Southern History Month 2019: NASA

The 20th century wasn’t completely awful.

While we currently live in a cultural and political dystopia due to all the poison pulsating through our culture, the partisan polarization and the political gridlock in Washington, it is worth remembering the time that our grandfather’s generation landed on the moon.

This is a happy memory of the impossible being achieved:

It was “a giant leap for mankind.”

If you had surveyed the American South in, say, the year 1900 it would have been unfathomable. This was a year before the oil gushed out of Spindletop in Texas setting off the energy boom that revolutionized the economy of Texas and has lasted down to the present day with hydraulic fracking.

Florida was still a very poor, thinly populated, frontier state in 1900. Unlike Alabama, Florida was in the process of being taken over by Northern immigrants who had been arriving since Reconstruction. The Yankees had come south to Florida to build their railroads south through the peninsula. There was some progress going on though as Major Walter Reed had discovered that mosquitoes were the cause of yellow fever. From that point forward, Florida waged war against mosquitoes and began to wipe out malaria and yellow fever. It wasn’t until the invention of the air conditioner, however, that Florida’s economy began to soar. As late as 1960, only 18 percent of Florida households had air conditioning.

The Tennessee Valley which runs through north Alabama was at that time a land of impoverished sharecroppers. The land that they worked had been deforested and ruined by massive soil erosion from heavy rains. Malaria was endemic in the region. There were few paved roads and no one had electricity or supermarkets or countless modern conveniences like we do today.

Alabama entered the Progressive Era by establishing the Jim Crow system. Around 1900, Black Belt planters began to lose power to Birmingham industrialists and businessmen – later nicknamed the Big Mules – who had been their longtime allies. For the next 20 years, state politics was dominated by various reforms – railroad rate regulation, child labor reform, education reform, women’s suffrage, and especially Prohibition. Finally, America’s entry into World War 1 under President Woodrow Wilson brought an unprecedented level of government intervention in Alabama’s economy as the War Industries Board established precedents that would have major consequences in the years ahead.

From 1865 until 1920, Alabama remained a very rural state. 78.3 percent of the population still lived in rural areas in 1920. Alabama’s economy was still based on agriculture, specifically cotton monoculture, at the end of this period. 56 percent of farms were worked by sharecroppers and tenant farmers in 1920. By 1935, that number had grown to 65 percent, a majority of whom were landless White farmers.

In 1860, Alabama’s total population was 964,201, which included 437,770 blacks and 526,271 Whites. By 1920, Alabama’s population had grown to 2,348,174, which included 900,652 were blacks and 1,477,032 Whites. Meanwhile, cotton acreage had grown in Alabama from 977,000 acres in 1860 to 3 million acres in 1920. It took thirty years for Alabama’s cotton production to exceed its 1860 level of 843,012 bales, but cotton production peaked at 3,800,000 bales in 1914 as the boll weevil, which arrived in 1910, tore its path through the state in its own Sherman’s March from Mexico to the Atlantic seaboard.

The price of cotton was 13 cents a pound in 1861, 8 cents a pound in 1878, 7 cents in 1894, 9 cents in 1911, 7 cents in 1914 and peaked during World War I at 35 cents in 1919 before plunging to 15.9 cents in 1920. At the same time, the size of the average farm in Alabama shrank from 346 acres in 1860 to 93 acres in 1900 to 79 acres in 1910 to 76 acres in 1920. The result was the impoverishment of our ancestors.

In a nutshell, the Cotton Kingdom peaked in Alabama in 1914, not in the 1860s as so many people erroneously assume. In the 1910s, far more cotton was being produced on far more acreage. Yet the rural landscape had been utterly transformed from a world of wealthy planters running large plantations in the Black Belt and Tennessee Valley to a whole state given over to cotton monoculture. Instead of black slaves picking cotton on large plantations, Alabama had become a world of black and White sharecroppers and tenant farmers – with their children as a labor force – chopping cotton on ever smaller plots of land.

By 1935, the majority of White farmers in Alabama were trapped in a world of perpetual debt peonage to landlords and merchants. Not only had they been left behind by the 20th century, their standard of living was worse than it had been in the 19th century. Few sharecroppers or tenants owned an automobile or enjoyed access to electricity, sewer systems, or running water. Virtually none owned a tractor or countless modern conveniences produced by the Industrial Revolution.

