Clown World: Google and Mozilla Ban Gab’s Dissenter

Editor’s Note: I was “regabbed” by Robert Bowers last fall for criticizing Blompf. This was seized upon by the SPLC and Journofa to insinuate that somehow I support violence.


“Google and Mozilla banned a browser extension made by the social network Gab on Thursday, dealing another blow to the racist alt-right’s favorite social platform.

The new bans target Dissenter, a browser extension created by Gab that adds a parallel comment section to any web page on the internet. The decision from the two tech companies makes it harder for people to add Dissenter to their browsers. …”

It seems like Big Tech is now caught up in like this endless feedback loop of political correctness and extremism which is leading to government regulation. They ratchet up the political correctness and censorship. It increases the anger and vitriol. The result is violence. This justifies ratcheting up the political correctness and censorship again. It increases anger, vitriol and leads to more violence.

Note: It all seems rather stupid too me. If we just practiced our traditional values like reason, tolerance and free speech, then we could deescalate and defuse the cycle.

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  1. I honestly don’t get why they would bother with dissenter, are they afraid that everyone would eventually switch to it?

  2. I can’t believe there’s so few Brentons/Bowers/Breiviks given the sheer amount of shuttening these people engage in. It’s only a matter of time before they make an attempt to totally wipe out everuthing from Chechar to OD and DS.

    • (((they))) will not win. There’s an infinitude of alternate servers out there…everything (((they))) tried to shutter – Daily Stormer, Stormfront, Red Ice, TANSTAAFL, my humble little site (unique hits since 12 midnight GMT: 8,706), etc. – are long since up and running again. And

      you can always buy your own server, download the WP templates, and you’re back in action.

  3. This is just another sign of the old order fighting the future. Fighting it’s eventual political extinction.

    They’re attempting to enforce a 20th Century moral/political paradigm, one which is, itself, based on 18th and 19th Century paradigms. Without which, they’re done for as anything other than historical figures.

    The Oligarchs/Jews and their bought politicians are anachronistic nuisances at best, dangerous to our long term survival at worst. Dangerous because they won’t accept their political and social irrelevancy and their loss of power.

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