Mitch McConnell: 2020 Election Should Be a “Referendum on Socialism”

Sounds great to me:

Challenge accepted, Boomer.

Woah, Mitch … what happened there to your “Center-Right” Reaganite base?

Note: The emperor has no clothes.

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  1. Why should we even still be dealing with nearly two hundred year old political ideologies in the 21st Century? Or the ancient politicians and miseducated and brainwashed Millennials who still espouse them.

    No more Neo-Yankees, Jews, Cold Warriors,1960s SJWs, or AntiFa larping the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Spanish Civil War, or as John Brown’s merry band of butchers. Put these people, in a museum, old folks home, or mental hospital.

    The 19th and 20th Centuries are over.

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