Fortunately, all this would change in the late 20th century. It changed in part due to the creation of NASA in 1958 by the federal government, which was itself a response to the Soviet Union launching Sputnik, the world’s first artifical satellite into earth orbit the previous year in 1957.

Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space and orbit the earth in 1961.

We’ve gotten a little cocky with the “end of history” koolaid and have largely forgotten that actually the Soviets beat us to space. It took an enormous volte face by the federal government, which conveniently set aside the ideology of free-market capitalism to go whole hog into government intervention in the economy, to “win” the Space Race with the Soviet Union and for Neil Armstrong to land on the moon in 1969. The Soviets had reached the moon in 1959 with the Luna 2 mission.

BTW, the Nazis were way ahead of us too in rocket science and all sorts of areas until we overcame our moral scruples to work with some of them like Wernher von Braun.

Could we do that today?

Could progressives work with a literal card carrying ex-Nazi to walk on the moon? Of course not, but this was before the cancer of political correctness took over the Left from the 1990s to 2019.

How did we do the Apollo 11 moonshot in 1969 which until recently was arguably the greatest scientific and technological achievement in the history of mankind?

We did it with Wernher von Braun on a rocket designed at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL, which blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center on the Florida Atlantic Coast, FL, which was controlled from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. How much money was invested in these areas to accomplish this? Why has the world gone to shit over the last 20 years?

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  1. 1950 to 1970 was the period when the USA reached the peak of its power and prosperity. It all went downhill after that. And it will never achieve that level of greatness again. America’s internal enemies have gotten the upper hand.

  2. Space is important. Estimates are that there have been 110 billion people who have ever lived. There will be a time within the next thousand years when more people live off Earth than have ever lived. Space belongs on a sequence of more important objectives:

    1 Partition
    2 The Northern Alliance
    3 Space

    Daily Stormer has an eye-opening article; Anglin admits he really wasn’t clear on how bad the numbers really were in the US:

    “Our country is being taken away from us under our noses. Everyone’s getting browner and if the trend continues, whites will soon be less than half of America’s population.”

    Ergo what, Andrew? Nazi rhetoric and imagery? An armed march on Whitefish? Americanism? Yang?

    1st Corinthians 13-11 When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

    The time has come to split up the United States. We need a peaceful, honorable, respectful campaign for Partition – and we need it now. There is no other way to survive.

    • Nearby to Kubrick at the time, the CIA’s movie studios in Laurel Canyon, California

      Ron Unz on his quite popular site, recently allowed a ‘Moon Landing – Giant Hoax for Mankind? article to be posted, over 1500 comments so far, lots of material there

      NASA – ‘Never A Straight Answer’, the joke goes – officially claims to have lost all of the original moon landing tapes, plus many of the boxes of the tech files that shows ‘how we got there’, so investigations into historical fact are a bit impeded

      But fortunately, although rarely heard, there is some of the original unedited audio of the moon landing tapes, which had some of the astronauts’ excited four letter language. ‘Can you believe it? We are on the f–king moon!’

      Video 2min51sec, unforgettable … and very funny, tho not safe for work

    • Your comment, Otto, was not lost on one, at least…. yes.

      How ‘great’ were we, back when we were 90% White as a populace, when we were also gullible enough to believe we could go through the Van Allen Radiation belts in 1969, but hadn’t yet dealt with that ‘obstacle’ in the 2000’s?!? Fake news pervades our entire world.

      Just watch the first ten minutes…. the Truth is out there.

  3. For a supposed self proclaimed intelligent man, HW you seem lost in your fake jesuit freemasonic history books and consciousness. You never seem to go to the other side of history, alternative history, in reality true history. Alternative history has opened many doors proving freemasonic jesuit history is nothing but a crock of lies.

    Photo forensic evidence proves the moon landings fake. But still you believe the freemasonic jesuit narrative. HW and others I know the real truth hurts that’s why you refuse to look at it because it would destroy your ego thinking and pretending how intelligent you really thought you were. The truth will break you from this false narrative we’ve been fed since childhood. Do you know what a vaccum as in space would do to a human body? There’s the start, research it and snap out of your egomaniac self proclaimed intelligent mind.

