Stripe Deplatforms Occidental Dissent

Editor’s Note: This is another work in progress in which I will illustrate the futility and absurdity of censorship. If I feel so inclined, I might point out how the system is economically unsustainable in the long run and not in the interest of Big Tech to continue anyway.

Imagine thinking that you can stop a disaffected White populist and nationalist blogger like me by shutting down my PayPal or Stripe account. It is an exercise in the sheer futility of political correctness and thought policing because I am not motivated by material incentives. I am motivated by a sense of love of my own people and by my conscience.

I’ve been harping lately about the fact that I am a historicist which is clearly lost on the dumb leftwing journos who read this website. The only thing that you are accomplishing is motivating me to leverage my education and intelligence to smack you down even harder. I just find it hilarious that you actually think you can stop a Lutheran from condemning political correctness on his own blog.

joking/not joking the free blog is like an Early Modern church door and the internet is like the printing press in many ways and we are kind of reformers hmm …

I’ve studied the life of the greatest populist and nationalist in European history – Martin Luther.

How on earth do you think that you can stop modern day heretics with deplatforming? That’s like … I don’t know, one of the stupidest things that I have ever heard. I’m not even an ascetic like an Augustinian monk who would, say, take a vow of poverty, practice the virtue of humility by begging in public or roll around in the snow to punish the flesh in order to develop the spiritual strength to resist evil.

As I thought about the matter, it occurred to me that our comfortable lives in the 21st century are so much easier than the lives of Protestant reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin or Thomas Cranmer in the 16th century. No one is going to be literally burned alive at the stake like Jan Hus or Thomas Cramner for their beliefs. No one is literally going to be put on the rack for thoughtcrime like under Bloody Mary.

Watch some videos and educate yourselves about the history of Western civilization. Why don’t you try to become a more educated, enlightened and civilized human being?

Think about what it took to stop the Huguenots in France. You’re not willing to go that far to silence people who reject political correctness. It’s why you will ultimately lose. The best your little jumped up Inquistion can manage is to nudge people with material incentives.

Life is so much easier for people like us than our ancestors. They wouldn’t have tolerated our excuses for why we have chosen not to resist evil. It is a going to be a beautiful Saturday in the Sunny South. The Spring weather is rocking at a warm and pleasant 68 degrees. I’m going to throw a fat steak on the grill this evening with some veggies and write even more blog posts.

I just think it is funny … I am not even an ascetic. If we were actual ascetics like some of our ancestors who even renounced marriage, children and the whole world to join groups like the Cistercian Order, what then? Could Think Progress, the ADL or SPLC stop us? LOL

Maybe I should write some more posts about how disciplinary institutions like the SPLC and mass censorship on the internet are so useless and counter-productive anyway? I’ve been writing in that vein lately about how Progressives have never been less popular. Seriously, I clearly see as a historicist how your renunciation of Christianity and your embrace of political correctness, which is an evil, diabolical ideology that divides people, to fill the gaping spiritual and ethical void in your lives has made you terrible people.

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joking/not joking how humorless SJW progressive scolds look to me

joking/not joking we’re living a Clown World

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  1. I haven’t really seen anything of your recent writtings to warrant such an action, except for the fact you are pushing Yang so hard. From the standpoint of the left, Yang is as dangerous to their deep state infrastructure as Trump was to the Republicans. If Yang breaks ahead of the pack they have a serious problem.

    • LOL. Yang doesn’t have a Chinaman’s chance.

      Brad’s been at it for awhile now, and, his unique White Protestant perspective on things is getting him noticed by the Judeo-Roman Catholic establishment.

  2. >>Think about what it took to stop the Huguenots in France. You’re not willing to go that far to silence people who reject political correctness.

    I don’t know how anyone can say that with a straight face considering what they did to the Poles, Hungarians, Ukranians, Yugoslavians, and hundreds of others. Or considering what they’re doing at this very moment to the Palestinians and the Yemenis.

    • @ChadinSiberia

      Frankly I had the same feeling reading Hunter’s post.
      What they did to the Russians, Holomodor in Ukraine, what they did to the SERBS who HELPED (((THEM))) under Clinton, and what they are doing now to the Palestinians and Syria is as clear as an azure lake.

      We are all Palestinians now.

      The research fellow at Harvard named Martin Kramer called for the genocide of the Palestinians?

