House Republicans Condemn Universal Basic Income


The GOP’s plan is to run on MIGA and “capitalism vs. socialism” in the 2020 election. Ever since they have rolled out this foolish messaging it has been stirring a backlash in populist circles.

There are lots of populists who are DEEPLY SKEPTICAL of the sort of conservative-lolbertarian economics championed by former House Speaker Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Ryan is no longer in Congress after presiding over his House majority getting blown out in the last election.

Does it make any sense to run on Reaganism in 2020? Could Ronald Reagan even get elected today on his 1980s agenda? I will again come back to the map because it shows the “center-right” as lolbertarian conservatives understand it who were indoctrinated in a bunch of bullshit in conservative think tanks doesn’t even exist anymore. A huge percentage of older voters have moved on from conservatism to populism and nationalism. They’ve done this all over Europe as well.

Think about it: Karl Rove is a GOP strategist and he had no idea that Mitt Romney was going to lose in 2012 or that Trump would win the nomination or the presidency in 2016 because he is a Boomer. FOX News and the mainstream media had no idea why it happened either. They still don’t understand why it happened probably because they are ALL out of touch whether it was blaming a Russian conspiracy or attributing it as a mandate for Paul Ryan’s agenda between 2017-2018.

Maybe the sense that I have of the electorate is wrong. It could be that The New York Times and The Washington Post and Karl Rove are right about “the center.” In that case, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush should have been able to rally thousands like Blompf in 2012 and 2016 because the “center-right” is down there in the lolbertarian-conservative quadrant.

It could also be that the conventional wisdom is deeply wrong. Outdated.

If my theory about the American political spectrum is correct, then I can foresee one of two scenarios unfolding with the Yang movement in the 2020 election:

1.) The first scenario is that Yang runs in the 2020 Democratic primary and flames out like Ron Paul due to opposition from the party establishment and entrenched interests.

2.) The second scenario is that Yang manages to punch through like Trump in 2016. In that case, it would be a Trump vs. Yang race and then the reaction would be like this:

Shep: This is a FOX News election alert, Georgia goes to Andrew Yang, Andrew Yang is the president of the United States. And there is the big board, the 17 electoral votes from the State of Georgia we just got new metrics in. Andrew Yang is the president of the United States elect …

Bret Bair: We are going to make this decision now. The FOX News Decision Desk has called Missouri for Andrew Yang. This means that Andrew Yang will be the 46th president of the United States winning the most unreal, surreal election we have ever seen.

Seriously, crazier things have happened.

Blompf is president. We elected a moron as president because of immigration and political correctness.

Note: Saving this prediction for later. It will be either one or the other.

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  1. I am laughing at it everyday. Look at that tweet from the House GOP and just laugh. They talk about being out of touch? lmao. The GOP are literally trying to appeal to a demo that no longer exists under the age of 70.

    No one cares about Reagan conservatism anymore. It has been tried for decades and we see the results. All it created was massive debt, low stagnate wages and a widening of the income gap of Americans to insane levels where 10% hold all wealth.

    It is not sustainable any longer. Rather than figure this out the GOP is simply doubling down.

    • They’ve done this all over Europe as well.

      Since the Berlin Wall came down, they’ve also largely abandoned 20th Century Leftism. The European Left isn’t what it was from the mid Sixties until the mid Nineties.

    • It was only ever sustainable by the dollar being kept as reserve currency. But erratic and belligerent American foreign policy has been pushing everyone else to prepare to move from the dollar and shelter their countries from the inevitable implosion that will occur when that happens.

  2. Reagan promised a sort of “return to the 1950’s in the ’80’s…
    The GOP capitalized on the nostalgic desperation of Middle class America to return to the”good old days” back then and it worked.
    Politics is cyclical.
    They’re trying an old tried and true strategy from the Gipper’s playbook…again.
    Will it work?
    I don’t think so..
    The awareness now that there ARE NO GOOD OLD DAYS AND NEVER WERE has sunk into everyone’s mind and it’ll take a war or depression to enforce their ZOG agenda.

    • Reagan was a repudiation of Eisenhower. Under Eisenhower, unions were strong, corporate taxes were high, and we had protectionism. That all added up to general prosperity and less income inequality. Reagan brought about the death of Fifties America, which was first reviled in the Sixties by the spoiled brats wanting to indulge themselves in every way possible without moral restraint. When people seek to destroy the moral order to become libertines, they actually are soon slaves to their passions. And then those same idiots sought to control the chaos they created, which has led to the diseased culture we now live in.

      • Well said.

        But wouldn’t you agree that funneling free money into a diseased culture is a recipe for disaster?

        • Thanks. The rules behind “free” money are the problem, Welfare has been structured to destroy families and develop dependence on the gov’t for everything. That has been the disaster, not the money itself. With UBI, there are no strings attached. That opens up possibilities for living in a manner you desire, and that manner may be an emotionally or mentally more satisfying one. It won’t be just what the rules limit you to. Some people might just play video games and eat Cheetos all day, but others won’t. For example, it’s a small thing, but I don’t spend time here at OD because I’m just thinking about myself. I want to connect with people who give a damn about society. HW, and many of the commenters here, are looking at history and culture to try to figure out how to make a better, stronger civilization. We’re a minority, but those who aren’t just following the herd usually are.

          • It was formerly accepted that the way to make a better, stronger civilization was to protect the creators of our favored civilization, whites.

