MIGA: Israeli Probe Crashes Into The Moon


“YEHUD, Israel — The Latest on Israel’s attempt to land spacecraft on the moon (all times local):

11 p.m.

One of the commanders of the failed Israeli space mission to the moon says the spacecraft has crashed.

Doron Opher, general manager of the space division of Israel Aerospace Industries, says the SpaceIL craft “definitely crashed on the surface of the moon.”

The spacecraft lost communication with Earth just moments before it was to touch down, dashing hopes of making history as the first privately funded lunar mission.”

I kind of feel better now after this morning.

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  1. Peak America was 1969 with the moon landing. I’m going to put SpaceX in the column of the new white nation, as Elon is a white refugee from white genocide in South Africa. A glorious future awaits us once we get serious about state formation: Partition, the Northern Alliance, space. There is no one out there that can stop us.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that all the high tech we have today that no other nation including the U.S has put another man on the moon. Hummmmm

  3. NO country landed men on the moon, including the United States. The Universe is GEOCENTRIC and the Earth is FLAT and there’s a dome, what’s called a “FIRMAMENT”, around this Earth, this FLAT Earth we live on.

    No one, no country, no space agency, can break thru The Firmament.

    The USA , the U.S. Air Force, tried to blast a hole in The Firmament in the early 1960’s with NUKES. NUKES couldn’t blast a hole in The Firmament. See “Operation Dominic” and “Operation Fishbowl” at YouTube and do an internet search on your favorite search engine : “Operation Dominic and Operation Fishbowl”. Man can NOT break thru The Firmament.

    In JEW HEBREW “NASA” MEANS “TO DECEIVE”. Yes, “NASA” means “To Deceive” in the Hebrew language.

    At YouTube, about Geocentrism, about THE TRUTH of Geocentrism and about the PSYOPS/LIE called “Heliocentrism”. Heliocentrism is THE BIGGEST LIE THE BIGGEST PSYOPS in the history of Man.

    Unfortunately, the biggest lie and biggest psyops in the history of Man is now the foundational ontology of Western culture. Heliocentrism is now the root of Western culture ; And from this diseased ROOT grows all the lies of the satanic New World Order. Heliocentrism comes from the Kabbalah, the main book of satanism/satanists around the world. Heliocentrism is fundamentally satanic, a satanic LIE, a satanic PSYOPS. Heliocentrism is the satanic theory of the Universe and it also has NEVER been proven scientifically. Heliocentrism remains a satanic theory of the Universe from the satanic Kabbalah. At YouTube :

    “How They Hide God”

    “Malcolm Bowden + The Academic Mafia” or “Malcolm Bowden + The Science Mafia”

    A video, a very compelling video, about scientific experiments proving Geocentrism to be The Truth :


    The Earth is FLAT. There’s a FIRMAMENT around this FLAT EARTH. The Universe is GEOCENTRIC.

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