Pope Francis Kisses The Feet Of South Sudan’s Rival Leaders


I feel moved by the Spirit to share this news item with you.

“(CNN)Pope Francis has broken with papal protocol by kneeling to kiss the feet of South Sudan leaders at the Vatican.

A video released by the Vatican shows an aide on Thursday assisting the 82-year-old Francis, who was breathing heavily, so he could kiss the feet of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. He then moved on to Vice Presidents-designate Riek Machar and Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior.

Kiir and Machar were once rivals, with Kiir accusing Machar — his former deputy — of staging a 2013 coup. Years of civil war followed. In 2018, they signed a peace agreement in Ethiopia, and they are now attempting to form a stable government together.

“To you three, who have signed a peace agreement,” the Pope said, “I ask you as a brother, remain in peace.” …”

As a good Lutheran, I can’t resist the temptation to point out to our Catholic readers how your Pope is breaking with your own traditions and give you a good ribbing:

Is this man acting like the Vicar of Christ on earth should be performing his role? I don’t think so. I can understand the gesture and the good will effort being made by Pope Francis to bring peace to South Sudan. As a peaceful populist, I find war distasteful as well, but I really liked Benedict XVI so much better. He was a much more impressive Catholic … than this guy or Leo X!

Further Reading: Roy Batty’s 2.0 take.

Further Watching: Learn something about Lutheranism.

As a historicist, I like watching documentaries and learning about my own culture. I like to think about moral and economic paradigms in the context of history.

Learn something about Calvinism as well … why the hell not? Why don’t we spend our time taking advantage of leisure and technology to become more educated, civilized human beings?

Note: Before you get mad at me for pointing this out, I would like you to see this as just an exercise in the absurdity of identity politics. I’ve already explained to you that I am a fan of lots of Catholics like St. Thomas Aquinas, Bernard of Clairvaux and the Cistercians.

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  1. Even as a Lutheran, I can’t take any guilty pleasure in this top tier clowning. I’d never have believed it possible even 10 years ago. This Pope’s entire tenure would still be completely unbelievable if I hadn’t seen pictures and video and interviews.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like for faithful traditional Catholics to come to grips with the fact that the upper hierarchy of the modern Church consists of literal demons and retards.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRN1SUAyNtI

      He reveals the truth behind The Ninth Circle. One of the few who actually names names. For starters:

      Gerhard Ludwig Muller
      Marc Ouellet
      Pietro Parolin

      Annett treads in extremely dangerous territory and I prayer for his safety. They are starting to put up the heat because he is reaching more people through interviews.

      I believe everything he says. But that’s me.

      We’re living is truly sick times.

    • Agreed. The man is straight evil. The things he advocates for will destroy what is left of the Church he pretends to lead.

      • So, the infallible Pope likes to suck on nigger toes, that doesn’t make him any less infallible does it?

  2. While he’s on the ground grovelling like that, I’d be tempted to run up behind him and kick him in the ass so hard he lifts off the ground.

    Seriously what is wrong with this big gay Pope? Is he part of a grand conspiracy to tear down and humiliate the White race?

  3. As a Traditionalist Catholic and Sedevacantist we do not recognize the current Pope as anything but a fraud. He is Jew owned and the church has been completely under control from an (((occupying force))) since Vatican II. Jews were sent to undermine and destroy Christ’s original true church after World War 2 because it was the only institution left across the western world which opposed them and spoke the truth about them. I understand why Protestants might look down on us Catholics but there are still some of us fighting to take back our church and race.

    • I don’t look down on Catholics at all, although I obviously disagree with them. I do enjoy fucking with my Catholic friends about their diablerie and pederasty, and I shitlord about it online quite a bit. But faithful Protestants have gone through the same type of horrible shit in the US … when I tell folks I’m Lutheran they generally think of the ELCA, whose leaders would be kissing the warlords’ dicks and buttholes, not their feet. Same with the Episcopalians and the mainline Methodists and Presbies. There are more orthodox Protestants in Africa than in Christendom.