            It has been brought up but this does remind me of the automobile. There was concern about tearing apart the cities with highways but the people concerned about that were outnumbered by the people who were focused on the tech.

            Our values and our concerns are timeless and exist outside of technology. They were beyond the automobile and they are beyond AI.

            Regardless of how imperfect and deceitful Trump is we were generating a unified idea of ourselves and our needs. There is still massive support for a wall and even deportation by your brothers and sisters in MAGA caps who don’t read this blog or others. Those are our people whose civilization we are trying to better. The last thing that needed to happen is for the intelligentsia to start herding people away from each other by attempting to redefine their expectations.

            I don’t agree that there was any civilizational benefit to building a UBI superhighway right through the middle of our growing city.

            But then again I don’t believe there was a need for Luther to build a superhighway right through the middle of Europe either.

          • Thoughtful comments. The underlying problem is resources. Without resources, unification of like minds in close proximity to each other (the strong European communities we don’t really have now) is not going to happen. In isolation, not much besides posting and commenting on blogs will occur. There are possibilities, like starting home businesses that don’t compete with your neighbor or similar home cooperatives, but beyond a highly-restricted number of people that won’t work. Money has to come from somewhere. I’m not one who believes in the saving quality of work for its own sake. UBI or something similar will help to deemphasize work as the be-all of life, I think. Considering how vulnerable those of us not in the kakistocracy are to economic downturns, we should’ve had guaranteed income long ago. My personal preference would’ve been to give every at least third generation native-born $10,000 at birth to be invested in an account, not to be touched until age 18. (Annuities preferred to stocks, for the safety.) But that hasn’t happened, and most likely won’t. The point is, to be empowered we need the resources to be able to ignore or get around TPTB.

          • When you’re appealing to someone’s desire for free stuff you’re appealing to their passions.

            I don’t think constructive white populism ought to appeal to the passions and if it is driven by passions it will not be constructive. History shows people who are driven by their passions end up being controlled by jews. You might get a decade of whooping it up but it will be followed by another 500 years of even worse jewish tyranny.

            Seeing as how you seem to know this I’m surprised you’re backing the idea.

          • I talked about having resources to enable us non-pc whiteys to stick together. Where else do we get those resources? Jobs at Dollar Tree? Also, “passions” within historical and political contexts, for me, relate to sexual libertinism. Yes, people are easily controlled that way. But lack of money is often a stress factor in marriage. Two people having a steady, guaranteed income helps take that stress away.

  3. I’ve written this many times before – but Conservatards can’t even keep sexual deviate mental cases out of women’s bathrooms. And apparently don’t want to. Gee Slash Dee forbid that any-one but Heebs have any shekels at all!

  4. I believe there’s a new, growing demographic that noone has defined or accurately discerned yet.
    The reason it hasn’t been discerned is because of the inability to openly discuss its parameters in an honest format.
    Until we can all openly air our ambitions and problems, no true positive change can peacefully occur.
    Sadly I cannot see that happening.

  5. Yea, even I get tired of Reagan, and I am old enough to remember his administration! He gets resurrected every cycle by Republicans like Dracula in the old Hammer horror films. Getting across to Republicans that the world has changed, is impossible.

  6. Fact #1.. nobody trusts UBI because it has never been tried in a real control group or on a State level. Boomer or not, it doesn’t matter, common sense will make it a non issue once the Democrats pic their nominee. It’s not going to sell in a general election, maybe 12 years from now though.

    • Fact #1: It’s not going to matter whether it has been tried because deep learning powered automation will decimate the workforce. Thus, UBI is the only chance to maintain social peace during the transition

      • ” deep learning powered automation will decimate the workforce” – sucks to be the foreigners who all jobs won’t be going towards anymore.

        • We’re going to get to that.

          Kai-Fu Lee explains how factories will be returning to the United States. They will be full of deep learning AI powered robots manufacturing things without human workers. Just managers.

          • @Hunter Wallace

            Simple fact, Hunter, in the new economy, most people will still work, just not in factories, and not out of necessity.

            For whatever reason, many jobs can’t or won’t be automated.
            But people will work at those jobs to earn extra income for certain things that they want, and to feel useful.

      • @Hunter Wallace

        They tried, but couldn’t stop, railroads from changing the socioeconomic landscape.

        They said that motor vehicles were a passing fad and a rich man’s toy.

        They can’t ban technology with obvious and overwhelming advantages. No matter how much they want to.

  7. Immigration enthusiasts have only themselves to blame for Latin American socialism taking root in the United States.

    • Jim: You mean importing tens of millions of brown people from the Third World is going to change to the political and cultural character of our country? No, no! They will all become Reagan Republicans as soon as they are introduced to traditional conservative values. Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro will help to educate them!

  8. “House Republicans Condemn Universal Basic Income”

    Look for the Democrats to do the same thing. But on the basis that it’s unfair and hurtful to their coloured auxiliaries, rather than; it’s “Socialism.”

    The Jews will just come out and call it a holocaust, antisemitism and a pogrom all rolled into one. Oh, and it’s unfair to Black folks.

    While we’re on the subject:
    Are they gonna condemn computers and automation, too? Ban robots? They already black out all news of advances in science, technology and medicine in Europe and Japan. Why not?

  9. Who cares? Who’s still voting for the RETARDicans? I left that plantation, after blompf backstabbed us and went 100% MIGA.

  10. So when is Israel going to pay back with interest, the money/trillion wars that Republicans keep giving them? That is Socialism is it not?

    Jews: #Freeshit for me, but not for thee.

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