The Populist Case For a Non-Boomer President

If I was the president, I would issue an executive order suspending voting rights for Boomers until we can figure out what the hell is going on and how we ended up like this. *

I log on to Twitter and now I notice something that I was so accustomed to before that had seemed so normal … they’re all shouting at each other and sound really stupid.

As a historicist, I am fond of skipping around through history on any given day, studying different places, cultures and times. It is why I have begun to notice it.

Note: I’m being humorous, of course, but seriously … what happened to them? It’s like these people no longer share a common culture or morality or something.

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  1. That picture of Pepe looking at his reflection in a cracked mirror reminds me of that photo of Iggy Pop doing the same thing on his 1973 “Raw Power” LP.

  2. Those #MAGA boomers on Gab give me the blues. I think boomers are more susceptible to joining cults than other generations.

  3. Whether they’re boomers or Millennials, we have to get rid of all of the politicos that aren’t rooted in the new political and economic realities of the 21st Century.

    It’s that simple. The Boomers and their young/younger protégés are keeping us nailed to the past, keeping us from moving forward.

    They literally insist that it’s still the 20th Century. They carry on as if they can make the 21st Century go away by simply ignoring it and acting as if it were still 1980.

    We have to exercise the ghosts of John McCain, Ronald Reagan and Karl Marx.

  4. “If I was the president, I would issue an executive order suspending voting rights for Boomers”

    If I had the power, I’d replace the entire government with people who know it’s the 21st Century and who will advance Fourth Wave Civilisation.

  5. Then all of you DO SOMETHING…
    NOBODY ever had “power” just fall into their lap…
    You TAKE it. Simple as that.
    If not, it isn’t truly “power”, now is it?
    Ya’ll are a bunch of idealists on the Titanic spouting off about “If I had a boat, I’d do this or that..”
    You ain’t gonna do anything except watch it sink and bitch, whine and lament.
    You’re WORSE than a bunch of Jews…

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