Live Thread: Chairman Yang CNN Town Hall At 7:00 PM EST

Yang is going to be on CNN tonight.

Virtually every smart person in the country understands the importance of this initial trial by fire in front of normies. There is a lot riding on whether Yang has adequately prepared for this crucial test. East Asians are typically good at preparing for tests so I am optimistic it will go well:

We have a lot riding on this. The stakes are high.

It is up to Yang to explain to these “progressives” why it is actually going to be okay. He already has populists going to bat for him all over the internet. Just look at the alternative punditry that I am doing here to contribute. Look at the people creating all the amazing political propaganda.

Most people haven’t grasped how artificial intelligence, automation and robotics changes everything. Very few of the White Nationalists understand the implications of it right now. They will understand it better once they realize how AI has made cheap labor and mass immigration redundant. We also have the lolbertarians who are triggered by the “socialism” of $1,000 a month. We also have the conservatives who are screaming about “muh guns” they will need to fight drones and Cylons.

Your ideology is obsolete.

Choose wisely, progressives.

Do you seriously want 4 more years of Blompf? That’s what you will probably get if you choose someone like Buttigieg who is running on being gay or Kamala Harris who is an angry black woman. Alternatively, you can vote for $1,000 a month and a 21st century society and economy.

Game of Thrones Season 8 also premieres after the Yang town hall. We will probably watch that as well. I’m kind of interested in seeing how the show ends.

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  1. Okay, HW, I’ll tune in and give Yang a try.

    But if he condemns his White Nationalist fanbase in the first few minutes of his opening speech, I reserve the right to stop watching.

  2. I wonder if he’ll offer any serious or in-depth critiques of free-market economics (like analysis of the Austrian business cycle, or maybe attempt to answer the calculation problem)? His followers and advocates (indeed: every socialist ever) seem to rely on memes and off-hand sneers to dismiss these things, rather than serious analysis.

    …of course, it was Walter Scott who said something about how the Whigs (and their followers) would eventually devolve into nothing but pamphleteers.

    Maybe… “this time, it’ll be different.” lol

    • Wow, did you mean to impress us with your knowledge of jewconomics? Did you learn this in “A” School?

      • Are you able to be impressed by anything other than flashy gimmicks and twitter-bites?

        If so, I’d love to be directed to the material you’ve read that’s convinced you of the futility (perhaps, immorality?) of free-market economic paradigms. Maybe you’ve solved the economic calculation problem? Maybe you’ve come up with a Nobel-worthy model that allows a small group to effectively manage the almost infinite daily interactions that is the “market”

        …or, as is the case with most of your fellows, you might be happy suffering under the untoward burden of economic oppression, caused by implementation of the talking-points you (perhaps) think so fondly of.

          • A rather glib view, Hunter…given that, according to Yang, your job (or, at least, ones like it) writing for OD will be replaced by “AI” long before self-driving trucks replace significant amounts of labor. I mean…we already know that AI, when left alone, quickly becomes Alt. Right. 🙂

            Also, consider: what’s the difference between every individual making market choices, or one data-bit-of-a-bot assigned to each individual to make decisions for them? That amounts to a free market anyway. The minute we require someone to parse through the divine spreadsheets, delivered to us by the binary gods of the government schooled, – well, that’s the point when a finite mind is called on to make decisions about an infinite process.

        • If we ever met in person, I will tell you my money truck story.

          The world that we live in does not have to be this concrete prison, where everything and everyone can be bought and sold for shekels.

          Those precious dollars in your wallet, you do know that they are only colored paper, right? They only have the power that you give them, or the power that your (((Master))) tells you that they have … and will whip into you if you do not Believe …

          The fundamental question is … what Is your name Shotgun, Toby or Kunta Kinte?

    • …my background being in analytic philosophy, I’m very comfortable (perhaps most comfortable) with the epistemological foundations of this or that economic model. In fact, given our place at the end of history, a man interested in philosophy of any sort does very well to find a good survey (Gary North, for example, offers us a good survey of the theories of knowledge underlying different economic models in his infamous essay on the topic in “Foundations of Christian Scholarship”)…there’s another good one, from a “secular” view from the Austrian economic camp: “The Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics” by David Gordon (it’s short but heavy reading).

      Without providing a survey here, I’d only note that, in the end, and in my humble, uneducated (by the state) opinion – the Austrian economic model, especially when married with Rothbard’s praxeology, manages to avoid the philosophical errors of both rationalist *and* empiricist schools of economics.

      It’s best summed up with the old quip from Kant, that “concepts without percepts are empty, and percepts without concepts are blind”…or, that is: a-priori nonsense without empirical data is useless, but empirical data without a-priori nonsense, is meaningless.

  3. They will understand it better once they realize how AI has made cheap labor and mass immigration redundant.

    The Jews have already stopped making arguments about labour needs to justify the mud flood, and shifted over to Humanitarian justifications for it.

    They’ve adapted White genocide to the new economy. “We need to bring the entire population of India to America, for Humanitarian reasons.”

    The Jews will still be a threat until they’re dethroned and deplatformed.

  4. “Most people haven’t grasped how artificial intelligence, automation and robotics changes everything.”

    The Old Order has. That’s why they keep the American population from hearing about it, or about the advances in AI/AM that have been made in Europe, Japan and China.

    They also keep us believing that it’s still 1980; and that every other country on earth is a dictatorship under martial law.

  5. If Yang isn’t the nominee it will probably be Biden vs. Trump. Two old boomers arguing over who is the most pro-Israel and who is the biggest racist and anti-Semite along with who will deliver the biggest and best for the donors.

  6. We are on DAYLIGHT Time.
    We are on DAYLIGHT Time.
    We are on DAYLIGHT Time.
    We are on DAYLIGHT Time.
    We are on DAYLIGHT Time.

    I’d also like to point out that we are now on DAYLIGHT Time.

  7. I wonder how long it will take for Yangmania to wear off and the crash to begin. It should be epic.

  8. “AI has made cheap labor and mass immigration redundant”

    HW, that’s not why the Jew-owned political class has taken down the borders:

    it is done in order to exterminate the Whites. Drown them in a rising tide of hostile color.

    Genzhiz Yang is a Yellow who wants to anesthesize the Whites

    with lotsa free Jewbucks

    while they are exterminated.

    • Haxo,

      I don’t believe it will end in the RAHOWA. I do think you will continue to post comments here. There won’t be any RAHOWA although the occasional accelerationist will go on a shooting spree trying and failing to bring it about.

    • Haxo, Are you a FBI special agent or confidential informant? Serious question .. just asking.

      If you are, are your activities here subornation of conspiracy … did they teach you how to do this in Quantico? You might want to go back for some refresher training.

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