      “Children have been shot in other conflicts I have covered, but never before have I watched as soldiers enticed children like mice into a trap and murdered them for sport.”
      Christopher Hedges, Pulitzer Prize Winning American Journalist, on assignment in Gaza

      Martin Luther was a truly good man.
      Hezbollah is who Aryans should be studying right now.
      They are NOT terrorists, they engage ONLY military invaders.
      They are TOUGH. The Chechens are TOUGH.
      The Boers WERE tough.
      UK Whites are WEAK. American white males, on average, are weak.
      We need a FIGHTING FAITH. And Shia Islam is what Hezbollah and Iran follow.
      Maybe Aryans can learn from them.

      We need to take a FRESH LOOK at the critical situation.
      That’s what we’re doing – helping all that read these posts understand what’s happening more clearly so that they will have the opportunity to not simply react like machines to whatever happens, which is self-destructive – but to go with the positive flow itself – helping themselves and those around them embrace the storm for what it is and to chart an upward and empathic course through it all. It’s not like we’re going to go out and put a stop to anything. Many try to do just – which is a mechanical reaction – and they end up being nothing more than elements of the storm. Also, we’re not predicting anything – I mean, this is all happening right now. This isn’t prophecy.

      • Should Aryans be Christians? I know European civilization is Christian (not Judaeo-Christian), but haven’t Aryans moved beyond it? And weren’t our roots otherwise?

        I am a lapsed Catholic, and won’t go back to a Church abandoned by the Holy Ghost, but I won’t join a Protestant heresy like Lutheranism either. Perhaps an Orthodox church is in my future.

  3. Boomer conservatism: Muh private property trumps my free speech.

    Realty: Soviets did everything to suppress samizdat but USSR still fell.

  4. Those dumb left-wing journos may not appreciate your erudition but we do, HW. And you might as well go full 14/88/GTKRWN/RAHOWA, because apparently ZOG is going to de-platform your site regardless.

  5. Mr. Wallace,

    This is a strange and interesting website. Most of the white nationalism in the articles does not bother me in the slightest. I believe I would be safe walking around in a white nationalist neighborhood. Such considerations always play a part in any girl’s mind if she is smart.

    As for Yang? Every Democrat that I personally know is latin. Primarily Mexican/Mexican National. And none of my relatives or friends would even consider voting for Yang over the other democrat contenders. Yes, they know about the $1000 a month. If blacks feel the same then I do not see how Yang could ever get the nomination. If Yang were to get the nomination then latins would vote for him by more than a 2-1 margin. Despite Trump and his bellowing only 29% of latins voted Republican in 2018. With 54% of Cubans voting Repub. that meant that 29% was even lower among other latin groups.

    Romney received 27%in 2012 and McCain received 31% of the latin vote in 2008. President.Trump received 28% in 2016. Republicans are lying when they say Latins support them more than in the past.

    Christina Romana

    • “I believe I would be safe walking around in a white nationalist neighborhood. Such considerations always play a part in any girl’s mind if she is smart.”

      Of course you would be safe. My question is….why do so many girls seem to be “not smart”? Probably a discussion better left for elsewhere, I guess.

      • Powell,

        Middle class and upper class girls in the USA feel safe due to movies, modern living, and they are not warned of danger by their parents. Americans are very soft. There is also a teenage attitude based on the culture and Hollywood where women are portrayed as more capable and stronger than reality and nature have given us.

        I consider danger everywhere and that males are dangerous.

        Christina Romana

        • “I consider danger everywhere and that males are dangerous.”

          That is the intelligent and correct way to think. Too bad more aren’t like you. I know a seemingly decent girl who spends time with a convicted child abuser. Any fool can see immediately that he is a scumbag of the lowest order. How can she be so stupid? Goes to church every week and still does this? WTF???

          • Powell,

            Thank you for saying that. Girls have to be reserved. I was taught and have observed that no matter how charming a boy is that his goal is still sexual. Being chatted up is just a tactic. As for the scum? Hello and goodbye is the best tactic.

    • You do know the real Latins are white. The first ones were the Italians. That’s where the term originates.

      Know your history. The terms Latino and Latina are a joke. On you.

      • Snowhitey,

        You say the sweetest things. I do not call myself latin. That is the current terminology. We have gone from Mexicans to chicanos to hispanics and now latins. I prefer Mexican or Mexican American myself.

        And by the way Italians were not Latins. The early Romans were a Latin tribe and ruled Italians for centuries without granting them citizenship. They received it in masse during the Social War of the first Century BC. The Latin Romans considered themselves a separate people from the Italians. The modern term latin is generally just based on family of languages. Modern Spaniards for instance are mainly composed of native Iberians, conquering Romans, and the Germanic tribes primarily in the NW of Spain.

