Politico: Trump Passes On Making U.N. Racism Committee Nomination

Well now … this is interesting:

“The Trump administration will not nominate anyone to serve on a United Nations committee on racism, the latest sign of a U.S. retreat from international bodies and traditional human rights priorities.

A State Department official said the White House intervened to prevent the expected renomination of a human rights lawyer chosen by former President Barack Obama for the 18-member U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The official said the Trump administration may simply have run out of time to find a replacement before a deadline. Even so, the official added, “it cements the narrative that the Americans just don’t care about these kinds of things anymore.” …

The move comes at a time when President Donald Trump’s views about race have faced intense criticism, with some prominent Democrats flatly stating that the president is “a racist.” …”

What has changed?

This seems strangely out of character for the Trump administration. Normally, Blompf would be going out of his way to talk about the African-American unemployment rate and how he isn’t a “racist.” Is Blompf concerned that the “racist vote” might be slipping through his Orange fingers?

I’m reassured … Blompf had me worried there for a second that he wasn’t a “racist” too. I see now that he shares our values and identity and we’re not going to vote in 2020 for $1,000 a month taken out of his own ass and that of all his wealthy donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers.

Yang Gang cancelled!*

*just kidding the thought of a maximum income cap and $1,000 a month from Blompf and all these rich bastards who don’t give a f*** about anyone but themselves in life and Conservatism, Inc. going up in flames like the Hindenburg is too good an opportunity and too funny to pass up.

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  1. Because a UN racism committee would most likely be anti-Zionist and even anti-Jewish, like the 2001 Durban convention that was boycotted by the US. This is in line with Trump’s Israel First agenda.

  2. The United Nations Committee on Racism is just another anti-Western, anti-White organisation.

    As an aside, $2000 a month is more realistic. Where I live, at least, it takes around $1600 a month to get by. Which is the bottom end of what factory work pays around here.

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