Washington Free Beacon: King of the Nerds

I find Charles Fain Lehman’s take on Yang 2020 to be overly dismissive.

“BOSTON—Before Andrew Yang took the stage Wednesday evening, a peppy campaign spokeswoman taught the 200-or-so supporters assembled on Boston Common a new cheer.

“Andrew says a lot of things about numbers,” she explained. “He’s really into the facts, which is very exciting. So when he says things like ‘when you look at the numbers,’ I want you to put your ‘math’ signs in the air. If I say ‘math,’ you say—”

“Math!” the crowd screams back.

Many of their bright-blue campaign signs also say “Math.” A few, customized for the event, are emblazoned with “Welcome to Math-achusetts.” Every time Yang mentions a statistic during his 20-minute stump speech, he is cut off by the enthusiastic chants of “math” from the eager-to-please crowd.

Here, then, is some math for you: according to the most recent Morning Consult Poll, about 1 percent of Democratic primary voters are currently backing him, on par with such notables as Rep. Tim Ryan and Gov. Steve Bullock. Fifty-nine percent of respondents have never heard of the entrepreneur turned candidate; just 13 percent view him favorably, compared to 8 percent unfavorably. …

“We’re in the third inning of the greatest economic and technological transformation in the history of our country,” he explained. “The first inning was the deregulation of financial services. The second inning was the decimation of manufacturing work. The third inning, which we’re in the middle of, is the obsolescence of brick and mortar retail. The fourth inning will be autonomous cars and trucks. The fifth inning will be AI doing the work of not just call center workers but book keepers, and accountants and lawyers.” …

Dan appears to be the rule, rather than the exception, for who composes the crowd. When Yang asks how many there are entrepreneurs or work in tech, a big cheer goes up. Later, when he asks how many know a trucker—he does not ask if anyone actually is a trucker—the response is much more subdued. When he polls the crowd for former Trump supporters, a single person raises his hand.

Based on Wednesday’s attendees, Yang supporters are the people who will do the automating away of jobs, rather than have their jobs automated. They are students of, or have degrees in, engineering and computer science. They want legalized weed, but would never be arrested for smoking (several people in fact shared a joint during the event). They are, in short, the sort of person who would show up to a rally and chant “math” at their candidate of choice.”

Let’s just say that Andrew Yang has some … unusual allies?

I’m a disaffected White populist and nationalist voter in Alabama. I’ve been described as a “white supremacist” by leftwing journos – their terminology, not mine. I was part of the “alt-right” which gained notoriety for swarming behind Blompf’s campaign in 2016 and electing him president.

joking/not joking about communication on the right frequency with populist voters which isn’t political correctness

joking/not joking about the “conservative-populist” MIGA coalition circa 2020

I don’t like neocons.

These people in Washington probably look down on folks like us as “white trash.” The only use that neocons have for our people is exploiting them to advance the MIGA agenda.

joking/not joking about discourse poisoning or realigning culture and politics with fresh thinking and dank memes

joking/not joking where the hell is the Reaganite “conservative-libertarian” base? Have all of these Boomers died or have they just moved on to national populism?

joking/not joking how did he do it? hmmm

joking/not joking please clap

Let me tell you something, son, when Yang teams up with people like us and shares notes (we both like science fiction, books and progress, for example, there is common ground), we’re going to rid the Heartland of all the cuckservative Republican senators like Ben Sasse and John Cornyn.

Note: I hope you are paying attention. I’m going to spell it all out for you. I am a lot smarter, better read and grounded than people like you who work for these shit publications for Conservatism, Inc. I want to show our horse Yang how to flip White populist voters in the rural South.

We might need some help from his allies in Big Tech to relax the political correctness a bit and the mainstream media to raise awareness of Yang’s campaign and advance shared goals, but why the hell wouldn’t they do so? If we can flip states like Georgia and Alabama away from Blompf, why wouldn’t they listen to our free, unsolicited advice and take it to heart? Hmm …

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  1. Do you really think Yang has, if you’ll pardon the expression, a Chinaman’s chance of winning, HW?

    • Yes, I do.

      If he gets on the debate stage with Blompf, he wins. The real question is whether or not he can win the Democratic primary. His biggest problem right now is a lack of name recognition. It would be in the interest of the media to change that.

      • a few days ago (at Anglin’s suggestion) I contributed 5 Jewbucks to anti-Zionist Tulsi G’s campaign, which helped get her over the 65,000 contributers # she needed to get into the demoncrat “debates”.

        and this AM another 5 Jewbucks to Beto in response to his first e-mail….even tho his wife is a Jew billionaire’s daughter. Because: if Beto is anywhere on the tic, Texas will likely flip…and Drumpf is


        but for open-borders Genghiz Yang and his New Maff? Sorry,

        all tapped out, not one red cent.

  2. Hunter, I’d say Yang’s problem is that he’s a threat to the old order. He represents the present and future, not the past.
    Mentally, he’s in the present, with it’s political and economic realities that are not like those of the past two centuries.

    The other Democrats and Republicans represent the past. They rightfully fear the future because they’ll have no power or relevance there.

    Yang is the avatar of that future.

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