        Christina Romana

        • (1) “I do not call myself latin.”

          (2) “Every Democrat that I personally know is latin. Primarily Mexican/Mexican National.”

          (3) “I prefer Mexican or Mexican American myself.”

          You may not call yourself Latin but you refer to others of Mexican descent as Latin.

          The original Latins (the creators of the language and culture) lived in the land now called Italy. It did not originate with Spanish speaking people (Spain included) but is most often used today to refer to Spanish speaking people. Spanish is one of the romance languages which all are considered Latin languages today.

          Latin is not a race or an ethnicity. It is a linguistics group like Teutonic (German) in the Indo-European language family. English is a Teutonic language. Of course they both go beyond language and include cultural aspects of these tribes.

          Like I said the originals were white (European/Caucasian).

          Mexicans used to be referred to as Chicano/Chicana. Now a European term is applied to them.

          • The term Latin refers to an ancient mythical king of Italy named Latinus, madame. So I would say the connection between him and the mestizos is tenuous at best.

          • Snowhitey,

            I already said that. And explained myself. Latin is a convenient term as an expression. Every one knows that there is no latin race. Just a group of different peoples speaking a latin derived language.

            The term latin American has been around a long time.

            It is just easy to classify us as one large group united by religion mostly, perhaps similarity in culture and a derived language.

            Obviously calling an Indian a latin with the last name of Garcia is just as dumb as thinking a negro with the last name of Jones is an anglo-saxon.

            So as I said I do not care for the term but it is quicker than calling everyone under the latin banner as Indian, white, mulatto, and mestizo. I thought that was obvious. Kind of like different Indian tribes calling themselves Indians or Native Americans.

            There is no connection with India with them. And anyone born as a citizen in USA is a native American. I did not create the terminology but I just use it for convenience,

            Anyway, I believe we are now saying the same thing.

            Christina Romana

          • How many Latinos/Latinas have said:

            “We are Latin. We are hot and spicy. It is in our blood.”

            Or, some variation?

            Educate your people. They should be using their own labels and not ones applied to them by the demons.

            We all should be fully aware of who we are, what we are, and why we are what we are.

          • Snowhitey,

            Well, I think I agree with you on this comment. The Spanish blood in the Americas is stronger in some places than others. And we are more temperamental and emotional than anglos. My Germanic grandfather is very calm and thinks we are always agitated.

            Culture plays a role as well as religion and race in the way we are. Everything is more personal in our societies.

            So in conclusion many so-called latins in South America and in Mexico have white blood in us. And the original Spanish influence is still powerful in our beliefs and behavior.

            Christina Romana.

      • Latins have a better appreciation for the color of the skin of a person, than most white shabbos goy anglos will ever have. Look up the term “sangre azul” … they have been to this rodeo before, we muricans are playing catchup.

  6. “Noone is going to be burned at the stake…”
    -Waco, Texas…David Koresh.
    “..its not like we’re liable to be tortured..”
    -FISA courts, waterboarding, DRONE STRIKES ON CITIZENS….
    Yeah…..its “safer”…NOT.

  7. Bravo Hunter! As our PC enemies turn the screws of oppression, may our love for one another and the truth of our cause grow even stronger than their malice and hatred!

  8. I saw a disccusion on Twitter earlier in the year after Stripe had just banned Gab or Bitchute, I can’t remember which one. This commenter said even Stripe answers to a higher authority. They named a Jewish financier from Califorinia and said Stripe has to get their money from him.

    This is not going to stop until White Nats stop whining about (((evil banking systems))), cut up their credit cards and learn crypto currency.

  9. Looks like I’ll be literally dusting off my checkbook, along with the envelopes and stamps. If Big Tech closes off all avenues of support to you except snail mail, fine. If the postal service blocks you, let’s really go old school and use carrier pigeons.

  10. So much for foregoing identity politics in order to focus on the broader problems facing our country.

    I do think censorship ultimately will work. Yes you’ll be able to speak but the audience will get smaller and smaller due to social cost of participation and ultimately people will take their $1000 and go quietly into that good night.

    I don’t think they’ll even allow the white envelope newsletters anymore, if it gets back to that (and it probably will).

  11. What, backsliding to PEACE, POPULISM, PROGRESS, PROSPERITY didn’t get the bad guys off your back?


    Reminds me of the AmNats who were surprised that disavowing the Alt-Right didn’t prevent them from getting deplatformed.

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