century. ”

    The Human body hasn’t improved over the last 150 years. Machines have.
    Labour hasn’t gotten more productive. Capital has. Tools and Machinery(capital) have.

    Read Alvin Toffler, not Adam Smith.

    We no longer have an economy that’s muscle powered, with supplemental steam engines and a few electric and gas motors here and there.

    Clearing land with chainsaws and dozers is a lot faster, easier and efficient, than with muscle powered saws, axes and horse drawn skidders.

  3. @Hunter Wallace

    Fourth Wave Society exposes White folks’ enemies for what they are and renders all of their arguments null and void.

    We won’t need swarms of brown peons to perform work that’s increasingly done by smart machines. They’re developing machines that will make the “we need somebody to pick tomatoes and lettuce” argument irrelevant.

    We also won’t need Jews and their White SJWs screaming about 19th Century labour politics and rights for Mestizos and Niggers, anymore, either.

  4. The only loyal supporters Drimp has left are those aging Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh fans, aka, the Babby Boomers. But their numbers and influence are steadily diminishing, so their cult-like worship of the orange kike may not be quite enough to get his ass re-elected. He may win a second term by default, however, if the Dems can’t find a strong enough candidate to take him on.

  5. there’s been a basketball shooting robot at carnegie science center since 2002 at least. welcome to the 00s, hunter wallace. track & field did not go away as soon as cars moved faster than runners. NBA, and all the negative things it brings, is here to stay.

    instead of pop culture books, maybe you should read what some actual professors in robotics and AI are publishing.

    “If it is true that 40% of the workforce will be idled over the next 15 years as the application of deep learning powered AI”

    it’s not true. you would know this if you actually knew anything about this stuff instead of just encountering it this year, and reading the first pop culture book you encountered. you’ve never thought about this stuff before, and are getting hyped up by the first salesman pitch you’ve encountered.

    again, let’s see if you can answer this question: why hasn’t mcdonalds replaced all it’s employees with hamburger machines?

    because mexicans are 100 to 1000 times less expensive than robots with similar capability. that won’t change in the next 15 years. there’s an unlimited supply of third worlders to bring in to do blue collar labor, and billions of dollars in robot R&D and manufacturing that will sit on the sideline for decades as long as that equation does not balance.

    cost of third worlder = 0.001 cost of robot

    democrats will make sure that flow of third worlders comes in, so robots will not be cost effective…for a long time. depending on progress with moore’s law, which has stalled, it could be a very long time indeed. they’ve been stuck at 10nm for a long time now, and just getting to 7nm. at the cost of 100 billion, probably. but mexicans can make more mexicans in 9 months, for cheap.

    under conditions of immigration and labor restriction, such as in the netherlands, which has the best agriculture robots, and japan, then autonomous general purpose robots can make economic sense in some roles. that will never be the case in the US, so general purpose robots will never make much sense here. there’s an unlimited supply of minimum wage labor operating at an effective electrical level far, far beyond what 7nm microcontrollers can do. hamburger machines exist. but they won’t be used.

    now, on the technical limitation side, say, for velodyne lidar for autonomous ground vehicles, that’s more likely to happen, as the engineers crack the problem. but still, a way’s away. now, if this stuff was very close, or right on the precipice, then uber wouldn’t have a business model, because, again, you can bring in an unlimited supply of middle eastern cab drivers and they cost basically nothing, driving around a used toyota. or you can have a lidar equipped vehicle for a million dollars driving around drunk people on saturday night. which we don’t have. because

    cost of third worlder = 0.001 cost of robot

    get it now?

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