    HW I’m starting to think you’re one of these jesuit freemasonic gatekeepers from the truth only to deceive keeping man back and continue keeping man back. Like I said in a past post, burn all your fake jesuit history books because thats all they’re worth, ashes.

      • Thank you, I’m glad you’re still on board with the 1st amendment unlike other publications. Another thing to think about, knowing much about heating and air conditioning, it’s impossible in a vaccum. You need an intake and an outake to cool and heat. How did they do it on the moon or even in the supposed vaccum of space? It’s impossible.

    • I’ve read and seen a LOT of the “moon landing” hoaxed videos and web pages and have never seen anything they bring up that is not easily answered by common sense. If they ever do come up with something that can’t be easily explained then I may change my mind but until then we landed on the moon.

      Two mentioned here photographic evidence and radiation. I’m assuming you mean the difference in shadows is due to the way cameras show things. The same difference in shadows is exactly the same on earth. There’s a web page on it. If it’s from lack of shadow then this is the same as the beach where you are blinded by the sun from the sand reflecting it and from the sun shining off of the astronauts bright white suits.

      The Van Allen belts is a no starter. The belts are either trapped electrons or protons and thin sheets of metal can protect you from them. Old TV screens shoot high speed electrons the same as the belts and don’t kill everyone immediately.

      I do think we quit going to the moon because it’s so damn dangerous. It was risky. So may different parts had to work 100% or all was lost. Nixon stopped it because of cost and not wanting to be President while astronauts were trapped forever in orbit around the earth or blown up.

  4. That article at Unz really got my noggin joggin’.

    I don’t believe in Bigfoot or the flat-earth nonsense but I started binge-watching some of those documentaries highlighted in that article and the questions they raise are very legitimate:

    Just how did the Apollo astronauts get through the Van Allen radiation belts?
    How come they never sent a monkey or other higher mammal first?
    Why did the Soviets then (or the Chinese today) never send a manned mission to the moon?
    50 years later – and we still can’t get back to the Moon? Pourquoi?
    Why does the still photography on the moon look so bright & staged? #FakeAndGay
    Why are there telltale signs of a second (i.e., artificial) light source other than the sun? (non-parallel shadows, shadows getting larger & smaller as the astronauts move towards / away from the artificial light source, backlit scenes where the front is also brightly illuminated, very large bright reflections in the astronauts’ visors, etc.)
    Why do the backgrounds on the moon look suspiciously like a movie backdrop with a subtle “join line” between the foreground and the background?
    Why does the flag move on Apollo 15 even when the astronaut doesn’t touch it (but merely walks past it)?
    Why do the flags make very strange movements on several other Apollo missions?
    Why can the astronauts hear the sound of them hammering a stake into the ground or throwing a piece of metallic cord away?
    Why didn’t the astronauts bring a photographic telescope to photograph any of the stars from the moon?
    In the Apollo 11 “classified” footage discussed by Bart Sibrel and David Percy, why does it appear that the three Apollo astronauts are faking a shot of the Earth supposedly from 130,000 miles out when it later appears that they are in low Earth orbit?
    Why did Buzz Aldrin get so pissed off when confronted with this footage by Bart Sibrel and refuse to say what he was up to? (See “Astronauts Gone Wild”)
    Likewise, why did John Young (Apollo 10) act like a deer in the headlights (rather than make an outright denial) when confronted with this information? Then why did he get angry and run away?
    Why did Buzz Aldrin punch Bart Sibrel in the face when he was confronted a second time?
    Why did astronaut Ed Mitchell’s son / grandson ask if they should call the CIA to have Bart Sibrel “waxed” [sic, whacked]?

    Let’s see what NASA says this summer as we approach the 50th anniversary of the supposed Apollo 11 landing. If they won’t answer any of these questions, then I call the Apollo landings as fake and gay as the theory that 19 Arab hijackers were solely responsible for bringing down the Twin Towers & WTC 7.

    (Sounds in space at 39:42)
    [In the shadows, yet Aldrin is clearly visible?!?]
    [Ground in shadow, yet Aldrin is brightly lit?!?]
    [Weird double crosshairs in the upper left – zoom in high-res]

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