      Hell, the Church of Sweden is nominally Lutheran, and they make Pope Francis look like Urban II.

      So yeah, being embarrassed by modern “Christian” brethren is a big tent. 🙁

  4. Most of the Christian thinkers I’ve been attracted to, like Johannes Tauler and E. Michael Jones, are Catholic. But the papacy and the clergy are so riddled with worldly corruption and pedophilia that there’s no way I could trust the church. Especially when some of the pope’s closest associates are getting busted for holding gay orgies at the Vatican. I don’t want intermediaries coming between me and God, anyway.

    • God doesn’t even go to church.

      If the real Jesus Christ were to comeback today, he’d be shot down by the CIA.

      The The

  5. At this point the question of his sexuality should be obvious to anyone. The Catholic Church has a real problem with the rampant homosexuality within their ranks.

  6. I am a Catholic. This “Pope” is an imposter. It is simply not possible to have two Popes alive at the same time.

    This is the “Pope” that “cannot” kneel in front of the monstrance at Mass, but can still do it to kiss the feet of the darkies.

    How much lower can we go?

    • I was a Catholic and this just reinforces my decision to run and run far. Go watch some YouTube videos of Kevin Annett on the Church. Mind-Boggling BIG TIME. Kevin is a genuine crusader and a target of character assassination. He confirms what is really going on. I first heard of him through Sarah Westall.

    • Pope Benedict’s Hitler Youth bona fides were too much for the open borders, multiracial, and multicultural agendas of the contemporary Catholic hierarchy to reconcile with.

  7. Ann Barnhardt put it best, something to the effect that,

    “There are two churches at the moment, the Anti-Church and the Catholic Church, occupying the same liturgical, sacramental and jurisdicial space.”

    Once, as a joke, people used to ask, “Is the Pope a Catholic?” hoping to elicit a positive response.

    The plain answer to that question is now “No”.

  8. Don’t kid yourself. He really wants to plant one on the crotch. But, that’s what confessionals are for.

    Despicable loon.

  9. Catholicism is a verifiably false religion. The dogma is internally inconsistent, and this is apparent looking through denzinger and the documents of first and second Vatican councils. Followers of it simply have not put in the effort to understand their own religion by reading these documents (or are in a state of denial).

  10. Dart, that is laughable. A “false religion”? So who was it that carried the Good News” for centuries before the first protestant was even born?

    And tell me Dart, which in your opinion of the 32,000 protestant sects is the true Christianity?

    This is the trouble. While people with your opinions have been quietly assasinating the character of other Christians, the moslems, buddhists, hindus, jews, satanists, secularists and all the rest, have taken over the West. I hope you are happy with yourself. Stand up and take a bow.

    • Again, Catholicism is verifiably false. Read the documents and count the contradictions.

      If there is a true Christianity, then it is eastern Orthodox, which is not internally inconsistent in the way that Roman Catholicism is.

      • Dart, you realize Eastern Orthodoxy was formed and based off Catholicism except with minor changes here and there. The true church is the Original Catholic church founded by Christ and his Disciples.

  11. How many shekels in the vatican’s collection basket did Soros promise to his pope to prostrate himself to sub-Saharan African warlords before the entire world?

    As if the international hide a pedophille scandals and open borders agenda weren’t enough to make a billy goat projectile vomit.

    What a humongous shame it must be to be a practicing Catholic.

  12. Not at all November, because we Catholics know that we are spiritual beings belonging not to this world, but to the next, where justice will be swift and last for eternity.

    Our faith can draw on 2,000 years of history so we can put the current corruption within the Church in a context that tells us that it will pass, and the Church will become rightous again in the near future.

    The saints who have had visions of hell report the presence of many Catholic clergy along with some of the laity. We do not doubt this. This reinforces our sense of justice and a restoration of the social order.

    We need to act during the very short period of our lives to restore order against evil forces and are doing so. We should not however lose sight of the big picture.

    Justice will be meted out to Bergoglio, and his enabler, Ratzinger, soon enough.
    Then we can get on with business as He planned it.

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